Update for 9/18/14!

SFW! Prostitutes are up even though I’ve haven’t had 3 hours for myself in the past 3 days.  As a reward I’m not asking for much, just accept me as your supreme overlord.

Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

Prostitutes R’ Us

Edit 1: Sorry I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted the new LHKR

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  1. Annausagi2 says:

    Go apologize to sister or go get asspats from prostitute? ¯\(°_o)/¯

    And guess which choice makes for a better character arch. Shit, here it’s just like when Rhys went to the teahouse instead of taking care of his responsibilities, and being there for his sister when their father passed away.
    Even if he does apologize to her later, what message will that send to her? AND the reader?
    “Yeah, I mean, I prioritized having sex with a prostitute again before making sure you were alright, but hey!”

    Wait, I forgot that he’s supposed to be in -twu luv- with Axis and even the most shallow romantic interest is more important than family.

    *Checks original text*

    “YO. Sorry about your dad =D”

    …wat. WAT.

    • Bastet says:

      That’s very true! Rhys hasn’t changed at all! He’s doing the exact same thing, but we’re apparently still supposed to forgive him now, because… Sad eyes???

    • I didn’t think about the fact that once again Rhys is blowing off his sister for blow-jobs again…but you’re right. That worked so well last time Rhys good going.

      “Hey man, like a dad dying is like shitty or whatever but you don’t have to like CRY about it! Sheesh!”

  2. cc says:

    Only in the world of TH is talking about dead parents considered a turnon.

    While it is horribly unlikely to happen, I do hope that Axis does dick over Prince because that’s about all I can muster for this fucking abomination of “character writing”.

    Like I legitimately cannot say which is worse at this time, KaitoShuno’s stupid “action” chapter or THIS.

  3. Alexei says:

    Faps works for the xmen and avengers. Thats some intense shit.

    Courtesans are supposed to give the “boyfriend experience” as well as taking it up the ass. This includes circlejerking said royals idiocy. One again emirain does not do expressions well. He looks like an inbred royal in the last panels.

  4. YonYonYon says:

    These comics make me mad and hopeful at the same time. I’m mad because they’re horrible and I’m hopeful because even my comic isn’t this bad.

  5. bickazer says:

    Never were the words “cry some more” more appropriate.

  6. Lurker says:

    Haha! In that second panel, Axis actually looks like that’s exactly what he’s thinking! Bravo, Faps! But I don’t get what the artists were going for with that expression. It looks like Axis is mocking Prince Douche, and while that would be extremely satisfying, wasn’t he supposed to be the uke-y waifu-desu~?

  7. Bastet says:

    Ha ha, that’s a great riff!!

    Actually, that’s a great way to explain Axis’ behavior here, and a thousand times more logic than what the creators are most probably going for!

    You really should write this comic!

    In the meantime the teacups (isn’t that what the fans are calling themselves) are all in bliss about the “romance”.

    My favorite comment this time (last I looked, a while ago):

    “I actually think there is a lot more between Axis and Rhys than just a simple sex-friendship. Sure, they have had a rocky start, but no relationship is perfect.”

    There you go. Repeated violent rape, ongoing harassment and abuse, as well as taking advantage of your power at every turn against someone who isn’t even free to leave the house on his own is… A rocky start!!!!! And, I mean, it’s not fair to demand that relationships should be perfect!

    • Wanda says:

      Oh God, the fandom “nicknames”. Those creep me out. You know a fandom has gone postal once they give themselves cutesy nicknames.

      I hope most of the fans haven’t had relationships, because getting punched in the face does not constitute “rocky”, sorry. Also, what’s wrong with a sex-friendship, even if it WERE that, which it’s not because, you know, SEXUAL SLAVERY. But yeah, I don’t know why they insist it’s some relationship, as if that’s superior to anything else.

      • Bastet says:

        It is rather silly, too!

        Yes! That’s what’s so scary! I understand the concept of liking stuff in fictional form you would never enjoy in real life, but… that’s different than actually thinking it’s not bad stuff, right?

