Update for 8/18/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. Rita says:

    I’m surprised she showed enough restraint to not make Blue’s ASSASSSASAAS the focal point.

    heh, and nice skirt, you dork.

  2. an says:

    Is it just me, or does AP make everything look nasty, and greasy when she colours it? Like, her shading just always looks really gross. (maybe shes just colouring like that so it fits in with the nasty, greasy story and linework)

    • Wanda says:

      It’s those animu highlights. For some reason she feels the need to make every high point shiny, when in real life the only thing that’s actually shiny might be a greasy nose (speaking from experience here, as I have really shitty skin).

    • cc says:

      What Wanda said but also some more food for thought:

      Most mainstream animes curb the highlights (or don’t have them at all). AP really does just slap on these highlights without thinking about why they are there.

      Additionally she colors everything as soft shadows because… I guess she really loves the airbrush?

      Lastly the “noise” on this page is EXTREMELY prevalent, I am actually wondering if she overlaid a texture since she thought it would add “artful noise” OR she didn’t know how to save the file out properly. I also have no idea why she put forth the effort to shoop in a floor texture since it doesn’t line up with the actual perspective of the image.

      *I THINK the wood texture/pattern still exists in vanilla photoshop but it’s entirely possible she just got a random wood floor off of GIS and transformed it in.

      • an says:

        Oh I know that. Its just something about AP’s… art is just so much more gross looking that usual shiny skin anime, like with her usual illustrations she does this shade between the weird blue and the base colour that’s this awkward sort of red. The look of that with the shine makes me think of those pictures of people with swollen/rashy/infected looking areas, that gets all shiny from the irritation.
        It looks really nasty, and the shades AP uses fits the colours for some of those pretty well…

        At least… that’s how I see it, since I kind of have an interest in learning about stuff like that.

        • cc says:

          I know you didn’t ask for it, but an informal and dirty dissection of AP’s art:

          -AP doesn’t grasp the foundation of the “anime style” (anime can be pretty shit at foundation but generally there is an underlying foundation that onlookers can pick up on) Compare and contrast how she draws with some notoriously bad manga artists: Attack on Titan (manga) Neuro: Supernatural Detective (manga) and Assassination Classroom (same author but a newer series).

          There are pretty big errors in art for both authors but there is still a certain understanding of foundation both possess that AP doesn’t- they also have a “sketchy” style but manage to make it work instead of coming off as lazy. The former for kinetic motion and the other for the slight horror elements.

          -AP doesn’t understand colors or shading, they end up coming out “muddy” and/or “fuzzy”. A gander at her tumblr shows she does not seem to understand how light interacts with objects or substances.

          She does a lot of “art sins” where it looks like she’s borrowing art elements but not understanding WHY they worked well in the first place. Such as using grey-blue/purple for shading and heavily relying on the screen layer for highlights (recently she discovered that yellow can be used as a highlight color!), gradients in lieu of purposeful shading or stage lighting, those obnoxious “blush” patches in places that make little sense, colored lines that end up making the art blend together and make any black line “pop” uncomfortably instead of making for a less harsh palette (see her <3 art comic to see this in action).

          TL;DR and it's probably apparent: AP tries to mix and match without really understanding why the standalone elements worked in the first place and she KEEPS USING THIS instead of actively trying to fix "her style". And hey it's her choice to keep doing that but as you said it looks gross because even on a subconscious level you can see there is something "wrong" about it because the elements' being chimera'd together are apparent.

  3. Wanda says:

    Ah yes. The man comes home from doing cool, plotty things and the “woman” welcomes him into his open arms after having sat at home and worried terribly all this time.

    Notice how Kaito never DOES anything except provide a receptacle for Shuno’s penis? I believe we see very similar themes in Teahouse, where the feminine male characters never do anything and are simply acted upon by their more masculine counterparts. It’s a very insidious, sexist tropes, and female authors/artists do it without even thinking about it.

    The fact that he wears a skirt/towel thing nails in the point. By being a passive figure, he is the “woman”. It reminds me of how I used to hate girly things because I associated them with shallowness and weakness. Here is a prime example of where I picked that up from.

    Goddamn it I hate this fucking comic.

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