Update for 5/15/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

It CAN be helped! By yaoi senpai

Does it count as Yandere if he never seems innocent?

Prostitutes r’ Us

You can’t buy him without Axis’ permission but you can take him out of this place to fuck without his permission. BTW Still not Chattel lol!

PS – I like the idea that he had a tiara in his desk for just such an occasion, but I was unable to express that with shops.

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16 Responses to Update for 5/15/14!

  1. cc says:

    I like delude myself into thinking that the TH authors are now at the point where they don’t give a fuck anymore and are actively trying to troll their own fanbase to see how shippers try to white knight all the ~*bishies*~ as tragic, deeply written beauties.

    It’s not INCONSISTENCY it’s DEPTH you PLEBS.

    BTW faps I’m amazed he isn’t holding a bouquet of his own totally-not-chattel whores.

    I think the dildos have more autonomy at this point.

  2. RayneofCastamere says:

    Pointless drama continues! Seriously, no one curr. No one. This is all bullshit. And they’re never going to learn to stop romanticizing their version of sex slavery or hold A Pimp Named Jackass or the other rapist douchebags responsible.

    Fuck it. Why do I even look for logic from Teahouse anymore?

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    is it bad when I sympathize with the homophobic father more than anyone else in the comic?

    • Nope, he’s pretty much the best character when the author wants us to believe he’s the worst. I am still trying to do mental gymnastics about how the mom is supposed to be “better” than him.

  4. Lurker says:

    Why the fuck did these people have Pimp Asswipe rage about his slaves not being chattel only to make him a complete fucking hypocrite on the very next page?!? If they wanted to make the fucker more likeable, they not only failed and wasted a page, they actually made it worse! Jesus Christ!

    It couldn’t have been that fucking hard to draw a bigger speech bubble with the words “If Axis wants to go with you…” It wouldn’t have made him a good person but it would have been more consistent with the last page. Idiots.

    • Annausagi2 says:

      Did anyone in the comments even point out the hypocrisy? In both this and the previous page?

      Like the “my branded, imprisoned slaves aren’t chattel lolok” thing wasn’t bad enough…
      Kinda reminded me of when Jigsaw said he despised murder.
      Difference is that Jigsaw said that to highlight how fucked up his views were, not to make the fandom go: “D’awww he really cares! <3"

      • I think one person pointed out it was strange that he wouldn’t sell him without express consent but he’ll totally drag his ass out of the house for a buttfuck without checking in. A couple people did respond with suprise.

        A lot more were pointing out the hypocrisy between selling pinky vs. Axis, but most of those were shut down with, “GOD HE WAS ASKING NOT DEMANDING IF PINKY WANTED TO GO HE DID IT CAUSE HE LOVES HIMMMMMMMMMMM”

    • I suspect (what I believe Wanda pointed out) that the previous page was added to make the comic look better. That the current page was in the original script (pretty much) but they didn’t really try to mesh the previous page and this one well when it came to the writing.

      I have the feeling that the authors are going to stick to their guns in the fact that the “totally free and independent people” are not able to choose their clients because that would fly in the face of the ENTIRE Axis/Rhys love story. Yet seemed to have deluded themselves into thinking that it’s a great institution and “we” just don’t understand.

      • Lurker says:

        Yeah, that makes sense…in a very fucked up, lazy as all hell kind of way. It’s just so stupid that they’d completely miss the fact that the hypocrisy only makes the character look so much worse. They truly must be deluded in lots of ways… It doesn’t matter if a guy says one thing and does another as long as he’s said the thing that absolves him of all douchebaggery ever. It’s not like the two things affect one another. What is consistency or context? Who the fuck cares, amirite? Just ugh.

        • cc says:

          What’s bizarre is like Faps said a simple change could be made and it could be used to show how much of an asshole pimpy is EXCLUSIVELY to pinky but instead we get this wet fart of “writing”

  5. Wanda says:

    I think the Teahouse authors have amnesia.
    Previous page: My whores are not chattel
    Current page: unless it’s for one night, lololol.

    I don’t know why the last page was even necessary. I don’t know why this page is necessary. I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS WHOLE COMIC IS NECESSARY. Can’t they just draw pretty pictures of people fucking and that’s all you’d really need to see? I mean, that’s why people read the damn thing, right? Then again, there’s not much fucking in this comic that you don’t have to pay for. :/

    My current running theory is that the authors are drunk when they write this. Or high. OR BOTH. Their artistic abilities cannot possibly make up for their shitty writing skills. You know, I see a lot of comics on SmackJeeves that run a similar vein. I’m shocked there are so many shitty writers who can draw. Usually I assume it’s easier to write than it is to draw, but I guess that’s just me. :/

    • cc says:

      I can “forgive” the shitty SJ comics since they are typically of a younger crowd that doesn’t know any better and they don’t get any helpful feedback.

      TH I got nothing. It baffles me.

      • Wanda says:

        Yeah, but generally the very talented artists who show up on SmackJeeves are over 18, just because of the years it takes to get good at art (however, there may be some prodigies out there. Who knows). So when I see good art, I expect good writing. At least half of the time, this is not true. It is very confusing.

        • cc says:

          Yeah I agree but then again I’m always expecting 90% to be crap since it typically is. (This is my coping mechanism.)

    • Thera says:

      Well, the thing is, people who focus on drawing don’t always spend time on learning how to craft stories.
      They tend to write stories based on a sort of intuition formed by the material they themselves have consumed over the years, hence all the copying.
      Also, because they never actively learn how to craft stories, they don’t develop the ability to understand how to be critical of their own writing:
      So, as an artist, they understand that bad anatomy or colouring can be a problem to someone’s enjoyment of the comic, and they understand how to fix it. But they don’t understand that their writing implies abusive relationships, and they don’t know how to fix this tone of abuse(or even, how to be at peace with it, and for example, write a story where an abuser realises they are a piece of shit and becomes a better person because they love someone).

      Generally, I have learned to look for solid looking art rather than pretty art, because solid looking art implies the artist had enough time to draw, but was too buzy writing to spend effort polishing the art ;)

      • Wanda says:

        You know, I’ve found that even within stories themselves, I will look for good content over good writing. Some people who aren’t all that polished still have a very good story to tell. This is rare to find. Where as if your writing is fine but your content sucks, then I’m not interested, especially if the themes are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

        In the same vein, I will pick good writing and so-so art over excellent art and shitty writing. I wish some of these artists would really spend some time and dedicate themselves to the art of story-telling. The problem is that they will be rewarded for their amazing art whether they can write for shit or not, so their motivation to improve is probably really low. :/

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