        And I guess there is a connection there. People hung up on the holiness of a traditional relationship, as the best for everybody, at any price, and at the expense of everything else, would, I guess, also be more likely to interpret abuse as a “rocky start” only, and just something to work past, because “nothing is perfect”.

        And yeah, here it’s just absurd in any case. There is no way there could ever be a “relationship” here, with that kind of imbalance of power between these two. Axis having manly muscles, a big mouth, and no self-preservation, doesn’t put him on an equal playing field with a king, who pays for him! But as I seem to recall, something like that was used as an excuse to why those first sex-scenes weren’t actually rape!

        • I’ve seen every excuse thrown out to prove that Axis was never assaulted. A big one is Axis is physically stronger than the king so how can it be assault? HAHAHAHAHA RIGHT EVEN IF HE TRIED TO FIGHT BACK BUT GOT HIS HANDS BOUND? ALSO IGNORE THE HUGE POWER IMBALANCE AND PRESSURE FROM BEING A SEX SLAVE!

          Good god, the author excusing the 1st scene as not rape was so fucking embarrassing. It pretty much boiled down to, “I don’t remember what was in that scene but Axis is just a macho assbag who secretly likes the D so it’s all good. It’s just in his personality for him to pretend like he’s ~not consenting~.”

          • Wanda says:

            Just because everyone WANTS to punch Axis (including myself) doesn’t mean it’s not assault. Like, there are a lot of people the deserve to be punched, but you don’t punch them because that would be mean. And you CERTAINLY don’t then try to fuck them.

            Love it when authors “don’t remember” their own goddamn story. It’s right there– go and look at it. They could have fixed all of this if, before Rhys and Axis got together, each were informed of the other’s safeword. This way they could show that Axis didn’t mind being punched because he didn’t safeword (of course, there are times people want to safeword and can’t, and there’s no knowing that Rhys would actually honor it. But it would be a START and an easy way to at least sort of show that it’s not assault/rape).

          • Man it’s one thing if you forget how a particular scene went down, but do you not have a copy of that scene around?

            The took the accusation seriously enough to address it but not seriously enough to reread the scene so they could umm know what the fuck they were talking about?

          • Bastet says:

            That excuse is so terribly stupid it took me a long time to understand they really meant it!! They seriously think muscle mass is the only factor playing a role here…??

            But, since I did get it that they really think this, I’ve noticed this is a part of a bigger pattern of fallacious thinking which some of their fans are making. And it’s that they often don’t seem to take any factors which has to do with social pressure, culture, class differences, power structures, and so on, into consideration.

            Some comment on the characters’ actions as if everyone were on the exact same level on the playing field. Which is very strange when the comic’s setting is so obvious with these factors existing. Hello, actual sex slaves! A country with a ruling monarchy…! People often have trouble seeing these structures surviving still in a modern society, but to miss it in this setting! That takes some huge blind spots, or some willful ignorance!

            Well, but, even if you do exclude all such factors between Rhys and Axis, and muscle mass is the only difference left, it’s still stupid! Your physical strength says nothing about how you will act in certain situations. Axis’ anger at Rhys’ assault could just as well have been panicking, which could have made his attempts at defending himself clumsy and erratic, thus making it easier for a person with less muscle mass to overpower him. Some people completely freezes when attacked, no matter how big they are, and though Axis clearly didn’t do that, it’s not therefore a given he was at all able to defend himself effectively.

            They seriously said they didn’t even remember what was in that scene? O_o

            Wanda had a really good point somewhere below, though. What does it matter if Emirain, as the omniscient creators, informs us Axis secretly likes it and it’s just in his nature to pretend like he’s not consenting. As Wanda said – Rhys couldn’t know this. His intent was still to rape! It doesn’t free him from being a rapist!

          • cc says:

            I’ll give them a pass for Axis “not knowing” that Prince is royalty, but yeah seriously the expectations of a sex worker and a client is no where the same as a mutual relationship.

