Update for 5/30/14!

All SFW!

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. cc says:

    Ah yes, kidnapped and raped, SO ROMANTIC!

    Seriously, if blue were “just tsundere” he wouldn’t be doing every body language/expression in the book that says he wants to get the fuck away from red.

    • yeah for real. That is epitomized when awhile go Red thought, “He’s not fighting back” as they were kissing. Yes that’s a thing people should think about when kissing their partner.

  2. Lurker says:

    And they’ve been “together” now for how long? Cause wasn’t this chapter sixty-something? Fuck. I get that, if you’re a total tsun-kun, you might act a little coy in the beginning. This though? Not normal or excusable!! Established couples tend to be pretty comfortable around each other. Blue and Red’s relationship is just sick and twisted and abusive. AP even uses words like ‘grope’ that are usually associated with sexual harrassment.

    • It was in chapter 67, and it…1300 pages or so. I think they have been “dating” for over a year at this point.

      At least it’s not as bad in Junjou romantica where Misaki does not have the fortitude to be able to kiss his 4 year long boyfriend in private and where Hiroki is still acting like a flustered cunt to his boyfriend of 14 years.

  3. an says:

    It’s like the more I see the pages to this abomination, the worse they get. How is AP so oblivious that they don’t even see how bad it is?… how do the fans not see it? People are fucking stupid.

    I bet that eventual bad webcomics review will be a monster wall of writing with the endless problems this has.

    • Haha not making the review a wall of writing is my biggest challenge. I want to make it manageable…but there is SO MUCH wrong with it.

      • Noodles says:

        (Long time lurker, first time poster, kinda nervous, hi all ;v; )
        At one point I actually thought it’d be interesting to try to do a “remake” of KS except done well and tactfully, but when I thought about it concretely it’s like… How would that be even possible.
        Every page you’d have to either end the story or go in such a different direction that you couldn’t use the rest of the story as a vague guide.

        It’s probably one of the only stories I’ve ever seen where there’s so many things wrong with it and that’s so badly handled that it’s beyond any sort of repair.

        Which also means I’m excited for that review, regardless of how massive a wall it is |D

        • Hiya! I’m glad you started commenting, I love it when the lurkers come out of the shadows. You know I thought about the very same thing. I tried to rewrite a good version of what Kaito Shuno tried to do. I think the trick is to either go down the dark route that is the backbone of Kaito Shuno and make it more of a drama (but inject some realism), or remove those elements to keep with it’s tone of romantic comedy. I wrote my own re-write awhile ago, I’ll copy paste it below if you’re curious. I went the drama route:

          I would pick better names than the above and set it in America, probably Southern California because I feel as if it suits. I would probably do something like Peter for Kaito and Jake for Shuno. Peter’s sucidal tendencies and depression would be a big part of his character, and his character arc. Peter is a responsiable, well-meaning man but a big time doormat who’s socially awkward and terrified of offending anybody. Instead of being an endlessly badass assassin since baby, I would have Jake be a drug addict and dealer. Jake is energetic, goofy, sometimes obnixious. Though he is also clingy, jealous, hypocritical, and very dependent on others.

          I would start the story out with Peter looking over the side of a an enormous bridge in the middle of the night. Jake is just walking along and notices him, he then chats him up all friendly like.
          “Hey man, what a nice night! You see something spooky in the water there?” Peter eventually says he is out here because he’s trying to clear his head. He just got a big pay cut, can no longer afford his apartment and nobody has responded to his ad for a roomate. Eventually they split ways. The next day Peter gets a call for a meet up for a roomate TA-DAH turns out its Jake.

          Peter is pleasantly suprised, and they decide to room together. Peter works during the day, and Jake works during the nights so they don’t see much of each other. Jake finds out about Peter’s depression and tries to advocate he go see a shrink. Jake also playfully flirts with Peter, and Peter brushes it off thinking he’s not serious.

          Peter has a girlfriend since high school (who is long distance for the most part she’s getting a graduate degree upstate) who thinks depression is just something ~you just get over don’t be a baby.~ Though I wouldn’t treat her like a total bitch, a bit insenstive and self-involved but she does try to cheer up Peter and brings him goodies on the rare occasions she visits. Jake doesn’t like her but tolerates her. Their relationship hasn’t been going anywhere, Peter just kinda stays in the relationship he feels as if he has to be with this gal even if he doesn’t feel much for her. At one point Kari’s visit has her breaking up with him for that reason. Peter becomes upset not because the two had a deep connection but a big part of his stablity has been yanked out and he feels one of his few friends has left him.

