Update for 9/11/14!

SFW!  I’m surprised I had energy for prostitutes.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes r’ Us

They’re so wealthy even the beds are made out of marble.

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36 Responses to Update for 9/11/14!

  1. Wanda says:

    Is this, like, the spare bedroom or something? Wasn’t the Prince just in his bedroom? Why aren’t they fucking in his real bedroom? Is he really just wandering around the palace drunk and mostly naked?

    So many questions.

    I love how the authors BUILT UP to this moment and it just petered out. Like, there was all this time and effort spent implying “OMG AXIS DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT RHYS SO DRAMATIC” and then we just get . . . this. I think I’d buy it more if we didn’t have all the build-up. Or if we were shown that Axis was a reserved person (HA!). Axis overreacts to everything though. So this just doesn’t really make sense with his character.

    At least Rhys is finally realizing what we’ve been saying all along though. Progress? I bet you all the fangirls are like “OH RHYS-POO, DON’T SAY SUCH A THING” cuz he can’t be held accountable for anything he’s done,

    • Anastasia says:

      I was just going to say something about the let down, but you’ve pretty much covered it.

      I mean, they’ve been building up to this for, what, three years or something? I was expecting at least a little bit of conflict (seeing how dramatic Teahouse is anyway) but – nope. Axis seems to be completely fine.

      Also, what happened to the chair at the end of the bed? Damn it Teahouse! If you can’t give me consistent characters, at least give me consistent chairs! xD

    • …You know I kinda forgot about ~that moment.~ But yeah they had been building it up, since pretty much the beginning of the comic but it has gotten totally forgotten and the page it was supposed to culminate in literally “whatevered” it. Like if you want Axis not to give a shit about it but build it up like he was going to in his previous page you could have ended on him looking mildly surprised when he caught the painting or him just being oblivious to it but it looms ominously over him. Also you should yanno reference it when the two actually see each other?

      Admittedly I was expecting Axis to not give a shit because A.) they were aggressive about showing how Axis doesn’t give a shit about royalty and B.) It would make their bond so much more speshul cause Rhys just wants to be treated like a person murrrrr.

      But yeah Axis is going to coddle him…because he soooooo deserves it right now and everything will be peaches and cream in a couple of pages.

      • Wanda says:

        Yeah, now they’re going to use this as an opportunity for Axis to be even more kawaii desu and help the poor wibble princey with his feelings after Rhys already made terrible comments about the fact that Axis is an orphan. Axis has zero reason to accept Rhys’s apology (if it ever even comes, which I doubt), but I know he will because all of the characters in Teahouse exist for Rhys, Reed, and Atros to shit on.

  2. Thera says:

    Oh, if only Axis had a vaguely consistent character. The fun you could have with this scene.

    Instead we get a Tsundere-ish swish of the head, and then *sudden bed side manners*.

    Also, their composition and poses is getting more and more basic. We are only a few steps away from ‘sad-faced boy looking to the left’-depth of composition now.

    I guess this might be another indicator that the authors don’t have a good grasp of their story. If they actually reasoned that they were not making something beyond comprehension, then maybe they would try to go back, analyse scenes, and give them the oomph they deserve. This right now is just… bleh.

    • Wanda says:

      Yeah, they could have had more of that hate sex/rape that the authors love so much! But now they might have reasonable, consensual sex? PFFFFFT. THAT’S TOTES NO HOT.

      • Thera says:

        Hm? I wasn’t talking about sex at all actually.

        I was talking about the art direction.

        The poses are stilted, if Axis were vaguely consistent he may have had glorious poses to go with his mouthing off of Rhys: Dramatic pointing, grand appraisals to the heavens, extreme skeptic glaring.

        You know, things that are fun to draw.

        I mean, I could talk about the quality of the story, but there’s enough people here doing that who have a much better grasp of the story. I’ll just mumble about terrible art-direction.

    • I swear to fuck the award for most inconsistent character should go to fucking Axis.

  3. RayneofCastamere says:

    I would say that he’s finally admitted what he was, but we all know he’s doing it to get sympathy points from the sex slave that he’s going to rape anyway, but hey, why not add some emotional manipulation in there as well. BECAUSE.

    And seriously, they’ll put unnecessary amounts of detail into everything BUT paintings? Where’s the sense?

  4. cc says:

    IMO they could have swapped that prince “face” shot for Axis to show a change of demeanor- assuming the PAGE COMPOSITION JUST HAS TO BE PRESERVED. (It doesn’t, this page is pretty… bleh for what they’re going for- they’re doing that “silence = meaningful!” thing again.)

    Also I see Axis is assuming good uke form, can’t have him be selfish and for once Princey’s dumb feelings aren’t being catered to. Seriously.

