Update for 5/8/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

It CAN be helped by Yaoi-senpai

Prostitutes r’ Us

So the enormous reveal this chapter will be Axis finds out Rhys is king? Haha wow okay that’s a thriller.

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  1. Blunderbuss says:



    You can’t have your workers branded and not allow them to say no to clients and take away their rooms/property and threaten to sell their title and then turn around and say THEY’RE NOT CHATTEL WHEN EVERY OTHER PAGE OF THIS COMIC HAS PROVEN THAT THEY *ARE*.

    So either the writers are desperately trying to backtrack on the slavery thing or they have a very bizarre idea of what slavery is.

    Not to mention that this proves what a huge asshole Xanthe is for wanting to sell Linneus to an abuser out of spite but standing up for Axis’s rights when the KING wants a sale. You fucking hypocrite.

    Which is too bad, because an asshole boss still standing up to a representitive of the king for his worker’s rights would be admirable and show a better side of his character. Not so here.

    • Wanda says:

      I honestly think this is the authors trying to back track and “right the wrongs” that they’ve been called out for. But they can’t do that unless they’re willing to go back and change all the other crap they started with. At this point it’s just so out of line for Xanthe’s character, to the point it doesn’t make any sense. He cares enough about Axis to consider him “not chattel” but hey, who the fuck cares about Pinky, amirite?

  2. RayneofCastamere says:

    They’re branded, their movements are restricted, they’re not allowed to refuse sex event o potentially abusive customers, they’re beaten, they can be sold to abusive assholes out of spite, they’re demeaned, they’re generally treated like shit…

    But they’re not chattel.


    I took a class on American slavery as well as several other classes that dealt with slavery and all of its myriad horrors and lemme tell ya, the whores in Teahouse are treated EXACTLY like chattel slaves. They only thing I haven’t seen yet is the children of the prostitutes being forced into slavery as well, but I figure it’s only a matter of time.

    And if A Pimp Named Jackass is really concerned about funds, I suggest he sell that obscenely large and comfy looking throne he’s currently planted his ass in. He don’t need that for his office if he’s supposedly in dire financial straits.

    Unless Blondy Guard is planning on secretly poisoning King Douche at the brothel, I do not care. I don’t.

    • cc says:

      Hey wait when did they say the TH was short on funds? I’m 99% certain that taking away pinky’s stuff was just to be an ass to pinky.

      Also ew, children? That would mean someone got PREGGERS and that’s REALLY unsexy eewww. /sarcasm

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        Note that I said “if” he’s really concerned about funds. I doubt A Pimp Named Jackass really cares about anything save having total control over his sex slaves.

        And yesss, pregnancy is teh ICKY because it involves uteri and vaginas and FEMALES BLARGH! Why can’t dem wimmins stay in the kitchen out of sight where they belong?/sarcasm

      • Wanda says:

        Come now. Pregnancy’s not icky when it happens to MEN. Then it’s sexy and adorable! *will absolutely never understand the draw of MPreg, because pregnancy is probably the LEAST sexy and adorable part of being a woman*

        • RayneofCastamere says:

          Am I the only person on the internet who sees the unfortunate implications of only male homosexual couples being able to conceive in fanfic while lesbian couples are SOL? Like, all that’s “really” needed for babbeh is a penis and orifice. Uteri and ovaries and all that’s just trivial apparently?

          But, pfff, that would imply women are useful for anything! And that’s just silly talk in YaoiLand.

          I’m going to read some Mercenary and Sorceress, now.

    • I am a history geek myself, so I heartily agree with you about their treatment.

      As to the children thing, the authors proposed something fairly screwed up in its place. They had mentioned that they toyed with the idea that the prostitutes (to be prostitutes) are all sterilized. So yeah…there’s that.

      I’m not sure how concerned with funds Pimpy really is. I have speculated that the only reason he’s mean is to make up for his father’s debt. (Yeah okay.) Besides the fucker just bought a grand piano for the mansion. If he’s in debt, he’s doing the shittiest fucking job on the planet.

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        I think he’s using the debt as an excuse to be even more of a douche to his sex slaves and to coax money out of his wife. Who he so married just to get at her money. Dick.

        Have all the prostitutes sterilized? With the shitty, I’m presuming, medical knowledge and technology that this world probably has? At least that would explain why there are so few whores at a place that big and grand. Most of ‘em would probably get horrific infections and die. Or have their genitals so messed up that they would be undesirable to all but a select few clientele.

        Teahouse, like Fifty Shades, is a horror story in disguise. Seriously, change the framing and execution to horror and watch as they outshine Stephen King.

    • blankface says:

      Although, claiming that chattel slaves totally aren’t chattel is pretty much in line with many slave owners’ thinking from American history. There was the bullshit about paternalism, that a slave owner was the ‘father’ of his ‘family’ of slaves, and that he totally treated them wonderfully and they weren’t slaves at all, they were just part of the family!

      Which is, of course, bullshit.

      But the fact that Pimpy is kind of trying to pull that (just replace ‘family’ with ‘totally respected employees with full freedom’) really just kind of hammers home THAT THEY’RE TOTALLY CHATTEL to me.

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        They are so chattel it’s not even funny. A Pimp Named Jackass so has that paternalistic mindset down to the point where he might even believe he’s their benevolent employer instead of the abusive dickweed he is.

  3. cc says:

    As easy as it would be to say BS on pimpy standing up for Axis, I believe he DID ask Rory if he wanted an exclusive contract with lord mouth breather.

    All the more reason Pimpy is being an ass to Pinky though, goddamn.

    Alternatively, since Rory and Breather are SO BLAND human decency is almost applied to them and pimpy is only standing up for Axis because Princey has done bullshit in the past- like break down a door and he’s previously had to give him a freebie.