            Hilariously when Axis is on SLIGHTLY more equal footing (could have turned down the invitation I think), the readers start worrying about ~emotional status~. Especially considering that Prince goes out of his fucking way to tear down Axis at nearly every turn.

      • cc says:

        Teacups eh? Sooo they break easily?

        • RC says:

          Well, they sure ain’t made of durable plastic or thick ceramic or metal or wood.

          I am a fragile little tea cup. It’s like being a special snow flake only better. Because you are a tea cup. Tea cups have matching plates. Snow flakes don’t.

    • Haha thank you!

      It’s bizarre but a lot of counters I get to my criticisms is the fact that, “Well people and relationships aren’t perfect.”

      A couple or person having an issue and a heavily abusive relationship that’s poorly stapled together are pretty much on the same plane amirite?

      • cc says:

        It’s sad how high the tolerance level females will assume for most relationships thanks to all the bullshit romance out there.

        The amount of “he’s just misunderstood”s instead of “no he’s just an asshole” is unsurprising.

      • Bastet says:

        Yeah, have people just lost all sense of proportion!?

        And yes, of course people and relationships don’t need to be depicted as perfect in fiction, but they don’t need to hold up the worst examples as some kind of romantic ideal, either! It’s weird how they don’t get that.

        • cc says:

          Correction, they don’t see it when a dude does it but a female or surrogate females does it ZOMG HOLD THE PRESSES SOMETHING IS AWRY.

          Prime example of how Evy is treated compared to Prince. “She had sex so she can’t criticize him1″

  8. laila says:

    I hate both these characters so fuckin’ much.

    I’d say something smarter, but I really can’t summon up any sort of reaction to this supposedly swoonsomely romantic moment than that. I loathe Axis the ‘edgy’ douchebro anachronism, I despise that entitled asshat Rhys and his tedious fucking problems, and if a meteorite crashed through the roof of the palace right this instant and flattened them both Teahouse still wouldn’t be good but it would have become 500% less immediately insufferable. They’re hands-down the worst characters in this entire godawful comic despite stiff competition and the sooner Emiran get over this dumbassed idea that there’s anything even remotely redeeming about this entire idiotic plotline the happier I’ll be.

    • Forestiger says:

      Correction: Entire idiotic comic.

      And I’m curious to know, why do you hate Axis and Rhys the most? I thought Pimpy and Pinky were the worst, most stereotypical, plot sucking couple.

      • laila says:

        I can’t find Pinky and Pimpy anything but bland. Yeah, their plotline is just as awful as the Rhys-Axis one, but it’s a study in painful inertia rather than petty point-scoring and one-upmanship. Seriously, in however long it is Teahouse has been going for has the way they relate to one another actually evolved or changed even the tiniest bittiest bit? Pinky and Pimpy have gotten absolutely nowhere – they’re in exactly the same position they were when the story started – and they themselves are a pair of cardboard cut-outs who spend most of their time composing themselves significantly in overdesigned rooms while they angst angst in the angst with the angst and not very much happens behind them. It’s like trying to get worked up about the forbidden love between a couple of pieces of dryer lint.

        Axis and Rhys, on the other hand, both have actual personalities. The problem is that they’re both, in their own way, absolutely bloody awful to be around. Rhys is an abusive egomaniac with a fondness for throwing himself pity parties. Axis is a loudmouthed douchebro asshole with all the charm and poise of a wet cat. By themselves they immediately render any scene they stumble into ridiculously stupid and irritating, but put them together and they and the comic both become completely intolerable. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were secondary characters in a better story but they’re now the de facto protagonists and romantic leads (guess even Emiran have gotten bored of the Pinky-Pimpy Pity Parties) and we’re supposed to like them. We’re supposed to think Axis is streetwise and edgy and Rhys is Yaoi Prince Charming. We’re supposed to think their relationship is awesome and want them to get together.

