Update for 9/4/14!

SFW! Prostitutes…what am I even going to do with you?

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

Fun Fact:  That older panel I copy pasted in was from nearly 2 years ago.

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28 Responses to Update for 9/4/14!

  1. Bastet says:

    I admire how you can think things up to riff these pages, every time!! When I saw this TH page, I was a blank. I wouldn’t have thought of a thing!

    The only thing I thought when I saw it was that everybody in Ivore seems to be living in the Winchester house!

    But yes, the pacing… I think when you plan a webcomic (and I should be careful about what I say, because I don’t have any experience in that) it’s probably a good idea to consider the limitations and possibilities of the actual medium.

    It’s an annoying (and not all too fair) fact that no matter how much time you spend on the artwork of one comic page, the reader will still be able to read it all in about three seconds. It’s entirely natural and understandable that it takes time making a page, but it’s still a fact that for the reader it’s the equivalence of reading a book one sentence a week.

    The reader of webcomics will be patient of the fact the artwork takes time, of course, they know they can’t get 10 pages text every week, but the more important it must be (or so I imagine) that the storytelling in a webcomic is made as effective as possible. It is weird when there is, literally a two year (and ongoing) wait to have the continuation of a storyline. And here… They have already established in the last “Yvette likes pink home decor”-page that poor Atros is depressed about his home life, would rather be with Linneus, and are suffocated by teddy bears – so why waste a whole nother page on driving the point home???

    The medium, and the pacing of such a big story, with so many characters and different storylines, does not really seem to allow for it!

    • Haha thank you. I had a rough time with this page that’s for sure…it’s not my best but ehhh what can you do with a nothing page huh?

      Honestly back when I made webcomics one of the first things I learned was to tighten pacing because pages are a lot of fucking work and therefore one would want to carefully plan in order to remove unnecessary pages and therefore tons of unnecessary work.

      They stated before that they want to make every page a stand-alone page because of the once a week release deal…so releasing pages like the one above just baffles me. Are they trying to troll us or something?

    • Wanda says:

      I’m mostly mad about the PLACEMENT of their pages. Why couldn’t this one come DIRECTLY after the other one with Atros? This whole back and forth between plot lines is horrendous and jolting, and it doesn’t allow anyone to feel the mood of the page. The only reasoning I can see behind it is if they’re trying to draw some parallel between the two, like “look at these two rich dudes’ lives coming apart!” but meh, their lives have been coming apart for a long time now. It’s lost all sense of urgency.

      • Bastet says:

        Other than really bad planning and pacing… I think the way they skip back and forth between scenes is simply a tease and denial game on their part!

        They know their audience is dying for another meeting (fucking) between Rhys and Axis, so… they’re holding out on it, sticking in some meaningless filler pages in between. I think it amuses them that some people will be kept in a state of frustrated anticipation, and also, I think they think it will keep the audience coming back. ‘Next time we’ll get what we want, or… next time, or…’

        It seems like the more enthusiastic their audience is about what is to come, the bigger the risk is they will do a weird scene change that don’t make sense, and totally screws up the pace, and, as you say, make it seem like the order of the pages are mixed up by mistake.

      • cc says:

        Except we never really saw the “peaks” of either of their lives either. And they’re both insufferable assholes in full control of their situations who choose not to do anything because they are manchildren.

        • Wanda says:

          I think this is why Teahouse lacks any suspense for me. Everyone in this story (who isn’t a sex slave) has the power to change their situation. They just choose not to. Hell, even the sex slaves COULD demonstrate some agency and intelligence and don’t. Basically everyone acts like there’s no other way but no there are a million other ways, just don’t be a fucking moron.

          *le sigh*

  2. RayneofCastamere says:

    If I looked like his wife, I’d have pictures of myself everywhere too.

    Again, A Pimp Named Jackass, your wife is the one with the money. She can decorate however the fuck she wants.

    Also, you tie with King Douche when it comes to people who have the least problems in this series. And yet you’re the two people we’re supposed to feel MOST sorry for. Because stupid.

    When’s Gloria going to stage her coup, already? The nation needs its rightful queen!

  3. YonYonYon says:

    Do they have a photograph in their world?
    Can people actually paint portraits as a weaboo trash and put it in the wrong perspective?

    They really wanted to show Wifey’s “egoistical, childish, girly” personality if they defied the perspective and any common sense about portraits.

    I’m nitpcking, but what can I do if they show me a page that doesn’t have any meaning and derails the storytelling?

  4. Alexei says:

    Since this is anachronistic steamfunk I imagine Yvette as a total otaku and Atros hates anime, manga, MLP and kawaii plushies.

  5. Thera says:

    There’s no light fall-off in Teahouse whatsoever, is there?

    Also, tee-hee, I have been researching perspective lately for a tutorial, and I’m noticing the the teahouse ladies are doing it wrong. Mind you, a lot of artists are doing it ‘wrong’ because the proper manner of handling hallways and the like isn’t very well known, but it’s kinda funny to see it everywhere anyway.

