Update for 8/21/14!

SFW! Prostitutes are almost not wasting pages.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

In the next page the author states that Rhys’ world comes crashing down around him.  I’m hoping that means that Gloria  forbids him from seeing Axis or piping in any more whores until  he gets his shit together.  If that happens I will tongue kiss my computer.

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  1. Bastet says:

    Heh, you mentioned the exact things in the riff that I was thinking about reading the new page! :-)

    If they meant to portray Rhys as a complete idiot they succeeded. If, on the other hand they meant to convey him as a cool badass with witty comebacks… then this was a major fail. Are they forgetting they made clear some time back that Gloria is marrying the kingdom, so to speak, and not really Rhys personally? She doesn’t care one shit about him. No, she marrying him in this context, definitely doesn’t say she’s as pathetic as he is. Not even close.

    I must be a bit dense, too, though :-) because I didn’t realize Zephyr would turn his head at the new king’s exposed junk, as (as you point out) he’s seen it plenty of times before. I thought he was trying to be discreet about seeing the future queen in a robe (which has changed color from blue to pink for some reason). But I suppose he would at least pretend to be shocked about Rhys’ cock showing in the presence of Gloria. Well, I was mostly just distracted by how Zephyr is turned into a hobbit in this panel. He’s standing, what, 2 meters away, and he’s still considerably smaller than her.

    And *LOL* Yes, either the authors, again, did a very good job showing just how stupid Rhys is, or they just don’t know the meaning of discreet! The bringing of the whore couldn’t have been less discreet if it had been followed by a fanfare!

    I fear it’s the latter… I guess we are supposed to think that Rhys is a cool badass, or at the very least that this kind of behavior is understandable considering what he’s been through lately, and that we’re suppose to feel sorry for him that he’s being forced to marry such a harpy, who doesn’t have legitimate reasons to be angry at all! -.-

    That’s the interpretation many of the comments are going with, anyway….

    • Wanda says:

      Oh, so THAT’s what Zephyr’s doing. I was like “What is he, dancing?” But instead he’s doing something less logical: blocking the view of the prince’s dick. I would think the most polite thing to do would be to ignore it, instead of making a big deal of avoiding it and thus drawing attention to it.

    • Ugh I agree! I feel as if they’re trying to make him some cool badass on this page. Oh look at how snarky and sassy he is hoo hoo!

      The things he says here are not clever, are not funny, do not bring a deserved smack down, but it is shit that makes me want to punch him in his smug fucking face.

      I feel like Rhys might as well be saying, “Well I know what you are but WHAT AM IIIIIII?” and then following it with, “Oh btw I shit on your cat. UGH why are you even getting mad about that? The cat can clean itself!” (Though that at least has a hint of wit at the end.)

      To be honest I didn’t realize what Zephyr was doing either. I read the comments and then figured they were probably right.

      • Bastet says:

        The things he says here are not clever, are not funny, do not bring a deserved smack down, but it is shit that makes me want to punch him in his smug fucking face.

        It does, however, remind somewhat of the style in which the authors themselves used to reply to people in the comment field who annoyed them, back when they themselves were more active there!

        Just saying…

  2. YonYonYon says:

    Here’s one more example why the agency is important for the storytelling *looks at the little rant Faps reblogged earlier*

    Only thing that happened in this page is Gloria discovering about Axis. So, let’s take it as an important fact that will drive the story further.

    It would be important if Gloria loved Rhys. But, as Bastet said, she doesn’t give a fuck about him. Sooo… what’s the point in this page? If Gloria doesn’t care, she won’t do anything. If she’s not gonna do anything, then… what’s the point?!

    What does she want to do then? She’ll get what she had to get(marriage) in tomorrow’s morning anyway and we don’t know what does she want beside the marriage. Weeeell, she may want to protect the royal family from king’s shameful behavior. She can say “Rhys, dude, you’re an idiot! Stop bringing whores into the castle where 1000 servants can see them. Visit them in disguise, man!”, but it’ll change nothing storywise, it’s a bad move. She can forbid Rhys to meet Axis, it’ll be more interesting to see.

    Or she may want to have a whore of her own. And that whore will compete with Axis in whoring, giving us some funny sexy situations to enjoy.