          That evening Jake comes back to find Peter crying in the bathroom at an obscene hour. Jake sees a bottle of pills and freaks out. Peter admits he didn’t take any of them, only thinking about it. He also confesses that the time he saw him on the bridge he was going to commit suicide. Jake admits he had a feeling that’s what Peter was thinking. Jake comforts him the best he can but his usual confidence has turned into awkwardness at the emotionally charged scene. The next day Peter makes an appointment to see a shrink, and things start to get better.

          Yet one weekend Jake brings over a man he introduces him as his boyfriend. Peter freaks out that his roomate is ACTUALLY gay.

          Later on Peter admits he did kinda know he was gay, but felt threathened that the boyfriend would take the affection that Jake showed him. Peter is kinda a petty, passive aggressive dickhead.

          There is a slow build up but Peter starts to accept his homosexuality. When Peter admits this to Jake, he assumes that Peter has no interest in him personally so to celebrate his coming out he takes him to a gay bar. Though Peter is miserable there, Jake asks him why he is but Peter is too much of a chicken shit. After a lot of teeth-pulling Peter admits he has a crush on Jake, and the two start a relationship with some difficulty. It’d definately be a slow-burner.

          The story continues onward tackling Jake’s drug addiction and trying to get him out of “the business” with some complications. Jake is the jealous type but at the same time will cheat for attention. (He’s also a petty dickhead. Perhaps it would be interesting that when Peter initially confesses Jake is seeing somebody, and the first time Peter and Jake are together is sex Jake uses to piss off his current boyfriend with? Dang I made Jake a really huge prick…but that’s still better than Shuno.)
          The story also tackles some of the problematic relationships Peter has had in his family and an on-going struggle with depression. They’re dysfunctional at times and make mistakes but do geniuely try their best to help each other. It’s tempting to go down a dark route, but since this was orginally based on a romantic comedy, I’d leave on a good note. They live “mostly” happily ever after!

          • Noodles says:

            That’s probably one of the most interesting BL plots I’ve read in quite a while! I really like it. I’d totally read it if it was a thing. Nice mix of dark/realistic without going into needlessly gritty.

            I think it kind of proves the point that KS has just too many issues though, since there isn’t a lot left in common between the two anymore? Like, KS feels like an inspiration for the basic setup, but then the story evolves into its own thing. That’s the thing I had trouble with, that if you wanted to do something good you’d have to distance yourself from the original so much it’s not so much a remake as it is a complete reimagining from the ground up. Which I guess is what the series would need anyway.

      • an says:

        P’shaw. Length doesn’t matter as long as it’s entertaining and well written, if someone’s too lazy to read then that’s their own problem.

        The thing with how blue acts I always imagined that there’s this creep (AP) with a video camera following them around everywhere they go, which blue and red are totally aware of, and blue is like “No! I don’t want you to do this while this asshole is taping us” and red is like “Lol too bad, bitch”. The lack of actual angles in all the panels always makes me think that, which would make blue’s exaggerated… “tsundereness” make sense to me (and makes the comic more horrifying).

        Can you imagine if the comic came to the end, and it turns out this was actually a horror comic about this creep and their friend(red) going out, finding victims to videotape for rape porn that they host live on this messed up fetish website? That would be very interesting.

        • cc says:

          Your optimism/denial is adorable

          Sadly this is not an intentional horror comic as AP frequently refers to how cute everything is and has merchandized their “tru wuv” smut as a book.

          • Noodles says:

            Ah, I’m sorry if that’s how it came across, that’s not what I meant! I was referring to Faps’ reimagining of it when I said it was interesting and realistic, not the original. I should have been clearer :<

            I know KS is supposed to be cutesy and "romantic" and AP thinks there's nothing wrong with it. Which is something that really really creeps me out.

  4. Morby says:

    Am I the only one who thought that the ass in panel three was a boob? Like an A cup boob? I guess the comment about the nipple just stuck in my mind and all I could think was boobs.

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