        That presumption, to me, is far, far more irritating than yet another scene in which Pinky and the Bore angst about circumstances keeping them apart again and do precisely zip fuckin’ squat about it.

        • Yeah I’ve struggled with the question of “What is the worse couple in teahouse” and to me I can’t even say that anymore. Reed/Rory makes my skin crawl, Axis/Rhys infuriates me, and Pinky/Pimpy bores and frustrates me. It’s a trifecta of trash and I can’t rank one higher than the others anymore.

          Though I agree, that in Axis and Rhys both of the characters are supremely intolerable but the authors think they’re so original and clever with this NEW and TOTALLY FUN couple makes me want to puke.

    • Wanda says:

      ^This. As bland and terrible and heteronormative as Pinky and Pimpy are, Pinky isn’t an ignorant ass 100% of the time. At least with them, you only have to put up with one douchebag. With Princey and Red Hair, you’ve got two assfaces battling to become King Assface, and you just wish they’d fall off a cliff or die choking on one another’s dicks.

      • laila says:

        Sad but true. With Axis and Rhys, it’s douchebags all the way down.

      • Bastet says:

        I think it’s too bad about Axis! They could have done something with that character!

        For example, a guy dealing with having been abused and violated, and how this clashes against his own image of being a masculine dudebro badass, who, he’s been taught to believe, can’t be victimized. Dealing with his self-image cracking, while he tries to deny what’s happened to him… Instead of being drawn by a pair of women who actually believes this [masculine badasses can't be raped] IS the actual case! -.-

        But now, yeah, it’s pretty much exactly how you describe it!

        • wanderingaddict says:

          I have the same problem, Bastet. I loathe Pinky for the stereotypes about gays he perpetuates – and then for a while I sorta liked him when he was more genuinely about being trans – but then yeah whatever that was is gone. I really really wanted to like Axis and Rhys, so much, but then… Wanda and Laila are pretty accurate. The idea of Axis and Rhys is still probably the most salvageable of everything in Teahouse, save for like, Lilith, but going by what’s actually on the page? Axis is a selfish, myopic, and generally not-nice person who has ZERO talent – with anything. Can’t pick up girls, can’t flirt, can’t even sew. Has no friends, no sense, no intelligence, nothing. Rhys is just a coddled poppinjay that is clearly left on the throne by more competent people so that they may rule around him. Thus far he doesn’t even have the mild potential for redemption that Axis does by virtue of being a whore and that we saw him be nice to Rhys’s sister and was all for porking the old black woman (ewww I mean she’s OLD and BLACK like gross right!!)… I mean he’s not even “bad” so much as just… trash?

          Like yeah, I wish that what was on the page was so dumb, but it’s done this weird 180 where pinky and pimpy is just too stupid to take seriously because there’s zero chance and reason for them to be together, or interested in each other, when Pimpy has 2 women who love him, no interest in men, and now Pinky has Murderer. It’s just not even a thing to hate them, thus leaving Axis and Rhys as the next topmost travesty.

          • Wanda says:

            Yeah, supposedly Axis is the highest earner and soooooo good at his job, yet I can’t possibly see how. He couldn’t work at fucking McDonald’s and act like that without getting fired. The only way to save his character would be to make him actually good at his job– being a gentleman, romancing lonely ladies, putting thought into THEIR pleasure before his own (which he clearly doesn’t understand, considering that one sex scene with Rhys where Rhys was like “Even women don’t like that shit”).

            Instead we get some douchey frat boy who acts like a coddled child, paired off with someone who is even MORE of a douchey frat boy who acts like a coddled child. I guess that’s a “new” thing in yaoi, but manly assholes hook up ALL THE TIME in real life. It’s not interesting or new.

          • Bastet says:

            Rhys and Axis…

            But… but-but… They are both good looking!! And- and, blue hair goes so well with red hair!!!!

            I seriously think that’s enough for some…

        • Personally what I think should have done with Axis is make him a smoozer who is getting bored of the same middle-aged frustrated house wife that he caters to and he’s not making as much money as he’d like. So on a whim he decides to have a male client…and he ends up REALLY liking it.

