Update for 4/24/14!

Kaito NSFW due to immaturity! Pointless Prostitutes!

Douchebag Glasses by SirSeph

Prostitutes R’ Us

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. Forestiger says:

    It bothers me a ridiculous amount that his book doesn’t have a title. Also, yay, another completely pointless page.

    • gilraen_tinuviel says:

      Maybe he’s reading his own dairy or something? I mean it has been decided that The Rapist probably makes selfies of his abs, when hitting a gym, so it would fit his profile. ;)
      Please, somebody, make a riff about him reading the book (his dairy) and thinking “God, I’m so funny!”

      • Forestiger says:

        Hehe I didn’t know that Blandy made milk ;)

        But that’s actually a pretty good idea. Someone with MS paint should do it.

    • Agreed, it would be a perfect way to reveal something about his character since the bastard talks so little.

  2. RayneofCastamere says:

    And he cuddles. Because of course he does.

    Now, I could understand if it were shown that, despite his standoffish nature, he secretly craves human intimacy and can’t get it normally to preserve his icy reputation. Hey, a lot of hooker-john interactions actually don’t involve sex. A lot just want someone to talk to. There’s one woman out there who actually is a cuddler-for-hire

    But the Bland Wonder has never shown so much as a hint of personality. Not even when no one is looking. If he were really that blank even in private, then why does he show emotions ever? It doesn’t make sense!

    Or is he doing it for Rory’s sake? Because that makes even less sense.

    • Lurker says:

      I suspect Blandy is just so bland that he can’t keep a guy’s interest up long enough to establish a real relationship and thus can’t trust a boyfriend not to sleep around. If ya can’t trust a guy not to sully himself by having sex with other people (because that’s a real healthy way of looking at sex) the perfect solution is an exclusive contract with a virgin prostitute, right? Who says money can’t buy you anything you want? God, I think that’s pretty much canon. Is it interesting? Well, that’s a different matter…

      • Wanda says:

        Anyone who pays big bucks for a “pure” virgin prostitute is a gross person who should be completely and utterly ashamed of themselves for being such a royal prick. The only reason people want virgins is because virgins are not experienced enough with sex to know that a person really sucks at it. Hence all this shit with Rory being a noob with a crush.

        • Lurker says:

          That might be true in most real life cases but, c’mon, this is Teahouse. Do you really think these semes can be anything other than super confident and virile studs whose sexual prowess will reduce any uke to a blushing and quivering mess? Not very likely, considering how the writers have been following that heteronormative and sexist stereotype damn faithfully.

          So Reed can’t possibly be bad at sex and therefore wouldn’t want Rory for his un-knowledgeability. I’m really pretty sure that the purity angle is the one the writers are going for since they’ve been smacking us over the heads with Reed’s OCD and germaphobia. I know, it’s stupid.

          At least, if you accept that it’s a mental condition that Reed has, it might be somewhat excusable for him to have these thoughts. However, the whole concept of purity until tainted and defiled by sex is sick and I’m not sure how I feel about it being used anywhere ever.

          • Shhhhhh, I’m going to pretend that Reed is really bad at sex even if it doesn’t make sense due to the author’s juvenile mindset.

            However, the whole concept of purity until tainted and defiled by sex is sick and I’m not sure how I feel about it being used anywhere ever.

            This I cannot agree with enough! Ignore all the other creepiness, shouldn’t the fact that Reed specifically wants an exclusive virgin, be something the authors are trying to justify? …no just going to ignore that massive creepy hole? Okay then!

          • Wanda says:

            Reed is friends or whatever with Blue Hair. Shouldn’t he be afraid of HIS germs? He’s the one fucking everyone in sight, and if you’re stupid enough to think virgins are somehow cleaner than people who have sex, you’re stupid enough to think you can catch herpes by breathing.

            I will say that if this is set in a period before condoms, then it is realistic to think that a seasoned prostitute has more of a chance to be exposed to STDs than a virgin whore. But the whole idea of going to a brothel in the first place if you have OCD cleaning tendencies is . . . extremely faulty. Hell, I don’t have OCD, and I would have serious reservations about fucking on one of those beds, even if they are clean and high class. You’d think he’d have his own personal escort sent to him, where he could control the cleanliness of the area.


        • RayneofCastamere says:

          I know. Virgin fetishes creep me right the fuck out, mostly because I’m a virgin (and, as an asexual, will likely be for quite some time). I think a lot of it’s that some people consider “taking” someone’s virginity being some weird form of ownership. Like they permanently branded the other person’s body with their genitals or something like that. It’s weird.

          • Virgin fetishes are super creepy. It’s some bullshit egotistical notion that men can change a woman forever with a part of their anatomy.
            I remember a friend of mine told me they saw this movie with a great line it went something like,
            “Hello sir, does it turn you on…that’ I’m a virgin.”
            “Baby I don’t care! That’s a white man hang-up. There’s just scared that a guy bigger than them has been there before.”

