Update for 5/24/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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One Response to Update for 5/24/14!

  1. cc says:

    Exhibit 100,672 of how AP’s shitty EVERYTHING* make this a fucking confusing “scene”.

    *Character designs, flow of the page, shortcuts (chibis), breaking the 180 rule, no establishing shot, not even bothering to get some fucking reference those are not bike helmets, poor framing, THE LIST GOES ON. All that’s missing is crudely drawn dicks mashing into each other and the typical misogyny AP is known for- guess we have to settle for the stupidest dude-bro insult of “this is gaaaay” despite how many times they’ve buttfucked and are supposedly in fucking love and why the hell is blue driving again?

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