Update for 5/22/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

Watch out guys! This soap oprea’s dramatic cliff-hanger made me almost emote!

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  1. RayneofCastamere says:

    Oh noes. Something could happen to Axis. This is so riveting. I’m sure this isn’t going to be an excuse for more pointless drama. Emirain, Axis is a sex slave, and according to you a voluntary one. He has no choice in this and he should know that. And so should you. Why couldn’t this take place in an apartment complex instead of a whorehouse? It would make more sense. All of the actual prostitution is glossed over and given a shiny pink bow to pretty it up.

    And Greeny, baby? That dress with those pants? Honey, it just ain’t doing you no favors.

    And why is Twin in the background standing like that? Or is she walking? Either way her stance is weird.

    • Lurker says:

      Evil Twin is probably walking like that because she is carrying a suitcase that, seeing as they haven’t even packed Axis’ stuff yet, should be pretty light. Maybe Evil Twin is just physically really weak thought because lol duh she’s a woman.

      And yeah, the whorehouse setting just makes the comic so awful. I find it irritating as fuck that, not only was that hypocritical little pimpmaster all my people aren’t chattel!!!! But of course you can take him away from the security of this establishment without asking him first, now he isn’t even giving Axis the chance to voice any concerns he might have because that son of a pimp didn’t even bother to be there to tell Axis about it! As much as I prefer Claret to that rotten scrotum, it’s real fucking irresponsible for him to just send in the secretary in stead of seeing to this special case himself. What a shitbag!

      • Wanda says:

        Claret’s not even his secretary, but he gets her to do all the errands because she’s a woman.

        I say this as someone who is often confused as a personal secretary at work, like the rest of the women I work with. Let’s just say working for all-male superiors is a bitch.

        Probably not as much of a bitch as being a sex slave though.

        • Lurker says:

          I thought she was given duties like being in charge of the whores’ appointment schedules because somehow she wasn’t making enough at whoring even though she’s the cutest at the fucking Teahouse? I can see where even that is quite sexist though because who’s to say she’ll do better at them other than the belief that women are more suitable for certain kinds of often unrewarding, menial tasks? And I doubt Pimpy was all “You seem to be unhappy in your current position. How would you feel if we changed your job description to suit your talents a little better?” etc. He just orders them around like the slaves they are. Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about what you have to go through at work. Way to find that silver lining!

          • It’s true. Claret was giving the role of organizing the schedules, and informing employees of their appointments because she wasn’t making enough “income” for them. Though seriously, if you put her in a line up why would people routinely pass her up? SERIOUSLY!?

            What the hell does Atros even do all day if he doesn’t do that basic bullshit? Crying in my room I bet.
            Speaking of which assigning bullshit menial tasks…Rory seems to now do the cooking for the house, and Pinky does the gardening and laundry. Even though they have maids? Right okay!

          • Wanda says:

            Hell, I’m pretty much full on hetero and I’d still pick Claret over the rest, just cuz she’s the only one who’s not fucking pouting like a child 24/7.

            Don’t you know, faps? Women and feminine men do those kind of menial tasks FOR FUN. I bet Lilith knits doilies in her free time too. Nothing against people who do that shit for fun, but not a single one of them enjoys a non-stereotypically feminine task.

          • Wanda says:

            @ Lurker: My job: officially better than sexual slavery. *fist pump* XD It would be a better job if my coworker hadn’t looked at a rabbit-themed onesie for another coworker’s baby and said “He can’t wear this, he’ll look like a faggot.” ABOUT A ONESIE. FOR A NEWBORN BABY. HOW FUCKING TERRIBLE ARE YOU???

            So hey, at least Atros doesn’t say that . . .?

            SILVER LINING, YO.

      • I must comment to agree with you on what an irresponsible shitbag Atros is. Atros couldn’t be more unprofessional and is a lazy shitfucker. He breaks his own property, has Axis “service” the FUCKING PRINCESS without getting off his ass, let Rhys destroy property and assault a client, attacks customers, sleeps with his employees, pressures his “employees” left and right, gives out “freebies” against the employee’s will, threatens sexual violence on them (let Mercutio use his toys on you) and insults them, takes away his employee’s property and a client on a whim and lies about it, and had Axis present during a discussion on Rory’s exclusivity (it wasn’t only totally unnecessary but a detriment to Rory since Axis heavily influenced his decision.)