            I’m thinking about accepting a head canon where Reed has a tiny wang, but…I feel as if that’s an insult to all dudes who aren’t well endowed.

          • Wanda says:

            Any talk of “taking” someone’s virginity or “giving away” someone’s virginity makes my vagina clamp shut like WHOA. I can see why someone might like writing about awkward first times, because with the right person at the right time, it can be like opening up a fun world of possibilities, but the location or presence of the penis has nothing to do with that. Teahouse certainly doesn’t explore the vulnerability and trust required during these moments. It’s just “LOL CUPCAKES OH NO BONERS OH HEY SEX.”

      • That’s plasuiable canon….but it is hard to let go of my robot trying to fit into high society theory.

  3. Wanda says:

    Now that I’m doing my own webcomic, I’m figuring out how to pace things so that you’re not drawing pointless panels. Half of the panels in Teahouse could have been cut. Do we need to see him turn off the lights? Do we need to see him with his hand on Red’s head, because he fucking did that last page. We don’t need to see him put the book down; it’s assumed he doesn’t sleep with it. Honestly, I’d maaaybe keep the last two panels.

    Also, yeah, no matter how often I see his abs, they still freak me the fuck out. I think it’s because his face is so insanely NOT MASCULINE that it doesn’t fit his body at all.

    It makes sense, because Detox from RuPaul’s Drag Race creeped me out a little bit, because she had fake abs and pecs (and, well, everything), so it was like seeing this super feminine face and these big pecs, and it was just . . . bleh. So basically Lord Bland looks like a plastic surgery nightmare. EVERY GIRL’S WET DREAM. Actually, he kinda reminds me of this dude. I mean, those eyebrows! They’re practically twins!

    Also, lol at Shuno being mad that Kaito is “busy” showering alone. Cuz who does that, right?

    • Wanda says:

      Oops. I done fucked up that link. D8

    • Thera says:

      Yeah, this is why comic artists actually do thumbnails: That way you can get down the basic story, remove the cruft, get decent foreshadowing done.
      Though, my guess is that they put in this page to show how Reed cares for Rory(and *shudders* fanbait), but really it just feels pointless, there’s nothing that indicates anything special happening here for Reed. Attack on Titan’s cleanfreak Levi had more character development in his first three scenes than this guys has had in a year.

      Even though I still bet that the TH authors think thumbnails are something to placate your editor with and thus not necessary because ‘they know what they are doing’. Or they did do them, but never actually sat down and read them.

      • Wanda says:

        Maybe the artists just really really love drawing these panels. I myself am lazy, and I want to draw as few pages as it takes to get a story across. I’m actually shocked at my efficiency, because I am a highly inefficient writer who writes 500-page novels. I guess it’s easier to be efficient when faced with the monumental task of drawing everything you write.

    • Yeah I was initially really frustrated looking at this page because, “THERE’S NOTHING HERE!? HOW DO I RIFF IT BESIDES BRINGING UP HOW STUPID IT IS THAT THERE IS NOTHING HERE!?”

      Apparently some people had criticized the page and the artist toned down the muscular definition in the 2nd to last panel. Which is great, and she should do this more often. I mean you could argue it adds to his “stiff” appearance, but…it first and foremost makes him seem creepy.

      That guy is minor league! Reed’s brows are way freakier, they looked plucked in order to give that “stalking serial killer” look.

      Shuno…I just don’t even know what to say to him anymore.

      • Wanda says:

        I don’t know. Those abs still look super artificial to me. Like, even the 300 guys don’t have abs like that. The only answer is plastic surgery.

        Well, I also think that guy (often referred to as “Ken” on the interwebz and compared to Ukranian “Barbie”) is way more sane than Reed. He recognizes that his plastic surgery is his own personal journey or whatever to fulfill his own aesthetic tastes and knows it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Reed is drawn under the impression that he’s attractive to the average fangirl. Which I guess he is, but . . . yeesh.

        You know what I don’t understand? So many of these webcomic artists just loooooove to draw men and boys, but they aren’t actually interested in drawing more than one type of man. Seems weird. I’m interested in all types of male body types cuz I actually do appreciate real male bodies. BUT WHATEVER. WHO CARES RIGHT.

        • Don’t get me wrong, the abs are still over done. I’m just glad they’re beginning to realize this and made a teeny tiny step in the right direction.

          Well at least with Teahouse they have a couple of body types. There’s a lot who same face/same body there way to fame. *cough* starfighter, Kaito Shuno, and even popular manga like Junjou romantica *cough*

          • Wanda says:

            AngelPerez can’t draw anything, so I wouldn’t trust her with differing body types anyway. Buy yeah, Starfighter and most manga rely completely upon hair types to show the difference between characters. I am someone utterly obsessed with giving each character a different body type and face, so I guess I will never really understand how artists can be so lazy with their character design.

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