    • Wanda says:

      You know the authors are secretly giving props to Rhys here for being so open and honest, but he’s probably still mostly drunk, and we all know how good drunks are at lying. Let’s get him sober in the middle of the day and THEN see if he shows any remorse. I also love how he just let his sister run off and made no attempts to go talk to her. Like, “Hmm, I could go try to explain myself to my distraught sister OOOOR I could have sex with this slave dude who totally doesn’t give a shit? LET’S GO WITH SEX!”

      • Bastet says:

        That’s SO true!

        They mean to show what a good guy he is, after all, admitting what a shit he is. But he isn’t actually doing anything about it. He’s not even trying to make things right with either Evelyn, Gloria, or Zephyr (or even Axis for that matter) even though they are ALL right there in the palace to talk to, right now, sill awake and everything!

        But I guess this whole thing is about Evelyn anyway. All the others don’t count, even though he has also done at least as shitty things to all of them, too! -.-

  5. an says:

    Lmao! Look at that gangster-ass hoodie axis is wearing.

    I didn’t realize this was Teahouse: Back in da Hood.

  6. Bastet says:

    My first reaction was a rather positive one, actually. They’re having Rhys admit he’s a piece of shit!?? It must mean the creators, too, actually realizes that he is – not a day (year) too soon!

    But then I started thinking. It isn’t really what I think is going on at all. The admission only seems to be there so people will have more sympathy for him, and not really a start of him taking a good look at himself, and being forced to take responsibility for his actions.

    I highly doubt the following 20 pages will be about Rhys pouring all his booze out, apologizing to Gloria, patching things up with his sister, go tell Zephyr he will not take advantage of him anymore, sexually or otherwise, pay Atros for all the damage he’s done over there, apologizing for all the shitty ways he’s treated Axis and own up to the fact he raped him, learn that stable boy’s name – and start to act like a responsible ruler!

    Or…?? No?

    Then I guess this admission is just so much bullshit!!

    And Axis… Yeah, where to begin here!? It seems even some of the fans were disappointed and thought this “the first meeting after the big reveal” was anti-climactic! And it really is!!

    Seriously, the have built up for this moment for years, and they use it to show that Axis have a kinder and sympathetic side to him (however grossly misplaced and Stockholm-syndrome-ish)??

    They’ve already showed that before!! They showed it that time when Axis mended Rhys’ shirt, and when they had some pillow talk after sex the night Rhys’ father passed away. So… hardly a dramatic enough “reveal”to make this meeting something special for the fans!

    I can imagine two scenarios that would have made it make more sense, to me (there are certainly more, as well). One scenario would have Rhys power actually make a difference.

    Yes, Rhys is shown taking advantage of his power all the time, but there are never any real dark consequences of this. If the creators wanted to show a side of Axis that would actually surprise the fans, then have him actually pee his pants in fear at this discovery! Because a person as unstable, volatile and spoiled as Rhys, wielding that kind of power would actually be a very dangerous thing to someone in Axis position (if this had had any sort of realism to it). Rhys has shown no sympathy or regard to others so far. Why wouldn’t he just love a whore who disrespected him in a “refreshing way” one day, and decide that whore had gone too far the next, and just get rid of him? It’s not like Atros can protect Axis against the actual King, even if he could against anyone else!

    They wanted a dramatic reveal? Make Axis actually have a bit of street smarts and realize just how dangerous this is for him, and show that realization through actual fear!

    Or, scenario no. 2, why not just keep to Axis character shown most so far – the reckless, not too smart dude, who would get really fucking pissed off at all this – more consistently? There could at least have been a fight, before the “sensitive talk”! -.-

    I don’t think Rhys hit rock bottom the last time! He looks pretty together here! Imagine if he’d walked in there and Axis had totally flipped his lid, and screaming and yelling had reminded him what a fucking douchebag of a rapist he is, and really used this moment to tell Rhys off… Yeah, that would be closer to rock bottom, when not “even the whore” could stand him!

    But no, the rapist just have to slump down with sad eyes and sigh about his problems and the Tiger turns into a kitten! -.-

    • Wanda says:

      What bothers me is that the original thing Rhys loved about Axis was that he was such a snot to him. As much as I would have loved Rhys to be a sub (because who doesn’t have a thing for a man in power who secretly wishes he weren’t?), I know that the authors could NEVER have a sub TOP because WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THIS. Anyway, that initial thing between them doesn’t seem to matter at all now. It was something Rhys mentioned once and it’s never brought up again. If Rhys were really dedicated to having Axis be a shit, he’d show some obvious enjoyment in Axis mouthing off. But instead he . . . punches Axis in the face.