    Or she may want to join Rhys and Axis’ sexy times, funny sexy situations ensue.

    But knowing autors’ love to drama-llama, I bet Gloria will just bitch about Rhys having an affair with a whore, Rhys will say something “cool” about women belonging in the kitchen, Rhys will go to Axis, Axis will freak out Rhys being a king-to-be, something stupid will happen to Axis, so Rhys’ world will be ruined, and this page will be useless.

    P.S. What the fuck is Zephyr doing?

    • Wanda says:

      Bastet seems correct in assuming that Rhys is exposing himself to Zephyr, who is all OMG NOT THE PENIS, completely disregarding the fact the he was kind of sucking it before.

      I have a feeling Gloria will go get a whore, because everything leads back to whores in this country. Hopefully she and Lilith hook up. Then they could be the two most likable characters in the comic and everyone would be happy.

      • Bastet says:

        This would be a SO much better comic if Gloria and Lilith just got together and thenceforth completely ignored the man-children of this story! :-)

    • If Gloria doesn’t do…something next page, one could argue it could be another little thing which will wear Gloria down into an explosion. But I mean you’re arguing what’s the point when all these past pages in this chapter could have been cut out entirely.

      People are speculating that Gloria will nab a whore of her own. While I’d like to see it I highly doubt it’ll happen. The three way thing I can say unequivocally will never fucking happen. She’s an “ice” bitch and how dare we alienate fans with heterosexuality we are to root for. I suppose it’ll be a bit refreshing to see somebody deal with their problems instead of just fucking the pain away like everybody fucking else here.

      As I’ve speculated before Axis is always the one who gets shit on. So I’m betting that she just does some shitty things to Axis to get back at Rhys later on cause yeah that’s fair. Rhys’ world coming crashing down around him might just be Axis going, “IDGAF if you’re king” and Rhys is so happy he craps himself. Oh thank fucking god Rhys 3 page long sadness is finally over!

  3. laila says:

    You know what, Teahouse? It would be nice if you had at least one recurring female character who was A) neither an icy bitch queen or a ditzy woman-child and 2) treated with anything other than bored disdain by all the important (read: male) characters. It’s no wonder all the women in this thing who aren’t being portrayed as presexual airheads come off as ‘bitches’. Not when they’re constantly being ignored, belittled, humiliated or otherwise shat on from a great height for daring to think that the men in their lives might consider them anything more than ambulant set-dressing. Seriously, who wouldn’t be annoyed by that?

    But no, let’s all blame the women for daring to think the arrogant assholes they’re surrounded with are anything other than presh little woobies who can do no wrong. Rhys is by no means an insufferable, egocentric anal prolapse in a bright blue wig who thinks being anything other than entirely self-indulgent is up there with the worst refinements of torture; Gloria’s just a horrible bitch! IT’S ALL HER FAULT HE TREATS HER SO BADLY, DOESN’T SHE KNOW SHE HAS BOOBS?!?

    • Rita says:

      Hell, even superhero comics treat their female characters better than this crap. You know you dun goofed when you’ve out-misogynyied a genre that’s known for being exactly that.
      I still cannot begin to fathom why women authors are so vile towards their female characters. Is this some internalized misogyny thing that’s going on here? Or is it something else?? Because almost every goddamn yaoi does this and I honestly don’t know why
      plz stop breaking my mind teahaus

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s partially internalised misogyny, but it’s also thinking that you need a villain in your romance story.

        In actual romance circles, the figure that prevents the two loved ones from coming together is referred to as the ‘block character’, and it considered a little old fashioned, mostly because romance is highly character-driven and introducing a block-character takes away the responsibility of the writer to let the lovers go through character arcs, so they can become better people for each other(or break up).

        If you wanna have some fun, try to figure out the character arcs for the TH cast ;)

        • Thera says:

          sorry, that was me.

        • YESSSSS Block characters are super lazy and annoying in my opinion. While Teahouse is using block characters as if they’re going out of style.

          At first Rory didn’t want it in the butt, and NOW HE DOES!!!!

          • Bastet says:

            While Teahouse is using block characters as if they’re going out of style.

            Yes! There are many “sins” in their writing that I wouldn’t have minded so much, if there were only one or two of them, or only done slightly, and if the story would have been good otherwise.

