Update for 8/16/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. laila says:

    Wait. What the fuck is Blue wearing right now? Because it looks like he’s rockin’ a baby-doll tee-shirt and a bath towel around his waist… or just maybe some kind of sarong. All of which begs the question, What the Hell AP? If he’s too distracted and caught off-guard to get dressed properly then why did he take the time to put on a tee-shirt, and if he isn’t too distracted et cetera then why, why, why for the love of all that’s holy couldn’t he find any bleedin’ pants?! Did he spill coffee over them before Red could get to the door? Does he have to ask Red’s permission before putting his jeans on? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT AND WHY.

    TL;DR stupid fanservice wish-fulfilment is stupid and also entirely frickin’ nonsensical, the end.

    • Rita says:

      And his fashion sense is on a downward spiral it seems.. Fast forward to the most recent chapter and its devolved to short shorts and grade A stockings. Yikes..

      • cc says:

        I’m still pissed about it because there is no explanation or acknowledgement of it AND he’s still pissed each time he does anything with red.

        (Also dat escher anatomay during the “sexytimes”)

        • I re-read it and BY GOD the 4th panel on this page! There’s a lot to rant about, but I think the best/worst thing about it is they made Red’s arm disappear so you could see all of Kaito’s ass. I’m hoping that was intentional. …Though the entire latest page is pretty….wow as well.

          • cc says:

            Yo faps guess what, the fans found the bad webcomics wiki and are whining in the SJ comments section of the “last page” of the comic. Collect your whiteknight wangst!

      • laila says:

        Just went to look at it because after that how could I not and oh God it’s even stupider than you made it sound because Blue’s wearing that shit to bed. And not even in a ‘hey baby’ kind of way which might at least make some kind of frickin’ sense… no, he’s going to bed in short-shorts and stockings because ‘it’s a bit chilly tonight’. So a character who is supposedly a grown man is wearing stockings. To bed. Because he’s cold. And cannot for the life of him work out why his partner finds this a turn-on. (J/K IT’S KAITO SHUNO RED IS ALWAYS UP FOR HAWT HAWT DUBIOUSLY-CONSENSUAL SEX BECAUSE HE IS THE MAN OMG!!!)

        HEY AP THERE ARE THESE AWESOME NEW THINGS CALLED ‘PAJAMA PANTS’ HAVE YOU HEARD OF THEM THIS IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT. I have no objection to fanservice, but for Christ’s sake if you’ve really got to have a grown-ass man parading around in front of his partner in fucking STOCKINGS? Own that shit! Have the courage of your convictions and let the poor bastard actually know he’s acting like a porno cliche (and a female one at that) instead of presenting him as a clueless, bubble-brained, presexual manchild who just can’t work out how or why this could ever be seen as erotic!

        • cc says:

          No my favorite part of the question is why he OWNS these despite being a self-loathing and fairly nonsexual homosexual(????).


            Clearly he’s just a kawaii baby in denial ;)

          • cc says:

            “Whoops I walked into the ladies section of clothing”
            “Whoops I slipped into the checkout line”
            “Whoops I swiped my card for the purchase of these clothes”
            “Whoops I tripped and my legs found their way into these things instead of normal pants”
            “No homo lul”

          • Hahahaha fucking perfect!

        • It’s implied that Blue is wearing those stockings to rile up Red….however he tells him to get lost, and acts uncomfortable and pissed off when given sexual attention for it. That is the worst fucking seduction ever.

          “I’m going to make a big show out of being sexy, but act as if I’m not and then get pissed off when I get sexual attention even though that’s my ultimate goal. Murr murr tsundere explosion!”

          Yet at the same time he say she’s going to ~indulge Red~ this once…as if he gets no kicks out of sex. Yeah, yeah okay then.

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