      So really, he doesn’t enjoy Axis mouthing off. He just wants a power struggle so that he can put Axis in his place, and no one who knows who he is will give him that because they always bend over backward the minute they see him.

      That’s pretty damn sick.

      Rhys is some kind of supervillain. Or a serial killer. This moment of weakness has only come because he’s drunk. I have a feeling he’ll sober up and be just as much of a douche.

      • Bastet says:

        That’s a really good analysis of Rhys! He wants the power struggle! It shows even more what a horrible person he is, really! He must know the reason people bend backwards for him all the time, is because he HAS that kind of power. But that isn’t enough. He must have someone who doesn’t know who he is so that he can give physical manifestation to that power as well!

        But yeah, the creators are not even staying with that theme! Now, Rhys is sad and all he needs is a friend, and only Axis can be that friend!!!!

        … Uh… I thought Reed was that friend! O_o

        And Axis… They seem to go for the “tamed macho”- theme here! You know the fierce warrior who will only yield to the person who beats him in a fight. But then he’s loyal forever. Like that scene in Robin Hood, you know. When Little John meet Robin Hood for the first time. Little John won’t let Robin pass the creek, and they fight. Robin wins, and after that he’s the natural leader of the gang. Little John is now loyally following “the stronger man”.

        Rhys dominated Axis, and since Axis is “a real man”, he is now accepting Rhys as the leader. And this is all good and fine, and as it should be, you see… In TH world, that’s why Axis is okay with being raped!

        To me it just looks like Stockholm syndrome, or a battered person syndrome.

        • I never thought of Axis as the “tamed macho” but yeah I definitely see it and it’s infuriating. Tamed Macho is supposed to be about winning respect through feats of skill and strength which is what the other party admires. Here it’s some rape, not exactly something anybody could admire. Really I’d say it’s more really shitty writing but I’ll accept Stockholm syndrome too.

          • Bastet says:

            They just misunderstand the trope, don’t they? Any kind of dominance, including rape, will make a real man loyal to the one who bests him! They do make Axis admire Rhys’ “non-pussyness”. As in this page at the start of chapter 6:


            Mercutio and Claret are mourning the king, Claret asks Axis how Rhys is. Axis don’t get it since he doesn’t know Rhys is the prince, but look at his word choice when he replies to her: “Why wouldn’t he be? He’s not a pussy, like you two!” That’s suppose to be admiration from the badass to the even bigger badass. Rhys just had treat Axis badly enough, and Axis accepts him as the bigger badass.

            It’s a screwed up version of this, yeah!

            And you’re absolutely right, it IS bad writing. If it had had any realism (or logic) to it, I believe there would have been some kind of Stockholm- here, but, yeah… now it’s just bad writing!

    • I am still annoyed at Axis mending Rhys shirt. The day that Rhys left that behind was the day he punched him in the face without reason, and previous Rhys had ruined his favorite shirt and had insulted Axis when he brought it up.

      I had never considered fear as a part of Axis’ response but I really love your interpretation of it. That the petty douchebag who gets off on violence and powertripping others is actually the god damn king can be a very scary thought.

      I find it hard to believe he’s rock bottom too because he still went to see Axis. If you’re really feeling like prime shit, sex is usually the last thing on your mind and you’d most likely just want to curl up in bed and cry.

      But yeah I’m already hating Axis patting Rhys ass here.

      • cc says:

        “I find it hard to believe he’s rock bottom too because he still went to see Axis. If you’re really feeling like prime shit, sex is usually the last thing on your mind and you’d most likely just want to curl up in bed and cry.”
        I can think of possible examples of people or characters that would do this but they are characters that are not even in the ballpark of Prince’s position of power (the exact opposite).

        • That’s a fair point. I shouldn’t say everybody would do that. I think it’s more dependent on the personality than the amount of power they have though. I think Rhys is too extroverted for what I suggested. However when he goes to see Axis I picture him putting up a really flimsy front of dominance and joy in order to mask his weakness and to convince himself that he’s not dying inside. According to his supposed character I’m having a hard time picturing him as the kind to sulk into a room of somebody he hardly knows begging for a pity party.

          • cc says:

            Oh, when I mean position of power I mean it’s out of his grasp to understand what he’s done wrong, he’s never really been told no in his life (he’s royalty after all!) and he’d far more likely to blame the people around him than be held accountable.

            Nothing he’s done or has been done to him would allow for this realization, he needs someone more direct than tearfully saying he’s awful and running out of the room to earn this response. That kind of thing.

          • OHHHHhhhhHHHhhhh I gotcha. Yeah, it would have been much better for Evelyn to really confront him. It would have been way satisfying for (more than just us haters I reckon) if Evelyn really tore into his ass about how irresponsible and egocentric he was being.