          You hear that teahouse? Have your sex workers…no your characters MAKE DECISIONS!

          • cc says:

            But we’ve seen what happens when they do that!

            “Do I talk with my sister or bang a whore? MMM WHORE. WEEEEH HOW COULD SHE HATE ME OVER THIS?”

          • Wanda says:

            If they made their own decisions, they’d have to be held accountable for them. CAN’T HAVE THAT!

      • cc says:

        Speaking of start and finish I think the relationship has only gotten more irritating, or is that just me?

        Saying this because Axis proves to be an asshole just to be an asshole at this point instead of just being a hyperdefensive asshole due to self-loathing of his own sexuality.

        …that’s some kind of twisted accomplishment by the TH authors, really. :|

        • I think their relationship has gotten more irritating because they’ve ignored the character’s personalities several times to move the relationship forward in a super forced and cliche way.

  9. Wanda says:

    I pledge allegiance to our new Supreme Overlord if I get a seat on the council. And a fierce outfit like this. The sequin hat is a must. We can negotiate the shoes.

    I like to believe Axis is stringing him along so he gets paid well. Like “Oh God, not another one of these sob stories by some rich dude with stupid problems. How do I get him to shut up?”

    I hate how the Teahouse authors always have to draw that stupid Cupid’s bow-shaped mouth. Drives me nuts, because if you open your mouth wide enough, you can’t maintain it. And yet they still draw it on open mouths. Uuuuuugh.

  10. Anonymous says:

    someone, anyone, tell ap about the 180 rule

    • cc says:

      I bet she’d turn it into a new sex position for red and blue- oh wait that’d violate the Yaoniva Convention about mutual sex and Article 1 of Acceptable Uke Behavior.

      In all seriousness I don’t think she gives a fuck. She can barely manage that cell bars are NOT transparent.

  11. RayneofCastamere says:

    When douchebags unite.

    So, Gloria and the sister are totally plotting King Douche’s downfall and their rise to power, right? I kind of need that.

  12. laila says:

    Also, regarding Shiteo Poono: Goodnight, sweet far more interesting-looking character who AP obviously wasn’t going to bother drawing for more than a page because Not Bishie, we hardly knew ye.

    Oh, and Shuno? If you had a shittily-drawn gun all along, why did you bother punching the guy? And what the Hell happened to that shittily-drawn rifle you were tooling around with earlier, anyway? Was it a trade-in? Did it magically change into a totally different shittily-drawn gun in the scene break? OMG CONSISTENCY IS HARD U GAISE NAO DU YU FYND SHUNO TTLY BADA$$ AND AWESUMM YET??1!?!1!

  13. BB says:

    You know what the worst part is? The fans are saying that Axis shouldn’t fuck Rhys BECAUSE THAT’D BE ‘TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HIM’.


    Rhys fucking RAPED a sex slave and treats absolutely everyone like shit before becoming the most powerful man in the kingdom, but AXIS would be the hypothetical scumbag here.

    *throws up hands*

    • Bastet says:

      You read my mind!!!! I was just about to make an extra comment about that. I just read the comments a few minutes ago, and that just blew my mind!!!

      The comment in question:

      “Going to agree with this. Taking advantage of anyone in a vulnerable state just screams dubious consent…if they’re not fully mentally coherent and are wallowing in their own misery. Sure, Rhys could *want* it but his mind would be completely shut off. Which are some very scary implications about Axis’ actions.”

      They can pick up dubious consent if Axis pushes for sex with Rhys in this context, and find this scary, but can’t pick up a fucking full blown completed violent rape when Rhys does it to Axis??? Double standard much? O_o

      ARE people actually this scary, or have they seriously just forgotten how it started between Axis and Rhys since the start of the comic is a few years back? I try to tell myself that that must be it, or I’ll totally loose hope!