            And don’t I know it, from my own experience, how easy it is too fall in writing traps, and use things like the mentioned block characters. Often it’s part of “growing up” as a writer, you do all these mistakes, and go through these phases, and then you hopefully develop from that.

            In summary, I’m usually rather lenient and forgiving when it comes to some genres, especially if it’s guilty pleasure reading, and especially if I recognize my own mistakes along the way…

            But Teahouse just have a way of amping the bad stuff up to a degree there’s no way anymore you can turn a blind eye, or forgive it for the other qualities, or even just for the fun! (The fun stopped when I realized the problematic real life views).

            There’s not one female block character, they pretty much all are, except maybe Claret and Argent (but then one’s “fat” and funny, and the other is the loyal servant, instead). “Poor” Atros alone have two!!

          • cc says:

            Actually some easy ways to get around “block” characters is to well, not have them solely be defined by it, or just all the characters having lives outside of who wants to fuck who. Romance is seemingly often confused in that most “romance” focused stories just seem to take the romance subplot of an action/fantasy/sci-fi whatever… and just have that fill the runtime.

            I say this because while I don’t consider myself a fan of the romance genre, I do find myself still “shipping” characters or at least pondering their relationships, but the characters with the best chemistry are often just doing their own thing in something that does NOT focus on romance.

          • Rita says:

            In a way, I think the fact that the art is competent makes the shitty writing stand out even more. If that makes any sense.

            cc, I know exactly what you mean! I find most romance really uninteresting, but I’m still always shipping various characters in stories that I like, hehe.

        • Rita says:

          Thanks for the explanation! I’m not a fan of romance, so I didn’t know about that. I suppose that also explains why homophobe daddy is such a prevalent character in yaois (which had also been bugging me for some time).

          • Thera says:

            To be fair, I only know because I read Story by Rober Mckee(which is a pretty good book if you can stand his tangenty over stylistic writing), and ofcourse read riffs and sporks with comments by people who ARE romance fanatics :)

            It’s a common thing though and mostly has to do with writers not understanding the power of a character arc, plus having enough disdain/ignorance of story telling that they think all it takes is a villain to get a good story.

            Of course, next step up for most writers is Hero’s journey, which doesn’t work in romance(and isn’t a good story-basis to begin with), but I’m betting they are going to try anyway.

          • Homophobe daddy is also popular because everybody and their mother makes the uke tsundere. It’s not cause I’m gay BAKA!

      • Wanda says:

        It’s an extension of the old “I only have male friends because girls are bitches” mentality. Often yaois will have a “good” female character, but usually only one, because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE HIGHLAND–I MEAN, GOOD WOMAN.This is probably because most stories focus on men, and then there’s one woman (the Smurfette principle), so we’re all used to seeing stories like this.

        Another symptom of this is that the women’s existence relies on the men, and you can see this in Teahouse. Claret is there for comic relief and tits I guess, but Lilith, Gloria, and Atros’s wife are all there only to create a barrier to one twu wuv. The only reason they are “important” is because they create romantic tension between the dudes. Same for Redhead’s eeeevil twin sister. All of their plot lines rely on the plot lines of the men in their lives in order to exist.

        • Usually the good female character is a mother or a sister and usually they have big tits for laughs, and they’re only there for support but mostly to remind the audience of how handsome the love interest is.

          But yeah they hinge on male characters like crazy. In an interview the authors even admit that Argent was there solely for somebody to totally understand Atros on every level forever.

          • Bastet says:

            WOW, they said that about Argent? But they don’t even keep to that then… In one scene Argent clearly takes the side of Linneus, against Atros!?!

          • cc says:

            Argent really is an EXTREMELY obvious example of how women are props. She also says even LESS than everyone else, she could easily be replaced with an anachronistic lamp and nothing would really change.

          • Bastet says:

            True! I think the speculation even was that she was an actual mute!

          • laila says:

            The truly ridiculous thing about it all is that if Linneaus was a woman instead of a goopy-eyed, terminally passive yaoi the fans would hate her. And they’d hate her for exactly the same things that have them declaring Linneaus as he is to be such a perfect little kawaii bb.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            laila, your comment is dead on for why yaoi like this just sticks in my craw. it’s so frustrating that positive gay stories are hard to find, but then actually good stuff is ignored for this terrible drivel that ONLY gets attention for the fact that Linneaus technically has an “M” checkmarked on his character sheet instead of an “F”. if he were female, he’d be loathed and ignored for being a weak, sniveling, shriveling pansy who’s too chickenshit to stand up for herself 90% of the time, and then an absolute bitch for choosing Murdering Mercenary for a one night stand instead of “Nice Guy” who ‘loves’ her.