            I think the reason why they didn’t was 1.) poor babu Rhys and 2.) we must make female characters as likable as possible.

  7. Bastet says:

    Also, a bit farther back in the comments, there was an exchange that really made my irony meter explode in a million pieces.

    No, it wasn’t this comment…

    “I’m gonna say that is his room in the house cause it may be the only one that isn’t pink. And the picture of them as kids is adorable. Wish he wasn’t married to that childish girl who made their home into a doll house. It would suck if her baby is a boy. That house is just not something you subject a boy to, it would have to be raised in Atros’ man room.”

    We do see a lot of those! But this reply:

    “You’re totaly reading the wrong comic if gender stereotypes is your thing.”

    O_o Uh… no… No, they’re not actually reading the wrong comic!!!

    I just had to laugh at that! Having Linneus wear lots of jewelry, and Argent use a sword does not make this comic free from gender stereotypes!

    • wanderingaddict says:

      haha uuuugh why would you say this? such misery from such awful Teahouse commenters!

    • Wanda says:

      I actually laughed out loud. Wow. Just . . . wow. Get these commenters some Gender Theory 101, stat. Let’s hope to god they never come in contact with someone who is genderqueer/genderfluid . . . it might make their damn head explode.

      Also, I can’t even with the “can’t raise a boy in dat dere house!” I just– what. WHAT. THESE COMMENTERS FUCKING OBSESS OVER HOW PERFECT LINNEUS IS ALL THE TIME. HE IS OVERTLY FEMININE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM.

      UUUUUUUUUUUGH. *headdesk*

    • alexei says:

      WTF is with the Yvette hate? These girls are probably otakus too. I imagine Yvette is a total geek who would go to comic con in a costume that is more fabulous than Linneus’ costume.

  8. alexei says:

    The axassin should kill Rex Merdae for the greater good.

  9. wanderingaddict says:

    you know, it might have been the fact that I was listening to some sad, contemplative music and just looking at the teahouse art, deliberately NOT reading the speech bubbles yet, but… I actually got a little depressed that this couldn’t have been the “so much more” we always lament about. this could have been anything, literally anything at that we’ve commented on these pages before. Axis as an orphaned foreigner having a bonding moment where he sees that Rhys, even with all his power, might be bent and broken by the expectations of rulership. the drama of being a figurehead! of political plays! this could have been an intense, emotional moment where – after like fucking 4 years of waiting?? – we see the two of them actually open their eyes and see each other in a new light for the very first time.

    but yeah no. it’s just interspersed with scenes of their golden Dream!Man Atros… being a dick to his wife? Being a whimpy cum-rag angsty mcCryson. and… other stuff? I can’t even recall what the fuck else happened in this arc because the pages are so fucking irrelevant and boring. oh no, the sister was mad at Rhys! Gloria was mad at Rhys! Rhys is… upset. for some reason? who knows, who cares why. lets not bother exploring anything interesting in the kingdom – Rhys wouldn’t have had ANY schooling at all in that regards. neither would his sister, or… Lord Mouthbreather or whatever his name is. what is ruling, after all?

    pathetic. just unbelievably pathetic. it’s like they took great ingredients, saw a photocopy of a good recipe, and then just decided THEY knew better than everyone else ever. now what could have been a half-decent, even just passable cake is slop, glop, and not even baked… and spreading salmonella in those who eat it.

    • Wanda says:

      As someone who looooooves teary-eyed emotional breakthroughs and dramatic confrontations, Teahouse is a neverendingly frustrating. YOU COULD BE SO GOOD. YOU COULD BE SO POWERFUL. But no. They cater to the sexual whims of their teenage audience and gloss over anything that could be construed as emotional and instead go straight to the sex. It’s so depressing. To me it’s like a reflection of society in general. Yo know, fuck finding yourself and coming to terms with who you are in a healthy and enlightening way. Let’s just shove beautiful people and sex in your face!

      The best webcomic I’ve seen to move me emotionally was Cheap Thrills, which is sadly discontinued. But it’s done everything that Teahouse never could. I wish I could just shove it in the Teahouse authors’ faces and say “READ THIS. YOU GON LEARN”. Or 14 Nights is another good one featuring deep and moving character portrayals.

      Oh Teahouse. It’s about as shallow as a puddle when it promises a lake. :/

      • wanderingaddict says:

        what I don’t get is that even as a teenager I wanted deeper stuff than this? I mean even Twilight at least is better written than this, and that’s widely reviled for a number of very legitimate reasons.

        And then that’s the thing! There are so many GOOD examples for them to utilize, even if reading the comments section of their site is “too painful” or whatever… how can they not try and ape their betters??

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