Update for 7/22/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Oh it’s time for the series of pages that all have violent topic changes!

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8 Responses to Update for 7/22/14!

  1. Rita says:

    “I was turned on by YOU” is yaoispeak for “and then you raped me”, isn’t it?

  2. Lurker says:

    Is this some weird ass way to avoid acknowledging female sexuality? As in, Blue (the submissive woman stand-in) cannot be allowed to feel erotic desire, ergo his arousal must be forced on him by an external source? He can’t just get aroused because he enjoys stuff or finds something sexy. It must always be the man who awakens this mystical sexuality because God forbid should women or meek gay boys pursue sexual relationships of their own will.

    I hate AP.

    • cc says:

      This idea is called “bodice rippers”, and sometimes yes it is used to avoid acknowledging female sexuality.

      Much like how in 50shades DESPITE supposedly being shameless about porn and such the narrator never directly refers to her sexual organs in any way, she consistently refers to her vagina/etc as “down there”.

  3. Lurker says:

    Must admit that I don’t really get where you’re going with that last bubble, Faps.

    AP’s writing might be shit but involuntary arousal in non-consensual situations is a real thing. That line is probably a sadly accurate description of what a victim might actually self-blamingly and sarcastically think of their own experience and their body’s reaction to unwanted stimulus.

    It just kind of comes off like that’s what the joke is about. I’m positive that the intention wasn’t to laugh at rape victims so I’m probably not reading this right.

    • I originally just wanted to make a joke about how absurd the original scene was. How a man trying to commit suicide was hijacked by chibi boner jokes. Though it didn’t come out like I intended obviously, thank you for pointing that out.

    • cc says:

      I agree with this assessment to an extent, regardless of what Red does, he does manage to arouse blue which indicates he (red) is some sort of adonis among men- the shitty thing about AP and other yaoi artists is always the backwards justification of “well I was aroused so I REALLY wanted it even if I was kicking and screaming at time, WHAT A FOOL I WAS NOT TO EMBRACE YOU SEXUALLY”.

      I think what makes this a special flavor of twisted is that red wasn’t actually doing anything sexual- and while this could be expanded upon as a kink or something, it never is. (like I dunno, breathplay since he tried to drown him? or rough sex or roleplay, it’s ALWAYS blue being scared of his own boners long after they are supposed to be “together”)

      Faps if you’re up to it, you could try editing the last bubble given the spirit of the site, but it’s your call.

      • Lurker says:

        Word. Exploring Blue’s arousal in certain kinds of situations would also have the benefit of framing it in a way that focuses on his sexuality and likes, as opposed to presenting him as a sexual object that is only ever reactive and has no sexual interests of its own.

        And the sad thing is that while victims feel conflicted about their physical reactions if they do feel arousal, shitty yaoi sends the message that, yes, that means you did want it. And that’s a good point to rip a part in riffs like this but I just didn’t get quite that feel from how it was phrased here.

        Though I perfectly understand Faps’ point about the stupidity of switching from a heavy theme like suicide to writing about boners – chibi style!

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