        No way a pimp like this could keep a brothel like this above water. This writing is such a fucking embarrassment.

        • Wanda says:

          Gotta be honest, I think Atros is your run-of-the-mill pimp, because 99.9% of pimps are incredibly horrible people. Some of them may be better business men, however. I think the only reason Atros makes money is because he has sex slaves who probably give all their profits to him. So even if you only get a couple hundred a week, that’s all money in his pocket. It’s easy to make ends meet when you don’t pay your employees.

    • I love how all the predictions I made for this ending were 200 times more dramatic than this one. He doesn’t even find out in this page that Rhys is king. That reaction face would at least be a decent end here.

      The setting as a brothel continues to be the worst choice the authors have made. Greeny’s outfit is also ridiculous. The dress part in itself is great…if it was a full dress without that dumb front opening. Brown and Blue pants? Yeah that’s a combo to put together.

  2. Lurker says:

    And Jesus Christ, AP! Stop that! Referring to male sex organs with names of female sex orgains is awfully debasing since our culture perceives everything female as inferior. Not only that, it is fucking insulting to women to perpetuate that devaluation by using these words to hurt and humiliate men. If she wrote this to convey what a fucking bigoted and abusive moron Red is, it would have worked perfectly, but I think we all know that Blue is a woman with a penis and every woman must have a vagina. Blue’s is just better because it’s actually his poop chute (which is somehow better because real vaginas are gross ew). I hate AP. I really do.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      haha Lurker, I don’t think your assessment of how pussy is used here is at all off! I did just want to make the comment though that some gays use the term simply a means of saying “that’s something to get fucked” and there’s little or no pejorative connotations implied at that time. I mean there are times that it is exactly as you say, and then times that it’s not. you can usually tell though, when the couple is just getting off on dirty talk and they LIKE it versus… whatever the fuck AP is doing here. especially with Kaito, who is already hypersensitive and insecure about being effeminate/gay as it is.

      • Lurker says:

        Hmm. I’ve only heard/seen the word pussy used in contexts where there is a level of dom/sub involved and the put down or humiliating effect is intended but enjoyable because both partners get off on that sort of dynamic in their sex play. Because people say things like “don’t be a pussy” all the time and this type of hypermasculinity is heavily enforced among men, the word kind of just has those negative connotations. There are plenty of more neutral words to use for something that gets fucked.

        Of course there are exceptions for everything and I guess it could be that gay men don’t hold exactly the same views against femininity? Anyway, it is a good point that, whatever the connotations, the intent and result isn’t always abusive or degrading. It’s a matter of knowing what you and your partner like but when did Red ever care about silly stuff like that?

        • blankface says:

          Speaking as a queer (trans) man, I have never come across gay men using ‘pussy’ as ‘hole to fuck’. I’ve heard straight couples use it both as a D/s thing and just as a general thing because they think ‘pussy’ sounds better than ‘vagina’ or ‘cunt’ during dirty talk… but never have I heard a gay man refer to an anus as a ‘pussy’.

          And, as a trans guy, AP’s usage here really makes my blood boil. It feels like deliberate misgendering, since Blue is already ‘the woman’. I could be reading too much into it, but since I already have to deal with being misgendered because of my genitalia, seeing an abusive sack of shit use slang for female anatomy on his CIS MALE PARTNER just rubs me all kinds of wrong ways.

          Also, SOME gay men don’t hold the same negative views on femininity, but the stereotype of gay men as loving all things feminine is just that – a stereotype, and hardly indicative of the community as a whole. I know a lot of gay men, both cis and trans, who would not take kindly to having their anus called a ‘pussy’ because it strips them of masculinity, forces them into that flamboyant, non-threatening, non-masculine stereotype.

          • Lurker says:

            Thanks for the input, it does seem like highly unusual usage. And “deliberate misgendering” is a good way to describe this here. That’s exactly what it is the way Red says it so aggressively. Clearly the point here is to assign Blue into the woman’s role and rob him of his choice to define it himself. As for why AP wrote it in, I suspect this is just more of her heteronormative bullshit superimposed on a gay relationship to make it better fapping material for herself and the het female readers. What a gem.