            I mean shit, fuck that would actually make this story about a thousand times better if it were about Linneaus being her own woman and finally learning to stand up for herself and ignoring the creepy, possessive stalker who wants to put her on a pedestal while whoring her out… but no. Tortured gays! Because when does it ever happen that gays AREN’T tormented by “impossible” relationships?

          • laila says:

            If Linneaus was a woman, the fans wouldn’t even be acting like she and Atros were TTLY MENT 2 B because of their ~.:DeEp EmoTIONal ChildHood ConNeXion:.~ Nope. If she was a woman, she’d be considered to be a whiny, creepy loser who couldn’t get it into her thick head that her childhood friend just wasn’t that into her and move the Hell on already. More, she’d be a homewrecker – the guy has a pregnant wife and she’s still mooning all over him like a lovesick schoolgirl and does the daft woman really expect that he’d actually leave his wife for her? And it’d be even worse for Lady Linneus here if the neglected wife the fans currently hate so much became a bubbly teenage boy with a fondness for ribbons and teddies – traits which would suddenly become totes adorbz because everything is magically okay if it comes from a kawaii bishie. How DARE that bitch try and break up the smexii ghey boiz with her ‘but we were childhood friends so he must totally want me more’ BS! Stupid bitch should stop trying to go where she’s clearly not wanted, amirite?

            And yet absolutely nothing else about the characters would have changed. It’s just that the traits and behavior which make fanthings view a male character in a crappy yaoi as a sweet, saintly long-suffering Love Martyr who totally deserves sole ownership of the romantic lead’s cock as a reward for his endless and undying devotion? Are the exact same traits and behavior that get female characters demonized as creepy, over-invested, whiny, desperate and too entitled and self-centered to realize that the guys they’re chasing like someone else more.

            And why exactly did this thing get posted about five seconds into my starting typing up there? THANKS FOR THAT, WORDPRESS

          • All of that is totally true and that double standard is embarrassing. I tried to highlight in that recent atros page about how Yvette likes teddy bears…yeah well so does Usagi from JR but nobody calls him childish for it. (He is but for different reasons)

        • Rita says:

          And this is exactly why it’s important that kids have access to woman-positive shows and cartoons from as early of an age as possible. I hate the smurfette principle with a passion, because if you’re repeatedly told that a story should max have 1 female character, I’d say there’s a big risk you’ll automatically go on to make stories following that principle yourself.
          I remember a comic I made when I was 12. It was about a group of friends and their wacky hijinks (and it sucked). I showed it to a bunch of friends, and everyone got hung up on the fact that the group consisted of 3 girls and 1 guy. Like I had commited some big storywriting no-no. I remember pondering a lot on whether or not I should reverse the genders, becaue “that’s how it’s supposed to be”.
          so yea.. fuck that noise.

          • Wanda says:

            You know, the first finished story I ever wrote (between the ages of 8-10) had FIVE female friends. No dudes. I think that I’d never write something like that now, just because of the ingrained “you have to have a dude! Or maybe four dudes!”. I think when we’re young we’re far more flexible about our characters, and also boys are gross at that age, so why would you want to write about them anyway?

            Luckily the story has stayed with me throughout the years, and so if I ever re-write it, the five main characters are still women, and none of their personalities are dependent upon being the “girl” of the group.

  4. Mia says:

    Gloria: too sane to be in this comic.

    Seriously the kingdom is in such shit if the royalty is anything more than figureheads. Rhys has shown no ability to to lead anything. All he cares about is himself and his own desires and whims, which is the opposite of what a good ruler needs to be. Even if Gloria does all the work he’ll bring only problems and hinder proper rule with his being useless.

  5. Wanda says:

    I’m okay with Gloria being a bitch, because if I had to deal with fucking Rhys, I’d have less self-control than she does. I’d be punching him in the face by now. GROW UP, YOU FUCKING DUMBASS. On the other hand, his stupidity would give me larger freedom to rule, since clearly he has no appetite for it.

