Update for 8/20/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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7 Responses to Update for 8/20/14!

  1. Rita says:

    Getting a little uncomfortably close there, Red.

    Hey, you know what would be a good way to convey this suspenseful scene? ANYTHING BUT FUCKING TALKING HEADS

  2. swampmonster says:

    That other dude must have some really big ears if they stick out from under his hat.

  3. YonYonYon says:

    Why does AP think that half-closed eyes are cool. They don’t look smooth or sexy or cool, they look deadly bored.

    • cc says:

      Emoshuns are UNSEXAY.

      • laila says:

        The real problem is that we as readers take our cues for how to feel about a particular situation from the characters. If the characters don’t give a fuck about anything that happens to them because lol 2kewl4skool, why in the world should we feel any differently?

  4. Mia says:

    Please be eating people

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