          • I’m surprised so much conversation came out of this discussion! It’s pretty cool to watch. I pretty much agree with your assessment, “Deliberate misgendering” for the sake of humiliation, and heternormativity.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            really? terms like “bussy” and “boipussy” seem so common to me! maybe it’s just what people get exposed to I guess. I’m definitely NOT saying that people don’t use it as an emasculating term, however, I was more saying that, separate from that and in a sexual context, there are times when people do use it (but it is very much along that mutually consented-to play). AP’s use here is straight up robbing of masculinity and nothing else.

          • Wanda says:

            From what I’ve seen of the stories on Literotica, gay men (who I assume are the writers of the majority of the stories on that site, because women are not that terrible at writing sex scenes, at least not THAT BRAND of terrible) totally call buttholes “boy pussies”. Now whether this is just fantasy dirty talk or something these authors employ in real life is up for debate. I’ve seen all kinds of terrible euphemisms for buttholes, like . . . butthole. Seriously, why would you use that word in a sex scene? WHY??

            But I’m not a gay man, so I’m only going by what I’ve read from them. Well, the terrible porn I’ve read from them. This is the same website with huge amounts of insanely racist gay porn too, so I guess I should take it with a grain of salt.

            Usually when pussy is used, however, it’s meant to be degrading. I think in 99.9% of circumstances in which a gay cis male’s orifices are referred to as a pussy is an attempt to degrade him or call him “lesser”. This I totally agree with.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            oh hey wanda! yeah I’m not at all disagreeing that the feminization of non-het men is WAY TOO COMMON. I mean just glancing at the actual Teahouse page yesterday produced a comment that said “Aww, you look a little sour sweetie. is someone missing their man?” and it’s like “… Axis is (supposedly) a big buff, pierced, tatt’d guy… would you EVER call a guy with that description, who is not gay, ‘sweetie’?”

            so it’s way more than just the term pussy, and then I also think there’s a strangely vocal crowd of… I don’t even know how to term it. “self-abusing” gays that run all those tumblrs and blogs where they take perfectly fine porn images and add things like “yeah suck my dick faggot, you’re lucky I let you pay me $100 to do that. you better pay me give me another $100 if you don’t want me to beat your ass afterwards too” and while I don’t want to kink-shame… I feel that it’s really NOT OKAY to say/write things like that and perpetuate myths/stigma/violence when these things still happen to real people.

            I’d say the main difference that I just want people to be aware of is the times that it’s used as dirty-talk, or particularly whenever the bottom applies it to themselves. I just think it’s an important distinction, however rare it is compared to the VERY COMMON “give me your pussy, faggot” stories that are out there (inwardly rolls eyes).

          • I never really heard it termed “self-abusing” gays before but I think you’re onto something there. I feel as if sometimes the self-abusing comes from a self-loathing connected to being gay. I have heard stories from gay men talking about how they let former partners treat them terribly because they didn’t think they could (or deserved) to be happy as a gay person. I think that ties into the sex thing. It’s really sad to hear and wish it was less common.

            This was an interesting comment to read.

          • Wanda says:

            It seems especially gross to me because I definitely have a thing for dominant women and dominant feminine men, be that sexual dominance or “wrapped around her/his finger” kind of relationship dominance. Seeing feminization used as a weapon to make someone INFERIOR boils my blood. I actually got a request from some “sissyfication” magazine to use one of my images of two buff yet fabulous drag queens/genderqueer/what have you, which also pissed me off, because I try SO HARD to make Essie empowered by her/his femininity and yet I get these favs from people who clearly get off on men who are forced to dress like women as a form of humiliation.

            Sissyfication is basically my ultimate squick. I cannot tolerate it, yet it is EVERYWHERE on LitErotica, promoted by what I assume are mostly gay men (I’m not saying sissyfication is a gay kink. I actually think way more straight men get off on it than gay men. It’s just I only look at gay stories, since the straight ones would probably give me an aneurysm). I know, I know, “sex positive”, whatever, but kinks are not created in a vacuum, and it’s women who end up paying the price. :/

            As to self-hating gays, that’s easy to believe, because I know there are definitely self-hating women (coughyaoifangirlscough)

    • RayneofCastamere says:

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it until I die: a disturbing amount of yaoi is both misogynistic and depressingly homophobic simultaneously. Why do you think so many fans of the genre clutch their metaphorical pearls whenever a couple in any way defies their assigned role of “seme” or “uke”? Especially when an “uke” decides to disobey “his man.”