    And yeah, I agree with Faps and everyone, to the point that I said it out loud after I read the page: “Yeah, so DISCREET, parading him around the house in front of all the servants.” Because servants never gossip! Lololololol.

  6. Rita says:

    Hmmmmmm.. The artist pulls off way better character designs when the character isn’t meant to be likable or sexy. Gloria here, her hair might be a bit much, but look at that face. What a stunner.
    Meanwhile all the characters that are /supposed/ to be hawt look like gaudy idiots. Case in point: Every male character.
    Second panel for instance. if that isn’t the quintessential punchable face, then I don’t know what is.
    On a half related note, I’m all for anime coloured hair if the setting allows for it. This one doesn’t. I’m sorry (no I’m not), but it just doesn’t.
    Also, the blatant favoritism. It blows.

    As for KaitoShono, DEMLIPS.

    • Wanda says:

      I like her make-up on this page. I don’t know why she’s wearing make-up in the middle of the night, but it’s still nice.

      Usually I only go for anime hair when it’s science fiction and ~*~THE FUTURE~*~. Because even if by then they haven’t been able to genetically modify hair color, maybe hair dye will be super in style and everyone including their grandmother will be into it.

      • Bastet says:

        I think her make-up face here is planted in by fap from an earlier page, so she can tell Rhy’s how stupid his comeback is. On the original page, that panel shows Zephyr coming in through the door.

        They do draw her beautifully!

  7. Bewty Lorde says:

    Omg I think I’m crushing on Gloria. She’s too good for those losers, and this comic. IM CRY

  8. RayneofCastamere says:

    To the reign of Queen Gloria I, who deposed her idiot husband like Catherine the Great and ruled over the most prosperous and peaceful era the country had ever known. May the angels ever sing her praises.

    • She better be as sexually insatiable as Catherine too! Has rooms full of erotically carved furniture and shit. I guess what I’m trying to say is I would bang Gloria.

      • RayneofCastamere says:

        Only two pages and Gloria is the sexiest, most wonderful thing in this glorified porno.

        She makes this ace’s cold heart flutter.

  9. AngryRobotsInc says:

    I am hoping against hope the world flipping is Redhead What’s-His-Face pretty much telling King Asshat to sit and spin. But instead we’re supposed to sympathize with “I kept my identity hidden because (reasons that aren’t the actual good reasons for it), totally abuse my power over you, and am now dragging you out of the life you apparently enjoyed with no warning.”

  10. cc says:

    So it took me checking the actual page to even notice that waste of a panel for “sire”, that’s how DISMAL the pacing and composition of a TH page is. (AKA, thank you faps for more Gloria snark, it seems FAR more logical than how the actual page uses the space).

    I’m tempted to draw the headcanon ending but my paranoia says someone will figure out who I am.

    And as everyone said the “conflicts” of TH are so fucking maddening, especially since almost all of the females are just PROPS for the male’s “storylines”. Everything’s a cardhouse in this!

    The biggest irony though? Most of the “powerful” women, if the plots were based on them would make for more interesting writing. A queen married to a shitstain husband that through her wit and grace WOULD be in the right and politically shift all favor to her being the monarch right under his nose. Lilith could also be there and playing Axis like a fiddle for more info about the “king” and his forays into the whorehouse (if we really wanted to retain more characters).

    The comic would end with prince’s world ACTUALLY crumbling down while all the bitches have some tea. Because political intrigue trumps this highschool bullshit of prince ‘n pauper fucking.

    The Rory and Reed debacle would of course not exist in this AU.

    And I’m not sure how pimpy and pinky would fit in but really, anything is an improvement over the current material.

    Seriously everything is so BLOATED in TH.

    • Wanda says:

      Gloria says what we’re all thinking.

      It’s kinda sad that a comic involving a totally unprepared prince whose dad dies revolves around . . . sneaking a whore into the palace. I think what makes me mad about Teahouse is that it tries to be two different things. It tries to be a silly sexy comic (which is totally fine) as well as something more serious and gritty. But you have to pay to see the sex, which is really what this whole comic is about. I can see charging people for the 18+ comic spin-off (many webcomicers do this, and I think it’s a great idea), but I can’t see basing your WHOLE COMIC around something that you have to PAY to see. Lame.