      This comment was “gold” too:

      “Oh and this also speaks volumes about Axis’s growth as a character in a relationship. From being resistant, to only wanting to touch Rhys when sex was involved to actively initiation of a tender kiss. Gah! I love them so much!!!!”

      Yes, that’s how you grow in character in your relationship with a rapist! Get over that silly resistance!



      What is WRONG with people?

      • Thera says:

        Well, that is pretty simple, isn’t it: they’re suffering from whores-are-consenting-principle.

        These kinds of people don’t know that marrital rape is a thing either. They just go like ‘well, it was understood you would have sex, therefore there is consent’, ignoring that consent can be pulled at any given moment during sex.
        It is not yet understood that Rhys would have sex with Axis, thus Axis asking him now would be considered dubious consent, but because Axis is a whore, apparantly he is always giving consent, according to the teacups.

        What is probably needed is that these types would read some good bdsm porn, or at the least, porn on the basis of bdsm practices. Doesn’t even need to be kinky, as long as it emphasises the sexiness of consent/how consent works.

        • Bastet says:

          Wanting to read dark-themed fiction, while recognizing you are reading dark themes is one thing.

          The creators of Teahouse and all their little teacups seriously do scare me, because they don’t even SEE that there is a really dark and twisted scene right before them – they think it’s all nice and cute and romantic. And when they do sense something is wrong… they blame the least privileged person!

          And yes, you are right, the reason they can’t recognize things for what they are, or place the blame where it belongs, is because there is obviously a real-life lack of understanding about these matters.

          Of course you run into people like that here and there all the time, especially online. It’s just there are such masses of them over at the Teahouse, that yeah… It’s discouraging!

          The actual comic is dumb, but I’ve always had more problems with the teacups and their double-spouted overlord teapot – than the Teahouse itself…

          • Wanda says:

            Yeah, when I reviewed the story on Tumblr, I didn’t even tag it because I didn’t want a bunch of “teacups” showing up and explaining to me how the scene TOTES wasn’t rape because, like, he SECRETLY enjoyed it even though Rhys would have no way of knowing that . . .

            Fangirls are the worst. Probably not as bad as fanboys (you know, the kind that threatened Anna Sarkeesian’s family and sent a bomb threat to the conference where she was being given an award) but they’re pretty goddamn awful. Being a fan is cool. Calling yourself a “fan*insertgender*” is when you get into crazy territory.

          • Bastet says:

            Yeah, I wouldn’t want to go into a clinch with that bunch either! -.- Even if you survived the actual onslaught, such a big dose of stupid arguments, might do some lasting harm to your brain! Would you link your review here, though? I’d love to read it!

            And as I mentioned somewhere up there, you make a very good point here! Emirain pulls the “Omniscient authors” card, and so they can tell us they know Axis secretly liked it, and – Hey Presto – it wasn’t rape! But they don’t seem to realize their own characters, in-story, can’t possibly share this omniscience! Yes, just how does their explanation make Rhys a nicer person, or their “relationship” any less fucked-up??

            I haven’t watched Anita Sarkeesian’s videos, and I’m not a gamer, so I knew next to nothing about that world, but I have read about what happened to her on the blogs I regularly read, and it’s fucking nightmare fuel! How do these people function?

            One might think being a woman on the Internet only is a crime in the mind of some! Having an opinion on top, punishable with death and rape threats and harassment spilling over into your off-line life. -.-

          • Wanda says:

            I wouldn’t even mind the stupid arguments, but it’s the ad hominem that would drive me nuts. For some reason people think that they can’t disagree with you without calling you a stupid “retard” bitch or something. Which always proves the point you’re trying to make, but they don’t seem to realize that.

            I reviewed it and others on my Tumblr blog Feminist Webcomics. It’s a new blog so I haven’t gotten far yet, but so far the reception has been awesome, so clearly it’s something people want. XD Shockingly, the URL had not yet been claimed.