      I could write a book on the yaoi genre’s tendency to reinforce stereotypical heteronormative roles and yet claim it’s fine because “it’s two boys so it’s automatically progressive SO THERE.”

      • Wanda says:

        I put yaoi fangirls up with MRAs in how self-righteous, misogynist, and obnoxious they can be. Even people who casually read m/m fiction can be obtuse and insist that any critique of certain kinks is “OMG KINK SHAMING” and say that any female character ruins a story for them and how “chicks with dicks” piss them off in terribly written uke characters, cuz we all know that ukes act JUST LIKE the wimminz, amirite? In fact, I want to retire the “chicks with dicks” phrase completely because of how offensive it is to transgender women (not because a chick with a dick is a bad thing but because it’s always SAID like it’s a bad thing).

        There are a shit ton of people who love gender roles in m/m fiction, which baffles me, cuz I read it to GET AWAY from the pre-described gender roles that plague hetero romance. I had one reader of a story tell me that they didn’t like my one character bottoming, and I assume it’s because he’s a warrior type who is black, bearded, and masculine.

        I don’t even know, man.

  3. wanderingaddict says:

    I’d bet a dollar that it’s been soooo long that Teahouse has forgotten about its original “Axis doesn’t know he’s king” plot and will have Axis just be like “no, I knew” deadpan, but only because Teahouse will think it’s a marvelous twist and really it’s just an excuse to not have to deal with him shown any sort of reaction to the revelation. I WOULD bet that dollar, but I don’t think Teahouse is that clever.

    • Wanda says:

      This could happen, just so that they can avoid having to draw an expression, because you know how terrible they are at those.

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        The Teahouse version of a dramatic face is basically a vaguely disappointed duckface pout. More or less.

        • Wanda says:

          Gotta give ‘em props for this page. Not a duck face in sight. I feel like giving them a “you tried” star.

    • You’re right teahouse isn’t that clever. The author confirmed recently on their tumblr that Axis still has no clue who Rhys is.
      Couldn’t you…you know show this at the beginning of next chapter instead of spoiling it for everybody on the tumblr?
      It’s also a fucking embarrassment considering how many clues they’ve shoved in Axis’ face. I guess they have committed to writing characters with the same level of intelligence they have.

      • Wanda says:

        It’d be funnier if he totally knew the whole time and just didn’t give a shit, since that would establish his character that much better. But nooooooooooo, he’s just an idiot. *sigh*

        • Bastet says:

          What’s worse… it seems they are keeping to this story element of Axis not knowing, and prioritizes it so much that they otherwise compromise the logic.

          As Lurker says, Atros is being an asshole, and, contradicting his own words that his people aren’t chattel, won’t even come to Axis’ room to explain things to him.

          The authors obviously won’t have Atros turn up, because that would ruin their ‘big scene’ when Axis finally understands he’s been fucked/raped by the prince. This is so important that they don’t understand how keeping Atros away now (as to not reveal this to Axis too soon) will just further paint Atros as an awful person, and that they can’t just get out of that now, by saying ‘oh no, he isn’t it, just trust us on that’.

          That’s what I think happened, anyway.

  4. Anonymous says:

    at least th is trying to change up their chin game

    too bad axis now looks like a literal blockhead

  5. Wanda says:

    While I appreciate that they’re showing Axis actually doing something that contributes to his unusually buff body, he’s not even doing it right. What seasoned lifter sits on the bed and smokes while lifting a dumb bell? Isn’t it generally something a little more . . . active? Especially if you’re sweating and shit. I would not be doing any form of working out where I sleep.

    Also, “You’ve been summoned by your prince.” Isn’t he king? His dad died, right? AHMAHGAHD TEAHOUSE, WHY DO I KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR COMIC THAN YOU DO????