    But, something that is really strange to me is how sterile the teahouse enviroments can get sometimes. Like, occasionally it’s not bad, but on pages like this, it’s just so dry. There’s no story at all. Just that pimpy has a Ikea bookcase, a 19th century writing desk, a lamp running on wireless electicity, and a couch he’ll rot on for the next few pages.
    And his desk is really under-equiped. I mean, compare to downton abbey: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/09/22/article-1314291-0B4D9464000005DC-347_634x418.jpg and this advert/photoshop: http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/downtonabbey/homeimages/da-s4-slide-bts-07.jpg
    I dunno, I am just missing something.

    //tries her best to ignore the… ‘selfies’.//

    • You’re right the environments are very sterile. Everything is always spotlessly clean and in its place. It’s as if nobody actually lives or works in any of these places.

      It’s an ongoing aesthetic they have. I mean look at Glider. He’s a poor drunk who murders people for nickles but his clothes don’t have a speck of dirt on them, and his hygiene is impeccable. I feel as if they are fixated with everything looking really impressive, and hence ignore a more human element to the art of their characters and backgrounds.

      //tries really hard to convince you she’s an evil person with teddy bears and portraits.//

    • Wanda says:

      I don’t blame people for bland hallways. No one wants to spend two hours drawing books and clothing and shit everywhere. Of course, the authors also spend two hours drawing the mouldings along the walls, so I guess it’s hard to argue for them. Myself, on the other hand, will pick a bland hallway if it means avoiding drawing hours of plants, pictures, and knick knacks everywhere.

    • cc says:

      Agreed- the problem with the sterility of the environments is that they still over-detail the shit out of it instead of putting actual humanity into anything. Sometimes the sterility of an environment can add context, but for this it doesn’t make much sense.

      Mind sharing some of the more poignant perspective tutorials? I’m no pro at them either and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love more resources!

      • Thera says:

        Well, I am trying to write software-agnosticish art tutorials(with a focus on open source software), and I try to make sure that what I know is true. and for my first perspective tutorial(perspective definitely requires multiple tutorials), I’ll try to focus on enviromental story telling while going through perspective basics.

        However, one of the things that I’ve noticed in all my background drawing, is that you can sort of ‘mix’ one-point and two-point perspective. Even, I have noticed that you can have multiple objects, all with their own vanishing points and they’ll work fine together.

        While looking for a way to express that claim. I came across this: http://slgallant.com/2010/08/12/the-great-falsehood/ Which basically explains that one-point perspective on it’s own doesn’t quite exist.

        The gist of the other thing is that in perspective, any set of paralel lines have their own vanishing point. I’m still trying to figure out how to prove that without going for the whole perspective projection thing(because that is too complex for this first tutorial), but I’ll submit the tutorial to faps when I’m done with it :)

  6. cc says:

    And yet another resounding page of NOTHING THE FUCK HAPPENING.

    Cutbacks like this could shed an interesting perspective, but everything is so disjointed and the characters so poorly done we just have Sterile House Simulator 2014 going on.

    A possible interpretation of this would be Pimpy “realizing” that he’s letting go of one of his whores… but the thing is that he isn’t. He hasn’t set Axis free, it’s just an out of house booking as far as he’s fucking concerned.

    This reaction would “make more sense” if Pinky was the one leaving or something. As far as the readers know Pimpy gives no real shits about Axis (aside from pissing him off), so why he is ~sooooo tired poor Pimpy~ here?

    Right because what the fuck is pacing.

    Calling it now, TH authors didn’t actually know what the fuck they wanted to do in Axis and Prince’s next interactions, they’re stalling for time since the past few years hasn’t been enough time to properly mull over these melodramatic arcs.

    • I’d rather they have no idea what they’re doing and are trying to eat up time…though (according to them) they’ve had the next 14 or so pages flushed out. It’s just carefully calculated horrendous pacing.

  7. Wanda says:

    I don’t know their backgrounds when it comes to creating webcomics, but this is some of the worst back-and-forth jumping I’ve ever seen. This would seem abrupt even in a movie, which moves rather quickly. Why did they ever think it was a good idea to split Pimpy’s angst-fest in half? I can forgive some pacing issues, but this is just really really stupid.

    I like to think Atros romanticizes his memories of Pinky because back then Pinky did what Atros told him to. Now he’s got his own IDEAS and OPINIONS and blergh. Let’s idealize a time when Pinky worshipped Atros because that’s what five-year-olds do to anyone who is not a five-year-old. THAT’S HEALTHY,

    • My best guess for the abrupt angst fest is because the authors are trying to be like, “Well we have OTHER couples in our story besides our favorite let’s give them a quick mention before devoting all this time to them.” And they had no larger thoughts about the matter.

  8. RC says:

    How the hell did this sad sack get his wife pregnant? Are we sure this baby is his or is that suppose to be be a big drama point of “oh shit! she has a lover on the side and the baby isn’t the sad sack’s! Feel SORRY for him some maorrrrrrr!”

    I know it’s possible to get someone pregnant even if one or both person is not sexually responsive…but I think that level of thinking may be too advanced for TH readership.

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