    All the same, holy shit, just call in Axis right now you melodramtic piece of shit. This is AWFUL pacing. Seriously, I’m pretty sure guard here wouldn’t be let in without stating his business but then again I rprincey barged in with no problem, so wtf.

    • Sure Atros gave Rory the choice…however he did it in one of the shittiest ways possible. (Besides there’s no mention if Rory had a choice to become a prostitute or if he’d have to fuck him regardless of exclusivity.)

      He brought Rory and AXIS in. This is supposed to be because if Rory agreed Axis would lose his room….however if that’s the case it would make MORE SENSE for Axis NOT TO BE THERE TO PRESSURE RORY! Which is exactly what Axis did. Rory agreed out of spontaneous spite, rather than careful weigh the options and decide that is what he truly wanted. There is NO WAY Atros is ignorant that Rory’s decision was 100% free from outside pressures, and doesn’t check in with him. Are you sure? You can cancel exclusivity at any time, do not worry about how he’ll react will protect you…etc.

      FUCK it makes much more sense that Atros did that intentionally to goad the money out of him, but heaven forbid the authors be aware of their own writing.

      The pacing is horrendous though. This whole page is really here to pat Atros on the back, for being such a secret good soul.

      • cc says:

        You know I completely forgot that Axis was even THERE. I take back what speck of positivity that “letting” Rory have that “choice” would have been.

        Jesus christ the authors are SO BAD at trying to humanize this pile of refuse.

        Also I don’t think we’ll EVER find out how or why Rory became a prostitute with how it’s going. OR it’ll be something so DUMB and INACCURATE we’ll REGRET IT.

  4. Wanda says:

    How can you sell a title only with the approval of Axis? That . . . doesn’t even make any sense. If it’s up to Axis then the title is pointless, as is its sale. You only SELL a person when they have no CHOICE. Unless it’s some pre-agreed-upon 24/7 BDSM relationship, which this clearly is not. If it’s up to Axis whether he wants to do it, then he’s not a slave and he has no “title” to sell, because PEOPLE WITH FREE CHOICE ARE NOT FOR SALE.


    Indio Montoya said it best.

    I believe this is the author’s back peddling in hopes of saving face. They’ve gotten criticism for the whole “making silly jokes about sex slaves” thing, so I can see now why they might want to be like “oh no no, they’re all here because they WANT to be” even though there they are never allowed any freedom of choice. If the authors want to save their work, they have to own to the fact that Xanthe is a terrible person and actually CHARACTERIZE him that way. Like, he’s a spoiled rich douche who doesn’t give a shit about his whores. That is the only way to “save” this story. You can’t decide halfway through a story that need to change a character’s personality. That’s just not how it can go down.

    • cc says:

      are you telling me that OTP truwuv healing sex won’t change this monster into a maaaaaaan?

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        I can make you a maaaaa-haaaaa-ha-ha-haaaaaan!

        Had to make a Rocky Horror reference. It’s in my contract.

    • Lurker says:

      I’m assuming that Atros has no real obligation to ask Axis whether or not he agrees to the sale. This is probably just Atros’ own policy when it comes to his own slaves. Like, Atros allowes them to decide whether they want Atros to agree to a proposed sale or not, but they have little power over anything else.

      If this is true and Atros is being more fair than most other pimps, it still does not make Atros a good guy, just less evil than he could be. It’s basic decency not to sell people against their will, so what Atros is doing here can’t redeem him. He is a fucking pimp and a slave owner. So what if he treats his slaves fairly every once in a while? Boo-fucking-hoo!

    • Niki says:

      I have a feeling that Teahouse’s authors don’t have a long-term script for that comic. I mean, they probably have some sort of a script because I can’t even imagine how could someone who has a webcomic draw it without script. But their script is probably made only for, like one chapter or half of a chapter? Which, having in mind all the pointless scenes that don’t influence this story at all, is a very weak scenario. First of all, they don’t understand the main concept which they had chosen for Teahouse. Second, they change their mind all the time and are so damn inconsequential. Three, the plot, as we all know is problematic on many levels. Fourth, ‘fantasy world’ that can’t decide if it’s actually fantasy or “”Victorian”". No rules explained (tell me how is it possible for Pinky to have pink hair? Is there a reason behind it or we’re going to use anime logic and pretend it’s normal?)

      O don’t think there is a chance to rescue this story. Graphics is not all- the pages can be redrawn later (as for example Young Doyler did with Knights Errant). The only thing that couls improve the story would be starting it right from the beginning- and they won’t do it.

      • Thera says:

        Yeah, I’m absolutely positive they are making this up as they go along. The foreshadowing would be tons more subtle if they’d actually planned out the whole thing.

        Hell, I bet, seriously, I bet that maybe, the characters would actually come across as symphatetic instead of bland and villainous if they planned the story out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This new manga that started to be riffed recently- I think I came across this title long time ago. Uh. I came across many yaoi mangas and a year or two ago I probably skimmed through all the titles that were available in yaoi genre. And I didn’t find anything that was even semi-good. Well, maybe Vassalord which had a cheesy concept but at least there was no dub-con between main couple. See, this is a problem in this genre- when you’re happy just because there isn’t any non-con in a manga. Besides, yaoi copies a conservative, heterosexual model of relationship: with strict social roles which is not in my tastes. Hard to find anything good in the genre, really.

  6. rags says:

    unrelated to all the deserved Teahosue wtf-ery, but I always hate it when people separately punctuate laughter with exclamation marks. It always makes me think that the one laughing is just shouting “HA! HA! HA!” over and over.

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