    Anyway, this page confirms that the last two pages were totally useless. They could have easily cut them and no info would be lost, save Pimpy’s stupid speech about how his hookers aren’t “chattel” even though wait, they totally are, never mind. *sigh*

  6. rags says:

    Ahh, KS… never so low it can’t get lower.

    srsly, being in that situation would probably give me a panic attack. something just a LITTLE threatening about someone who you don’t like pushing themselves on you and talking about not jerking off because they were ‘waiting’. Just looking at it makes me antsy, jfc.

    AP you are the fucking WORST

  7. Bastet says:

    Former lurker here.

    I started checking out Teahouse not long after it was launched, because I’m interested in dark premises, and the setting sounded promising in that aspect. However, I soon discovered the creators wanted to convince us there is nothing dark about it at all, and that it’s all fun and rainbows, and… I was confused.

    I kept following it nevertheless, but have been more and more bothered with so many things. Both technical stuff, about the art and the writing, but also about the creators’ attitudes. Commenting over there, though, seems like the worst idea ever. It’s rather a breath of fresh air to find this place where people safely discuss some of the things that I’ve been annoyed with.

    I have to admit that these days I go there as much to read the comments as to read the updates. It’s always… interesting. I’ve rarely seen a more defensive bunch of fans. They constantly ask people why they even bother to criticize a mere webcomic, but never seem to contemplate why they bother to defend a mere webcomic like it was their baby.

    Just the other day someone dared pointing out that the commenters are often rather harsh on the female characters in the comic, while they aren’t nearly as harsh on the male characters for doing much worse things (which is, in general, true). Apart from being called a ‘Feminazi’ (which, by all means that person later apologized for) the commenter got jumped on by many, telling them how wrong they were, and pointing out that Atros, for example, gets plenty of criticism for his actions, and that this is fully okay over there. So, the commenter was wrong, wrong, wrong!! you see.

    Then, today, I read a very polite and well-written comment which argues that Atros is both abusive and hypocritical in his treatment of Axis, and… what happens? This commenter immediately gets jumped on by several fans telling them how wrong, wrong, wrong!! they are about Atros. They were also accused of being aggressive (there was nothing aggressive about the comment) and asked why they even bother to criticize a webcomic, and so on… Yeah…

    So much for it not being a big deal to criticize the male characters over there…

    Well, it’s been a learning experience to read your comments here. You’ve pointed out even more problems that I had missed, or implications that I had not thought of.

    • Thanks for commenting former lurker!

      A yaoi fandom, such as Teahouse does have a tenancy to be incredibly defensive, even on mild criticism. The authors themselves have shown to be such as well. Though to be fair, the authors have gotten much better in that respect.

      It is true that people generally jump down the female character’s throat much quicker. Did we hear anybody criticize Rhys when he PUNCHED AXIS IN THE FUCKING FACE OVER SOMETHING HE COULDN’T CONTROL OR EVEN POSSIBLY KNOW ABOUT? Not a soul, but plenty defended him preemptively.

      I’m glad you enjoy this site and the discussions we hold. I hope you stick around!

      • Anonymous says:

        Defensive is the word :-) Yes, I noticed the authors have become a bit better at handling controversies… or learned not to create more of them, maybe.

        I’m still stunned they still don’t seem to understand their own creation (or maybe the latest inconsistencies in the comic is indeed a sign that they are starting to get this).

        It was one of the things that confused me the most when I started reading the comic. In my little corner of the net (original fic with kinky, and non-consensual content) not warning properly is frowned upon, and I was very puzzled in the beginning over why they didn’t warn for the very obvious non-consensual content. Themes such as that isn’t triggering to me personally, but they are to many, and… well, you just warn!!

        For some time I thought it might simply be a case of different conventions in different places on the Internet (I haven’t read much webcomics) but I was stunned to learn that it was because the authors actually didn’t understand they had written non-consensual situations.

        Then I was even more puzzled when I saw how the very few who pointed this out was jumped on by the adoring fans.

        I suppose I do know that yaoi is a problematic genre, in many ways, but it took me a while to understand that so many fans of it are so unaware of how and why. I’ve been involved in a genre where the authors and fans, in general, seems at least a bit more aware of how its themes are problematic in real life, discusses this, and tries to label it correctly.

        I’ll sure stick around, thanks! :-) The riffs are hilarious and the discussions are interesting.

