Update for 7/21/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. Rita says:

    Dat dialog.
    I’m totally gonna use that the next time someone calls me out for doing something stupid. “Sorry man I can’t help it, it’s just my gay complex acting out”
    I’m sure they’ll understand.

    In other news I still have no fucking idea what’s going on. Why is their apartment flooded?

    • cc says:

      AP is demonstrating the worst form of flashback in existence because she CANNOT COMIC FOR SHIT.

      • Rita says:

        Oh wow, really?
        That’s honestly some of the laziest and most confusing backgrounds I’ve seen. I honestly thought those squares in the second frame were bathroom tiles
        Also, you’re spot on about what you said in the other comment. The whole page is centered around “lookit blue is so meaaaan”, and it’s fucking disgusting
        If she dislikes this character so much, why did she write him in the first place :|

        • cc says:

          Rita we are dealing with someone who thinks that being an “uke” is synonymous with personality traits.

          Here lemme pull up her dissection of blue’s character (I’ve posted this before in the comments, but it bears being seen again because it is just that ridiculous, kaito = blue, shuno = red):

          “Uke and Pride are sort of like the two inner sides of Kaito’s mind. Uke is Kaito’s well…uke side lol he’s submissive and a downright bottom in a malexmale relationship. Its Kaito’s softer side.

          Pride is the side that you usually see with Kaito. Its the part of his mind that constantly tries to hide his uke side and breathes fire at Shuno all the time.Sometimes Shuno says: Kaito, your uke is showing…” he literally refers to Kaito’s softer side being exposed every now and then.

          Eventually Shunoki comes into Kaito’s mind (Sir Shushu-kun) and causes conflict between Kaito’s sides. XD The whole thing is just a representation of this.”

          Yup. (This was taken from her tumblr, I can’t stomach really jumping too far in there.)

          • Rita says:

            aw HAIL no ಠ_ಠ

            I suppose that was her attempt to make a more complex character than the typical submissive woobie uke (nevermind that tsundere ukes are all the rage these day), but goddddddd. That’s NOT how you do it.
            Shit, dude’s personality is literally “likes to take it up the butt, doesn’t want to admit that he likes to take it up the butt.”

            Also, “and breathes fire at Shuno all the tim” I like how we’re in the middle of blue’s bio, and she STILL manages to fit in some “boo hoo poor shono ;_;”

          • cc says:

            Well that’s AP!

          • Anonymous says:

            I like how “uke” is a personality trait, because ya’ll know that whatever it is you do in the bedroom 100% translates into everything else you do, like what car you drive, how you act at work, the food that you cook, and the movies that you like. HERPADERPA.

            Also, “he’s submissive and a downright bottom in a maleXmale relationship”. I get the first two points, but what the fuck does the “in a maleXmale relationship” have to do with ANYTHING.

          • Wanda says:

            Oops, the above is me. teehee

          • cc says:

            We’re dealing with AP toxic heteronormative bullshit extraordinaire.

            Sooo “teehee a man can’t bottom in a manxwoman relationship!!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think what they mean to say is “I was so scared of you being homosexual that I completely disregarded the fact that you threatened to stab me”

    also i cannot believe that reverse art development

    • Lurker says:

      I agree with this reading.

      Though the logic behind this idea is pretty baffling in itself. Usually, if you’re prejudiced, you tend to lump all sorts of negative stereotypes together. They don’t shut each other out. So, if Blue was a homophobe, he would have been more likely to think all sorts of bad things about someone he thought was gay, and might have more easily believed him capable of other amoral things as well, including violence and murder. Oh well. AP reasoning has nothing to do with human psychology after all…

      • Wanda says:

        I took it the opposite way, since gay men are stereotyped as being weaklings who pull hair and slap people with limp wrists. LIKE A WOMAN, DURR HURR. So of course a gay man can’t be a criminal because then he’d break a nail or something!

    • That could be right…and I didn’t even think about that. Holy crap what a muddled line.

      Despite most of her panels being faces AP’s facial structure has just detoriated into one standard face. Most of her improvement has been on drawing smexy bods. I WONDER WHY?

      • cc says:

        I counter by saying no, she has not been improving on bodies either since there are HUGE anatomy errors all over the place! Especially about how torsos/legs work- hell sometimes she omits legs below the knee! It’s so weird because it’s like she looks at bodies but doesn’t actually understand how they work.

  3. cc says:

    Ah yes they only sit down to fucking talk to DISCUSS Blue’s errors, never really Red’s errors. Poor surrogate woman, being irrational and full of homophobia. See love cures all phobia and self-loathing, that is how love works gaiz.

    In a comic that didn’t rely on rape, assault and other BS, again this could be a great catharsis scene, but it isn’t because this combines all the shitty parts of yaoi into one awful trainwreck.

    • I didn’t even consider that, but this couldn’t be a clearer scene of, “RED DOES NOTHING WRONG! NOW LOOK AT THAT ASSHOLE BLUE!”
      We just had Blue find out Red is a forced killer for hire and instead we take a massive turn into, “Remember years ago when you said a thing Blue? IT WAS SO HURTFUL!”

      • cc says:

        Most of my considerations is really just looking at it like the usual sexist BS about the expectations of women in “romantic” relationships in fiction.

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