      I love the idea of a woman in power forced to marry a douchebag and having to put up with his dumb ass while she tries to run a country. From what I’ve seen of Gloria so far, she is vastly more qualified anyway. At least she knows how not to embarrass herself.

      • cc says:

        Yeah seriously, if it focused on one thing instead of mood whiplashing, it wouldn’t be anywhere as bad. And I think I’ve said it before but the authors try to play both ends “treat it like a silly porn thing AND actually be invested in the drama!”

        Princey can barely even comprehend what discreet even means. And I have even LESS of an idea how both kids could be raised do vastly different (if he were not the next in line I could buy it better).

        Actually this got me thinking, if Pimpy and Princey were reversed their personalities would make more sense. I use the term “personalities” very loosely though.

        And yeah the TH porn model confuses me so damn much since of the comics I have seen with sextras they had, yanno, a PLOT going on and the sextras were more of a “well I couldn’t REALLY fit it anywhere, here’s some manservice for your support!”

        • wanderingaddict says:

          what do you mean if Pimpy and Princey switched personalities? if they swapped places, imo that would make a ton of sense (since there would be genuine reasons for Pimpy to not be with a slave-whore, and Axis might not know who the real owner of the brothel is, perhaps). But how do you mean otherwise? Like Princy is ‘taciturn and controlling’ while Pimpey is an outspokenly uncaring prick?

          • cc says:

            Oops, I did mean places.

            [Chunk of text I started but then promptly quit]

            ….You know what, the more I read/type the two of them, the more interchangeable they become, so fuck it. They’re both shitty characters with certain traits in their personalities/situations that seem better suited for the other’s “drama” and it makes me wonder if even the authors mix them up because they ARE pretty similar in the “weeh they’re assholes but feel SORRY for them”

          • Yeah I think that would be more fun to play with. Rhys is the owner (by birth) of a high fluent brothel, but he squanders it to fuck all his employees and get gossip. (obviously the brothel would fail HARD)

          • cc says:

            Speaking of the brothel failing hard, I still cannot make heads or tails of if it’s supposed to be stable or not and that is pretty sad considering that there are “CONFLICTS” hinging on this.

    • Thera says:

      Re: Shitty pacing.

      I think they are going for the the slow cinematic feel, like is very common in the deeper contemplate your navel manga series. Indeed, the slow pacing is one of Manga’s special trademarks, and has been adopted by western comic markets.

      However, it only really works in two cases:
      *If the characters actually had depth and had complex inner lives to convey that require this slow pacing(they don’t).
      *If the comic is released in chapters and not in pages.

      That said, the slow pace does sorta indicate that emirain actually imagines the comic to be enacted as the most humourless overpretentious shakespear performance in existance because that’s how deep things should be like.

    • Haha you’re welcome. After reading the page that was the first thing I knew I had to do. One of the first things that struck me about this page is that it focuses so hard on Rhys, Gloria is used only as needed.

      Draw it…draw it anyway just send it back and forth amongst us Teahouse haterz. I’ll be on skype again….one of these days.

      Yeah if we swapped the focus it’d be infinitely more interesting:

      Welcome to the Teahouse! It is Ivore’s most high class brothel, but what’s it like to be the lowest earner in such an establishment? Teahouse follows the story of the dopey but charming working girl named Claret as she tries to attract business and deal with the drama her narcissistic or inexperienced co-workers make! Perhaps she can even find love…but now where’d you think!

      Welcome to the Teahouse! It is Ivore’s most high class brothel, but what’s it like being a bouncer at such an establishment? Teahouse follows the story of the stoic and badass swords-woman Argent as she fends of jealous partners, slices up abusive johns, deals with her confusing feelings for a working girl, and tries to navigate the problems her boss is getting the establishment into!

      Welcome to the Teahouse! It is Ivore’s most high class brothel, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Teahouse follows the story of the fierce and brillant working girl Lillith. She has no patience for her fellow co-worker’s drama, and isn’t shy about it. Sometimes she seems like the only sane one in a sea of dopes who fall in love with their Johns but she’s not above making her own mistakes in love.