      • Bastet says:

        Oh, and that was me, Bastet, again. I forgot to sign my reply!

    • cc says:

      I call TH an easy and extreme case of “how NOT to like problematic things”.

      I’m also glad you feel safe here former Lurker, now Bastet, hope you stick with us. :)

      • Bastet says:

        That’s true! :-)

        Thank you! I’ve learned a lot from your discussions so far, I will surely stick around!

    • Wanda says:

      Teahouse fans kind of remind me of fanatic Christians who jump on anyone who disagrees with their faith. To me, that shows that their faith must not be that strong if it is threatened by the slightest whiff of dissent. I think deep down they know why there is criticism. They just think that any criticism of something they like is also a criticism of them and who they are as a person. It’s like when someone says a racist thing, and you say “wow, that’s racist” and the person responds, “I’m not racist! How dare you call me racist!” What you meant was “what you said was racist”, but everyone takes it as “you are definitely a racist” (which is probable, but some people are just ignorant).

      Also, when you have the kind of fans that throw around the word “feminazi”, that’s when you know you’ve done something terribly wrong on the internet.

      • cc says:

        “Not ALL men yaoifans”

      • Bastet says:

        Yeah, that’s a good comparison. Why else get so terribly defensive!

        Yes, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t really understand these things, not even when people explain it in such a clear way (but who knows). I do think some, at least, do understand, deep inside, yes, and just don’t want to admit it. Easier to call someone a feminazi than deal with that one might have some internalized misogyny, and change.

        I hope you don’t find this a bit stalkerish, but are you, by any chance, the same Wanda who sometimes comments over at The Slash Pile on LJ?

      • Wanda says:

        I am that Wanda, yes. The great thing about having the name Wanda is that there aren’t many Wandas to choose from. I try to stay positive on the Slash Pile, but this is where I come to trash talk, lol. HATERS GOTTA HATE.

        You know, this whole “defensive over something you like” reminds me of watching the second season of the Legend of Korra. I frickin’ love ATLA, and so I felt inclined to like the Legend of Korra. I thought the second season was better than the first, but then I read this article about how Bolin’s relationship with whats-her-face was horribly abusive and shame on the writers for making jokes, and I totally saw what she was talking about, even though I liked the show. So I have no problem enjoying something while also admitting it has some serious, troublesome flaws (also see: Game of Thrones). I don’t know why people think that admitting a piece of media has problems means that you can’t be a fan, or that you’re suddenly a horrible person for liking it. I give so much more credit to people who say they like Teahouse for the art but not so much the story than people who are like TEAHOUSE IS THE BEST THING EVER HATERS SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES. Only one of them sounds like a fan an author might want to have.

        • Bastet says:

          Ahh, I thought so :-) I mostly lurk over there as well, but I thought I recognized your style, and that the name couldn’t be a coincidence.

          Yeah, I agree. I would say that most films, TV-shows, books, and so on, that we consume are problematic in, at least, some ways. We live in a problematic world, after all, and most media reflects that, in different ways. Though some are worse offenders than others. I don’t think, either, that it necessarily has to reflect badly on yourself if you’re a fan of certain things.

          As I said, I was interested in some of the problematic themes of Teahouse (kinks, and guilty pleasures, and all that) and when I still thought that the authors was in on it, and that it was meant to be a fantasy of that kind, I was okay with it. Sure there were technical flaws, but it didn’t bother me all that much. The artwork is still pretty good.

          It’s that complete self-unawareness, and denial of the problematic themes that really bothered me. That complete lack of self-reflection, and the arrogance in the knee-jerk defensive reactions to people pointing this out (even if it seems they’ve become better at this).

          And it’s also the back-pedaling of stuff, when it seems some things finally did start to sink in, which made the whole webcomic just a complete illogical mess when they tried to “fix” the problematic implications they didn’t get before, that bothered me. Show some artistic integrity, and stand by you story! Just be more self-aware, and label things correctly, that’s all I ask.

          No, you don’t have to be a bad person for liking some stuff, or for creating a webcomic with, for example, non-con themes. But if you don’t actually understand that’s what you’re doing, then that makes me think you wouldn’t be able to tell when a non-con situation occurs in real life either, and… Yeah, that’s kind of scary! O_o

          And, yes, I agree, the totally unquestioning adoration of a certain type of fans, is also scary. It’s okay to look critically on the things you love. Or… it’s okay not to do that, too. Really, if someone just wants mindless escapism for a while, I fully understand. I want that too, from time to time. But why so angry if others want to look critically at your favorite piece of escapism?

          I have had people criticizing things I like, and I might have agreed, or disagreed (there has been some interesting and heated discussions), but it didn’t make me angry. I’ve also had people calling me things for liking some stuff, and yeah, that did make me angry. There is a difference between these two situations! As you say, I think some fans (not all) don’t see this difference.

        • Wanda says:

          Well, it’s nice to be recognized. ^_^

          I don’t think I ever really enjoyed Teahouse, but my reasons have changed over time. Originally I just didn’t like it because it had the useless spineless uke character (Linneus), and I hated the idea of someone feminine once again being a worthless bauble with no agency who is pretty to look at and little else. I still agree with that assessment, but now it’s everything else too. I mean, there are webcomics online that are way more terrible and offensive (KaitoShuno, for example), but the Teahouse authors are older than me and should know better by now. I have a tolerance for clueless teenagers because we’ve all been there. But once you’re an ARTIST in your thirties (since artists are supposed to be the most “enlightened” ones in society), you’re supposed to have you shit together. It just makes me mad that these authors/artists still seem to mentally be in their early twenties, if that.

          You know, I definitely don’t mind talking about media with people whom I disagree with. What’s nice about media is that you can disagree without getting into a huge fight (unlike politics, at least for me). It’s all a matter of personal preference. But some of these fans treat media LIKE it’s politics, and that kind of scares me.

          • Bastet says:

            I know what you mean, and I agree, I didn’t really enjoy Teahouse from the start either. I was drawn in by a premise that sounded interesting to me, which was drawn in a better way than I had seen before (which doesn’t say much, I know, since I haven’t read much webcomic). But I was never really happy with how they handled these themes. As I said, I usually prefer a much darker approach, and not so much glossing over of the realities of things. But things didn’t start to actually bother me (and I considered it a light, if a bit silly, read,) until I realized the authors were so completely clueless. They are younger than me, but, yeah, definitely old enough!

            I think what really creeped me out the first time, was how the authors acted at the backstory where Linneus was sold as a slave by his own father at the age of five. As fiction that could have been a sad and interesting story, and could have explained so much about the future actions of the characters. But the authors insisted it was all ‘cuteness and rainbows’ when a few people expressed unease at this. Child slavery – it’s a-okay, as long as you get cookies! They played it up only for the “cuteness”… I was baffled!

            It was also what made me understand that they are not that overly smart either, and constantly contradicts themselves. They have said so many times that the courtesans are there voluntarily (in spite of brands and restrictions and no-choice about things) and sure, I can imagine that adults in some societies could sell themselves to this kind of slavery, if the options are bad enough – BUT, as long as they have one character who was sold to the house as a five year old, any talk of ‘voluntary whores’ are just bullshit! Even if Linneus was an ordinary servant at first, and was given the choice of prostitution later on, as an adult, how much of a real choice is that when you are given the “choice” by the very people you’ve been enslaved by, and been dependent on, since you were five?

            How can they not get these things? It’s mindblowing!

            I see what you mean about Linneus. I don’t dislike weak characters in itself. Often I have a soft spot for them – but here, his character portrayal, is so much more unfortunate just because it does help spread such prejudiced views. I kept waiting for them to reveal something about Linneus that would show he’s something more than that, but… Yeah, still waiting!

            I believe there are more offensive stuff out there, I just haven’t read it, so Teahouse gets most of my annoyance :-) But yeah, it’s the fact that the authors should know better, that they earn money of this (but have still been so unprofessional in their dealings with criticism), that they have influence through a large fanbase, and that they actually do have some artistic talent, that, I guess, makes me a bit less forgiving.

            Yeah… fandom… it can be a pretty scary place sometimes! O_o

  8. Auntmorphriska says:

    I don’t read/follow Teahouse anymore, but I check the riffs from time to time, and even without knowing exactly what the context is, I find that riffed page hilarious. Probably the burp at the end.

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