      Welcome to the Teahouse! It is Ivore’s most high class brothel, but something dark lies underneath the surface. A plucky but mysterious girl finds out her twin brother is working there and goes undercover as a maid to find out what he’s up to. However what are her real intentions?

  11. Alexei says:

    Gloria has cool hair and I dont think she is a bitch for hating on King Fucktrumpet. Most people would hate him if they knew him IRL. I slashed Gloria with my own character, Ignatius, from my Nazi noncon comic. I put in a half assed purdy bg to go with the TH theme. Emorain is a much better artist than I am but she seems to rush her most recent work and the quality is obviously suffering.
    In my headcannon or riff of the comic, Reez has cock piercings and Zephyr got blinded by them. I riffed the porno pages but I dont want to post them on my tumblr cuz I dont want people to know that I read Slavehouse.

  12. RC says:

    Yah know….while TeaHouse is busy cutting back and forth between things and getting every one worked up on the great and witty love making, anyone remember when they introduced that tattooed knife maker guy, saying he’s suppose to be another lust/love interest for Axis?

    Anyone wanna place bets on how they’ll just make him pop up like he’s always been there? Cuz that’s how you make plot tension and drama. By bring back characters you’ve seen only once but have been told that you are suppose to care about them.

    • cc says:

      Took me a moment to remember who you were talking about. God fucking damn it.

      TH once again BLOATS its cast and “”"”"”plotlines”"”"”"

      • Wanda says:

        Yeah, and then they get upset when people call them racist for making their only black characters servants, as if they don’t have a vast array of other characters they could EASILY make black. I mean, knife dude totally could have been black. Hell, GLORIA could have been black, considering her afro.

        • Honestly I think that the foreign nation Reed and Gloria are supposed to belong to should have had darker skin. It would make a great visual cue to identify them as ~not from around here.~ I think they’re trying to communicate that information with black hair since most of the cast has rainbow pubes? But us average folks view that hair as normal so its hard for us to think of it as ~not the norm.~ …Though if they did go that route, it could make Reed even more problematic.

    • Another reason they set it in a brothel, I bet is because it’s easy for people to just SHOW UP and get to sex immediately. Also knife boy treated Axis like shit when he saw him. Can’t have ukes (especially Axis) with people who treat them like equals amirite?

      • cc says:

        “Another reason they set it in a brothel, I bet is because it’s easy for people to just SHOW UP and get to sex immediately.”
        Oddly, as time goes on the sex becomes less immediate and they keep trying to scatter the characters/camera to anywhere BUT the whorehouse.

        God forbid ANYONE treat each other like a human being in this. I think the only instances of people not being dicks or some manner of creepy would be Claret and Argent’s little shopping adventure, Pinky giving vague advice to Rory and Rory interacting with Claret.

        And the last one is debatable since it is essentially set up just for a cheap laugh at her ignorance/freaking out.

        I guess you could also say kidPimpy and kidPinky but it’s hardly very natural interactions, just painfully transparent “poor Pimpy!”

        Seriously this bothers me.

      • RC says:

        You are right. Bet the king and Axis have “a moment” Axis is probably suppose to have some kind of “feels” and then the knife guy shows up for sex to “confuse” him/get between Axis and the King. Cuz that’s how you make plot.

        Mean while, in Kill Six billion Demons- we have a page worth of Angel ass shots and shit about to get bloody. I am hoping the girl gets some kind of spine implanted into her soon but waking up in a demon world and sold into sex slavery and being treated like an object has gotta be one hell of a system shock. Just be thankful you are not in Game of Thrones girl, cuz I’m fairly certain you have a bit of plot armor protecting you at this point.

        • cc says:

          I’ll cut slack for K6BD since everything elses’ power levels seem cranked up to 400. But I know what you mean.

          Unlike TH there is an actual possibility of death or at least horrible maiming. (I do enjoy the “grittier” and surreal feel of the whorehouses in K6DB much more than THs)

          • RC says:

            Yeah, the sex houses in K6BD make no effort to hide the fact that they exist to sell sex in all its forms. I am sure somewhere there are the higher ranking ones that have status and are treated like people but for Hell 71 you are bought, sold, enslaved and trafficked. Not illegal over there but not pleasant or pleasing.

            TH “pimp”/brothel boss could learn a thing or two from the K6BD ones.

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