            I know lots of things my characters don’t, and that’s how it is for everything, all the time. Like, I might know why a certain character shoots another, but that doesn’t mean my other characters are like “oh well, he CLEARLY had a good reason to shoot the guy!” No, they react as they would to anyone getting shot. It’s the same thing with sex. Your characters are supposed to act like they would if they knew nothing, which they don’t. Ugh, it’s just terrible storytelling all around.

            I’ve seen some of her videos, and I do not understand the hatred at all. Even if you disagree with some of her points, who cares? It’s just one video blog on YouTube talking about sexism in the video game industry, which is PROVEN by the behavior of the people who deny it! It’s not like she’s advocating the murder of children or men or anything. You have to be a virulent misogynist to react so viciously about what Sarkeesian talks about, because I found it a pretty run-of-the-mill feminist critique, the stuff you’d find on any college campus. And considering she raised $600,000 to make her vids, clearly there are women (and some men) out there who believe in what she talks about.

            And this goes back to why I don’t tag my negative reviews with the name of the webcomic. People are fucking insane.

          • Bastet says:

            Thanks for the link! Yeah, that was a good summary of all that is bad with Teahouse, and the little which is good :-)

            I read some of the other reviews you’ve written so far as well. Starfighter… They seem to have and overlapping fanbase with Teahouse. I knew of that comic before I knew of Teahouse, but I could never get into it. At least Teahouse is entertaining in a way where you can go ‘what the hell O_o’ all the time, Starfighter was just… boring to me, in a way I couldn’t even stick around to be upset about some stuff. Well, but it’s a subjective preference.

            Ah well, it’s nice with some antidotes to all this stuff!

          • Wanda says:

            I feel like I have to be somewhat fair– the art is much better than most, and the artists deserve credit for that. I mean, in all my writing classes we had to say what we liked and what we didn’t like, so that’s ingrained in my brain. People will take you more seriously if you have at least SOME positive things to say, I guess.

            Starfighter and Teahouse definitely have overlapping fanbases, because they both follow similar stupid yaoi tropes. Starfighter at least delivers the porn it promises without making you pay for it. Once again, I’m FINE with artists selling 18+ comics for a fee, but when your WHOLE plot revolves around who is banging who and yet then you charge for the sex, it seems kinda shady and rude. Starfighter at least you don’t have to pay for the porn that the whole plot is about, even though the “plot” is stupid.

            Plus for some reason everyone always acts like Cain is some big tough guy, which seems totally ridiculous to me. ACTUAL tough people don’t pick fights with everyone and act like 15-year-old douchebags.

            I also review positive stuff, though I have a lot more fun with the bashing. XD

          • Bastet says:

            Yes, and I think most reviewers are being fair in that way. In as good as all reviews I’ve seen for Teahouse, which were mostly negative, all mentioned the art was good. I don’t think anyone has ever really hidden the fact that they are talented people. Maybe it’s that you expect more when you see talent.

            True, the fact they don’t make you pay for the porny bits earns them a big point in their favor over Teahouse, which I probably would have appreciated if I had managed to get more into it. But yes, for some reason I never got further than a few pages.

            Ha ha, I should probably read more positive reviews!

        • Bastet says:


          Thinking more about it, you are spot on, this is exactly what it is!! I do seem to remember that’s how they do describe Axis, as someone who seems to have “sold himself into this” or something similar. That this is his dream job, and he’s only there because he wants to do nothing else than serve the ladies. They seem to think they can always fall back on this, and say, “See? He likes this life!”

          But, as usual, they contradict themselves. There’s a scene early on where Atros threatens Axis that if he doesn’t behave Atros will punish him by having Mercutio try out his sex toys on him.

          Now, if they claim Axis is consenting to everything just because “he’s there voluntarily”… then why was that effective as a threat (as indeed, they show it was)?

          They want us to believe someone would voluntarily give up their right to consent because they’ll get all the good sex they want all day long, and live in luxury – and an experienced prostitute like Axis, who’s been owned by several houses before, would never think there could ever arise any situation where he would have a reason to regret giving up his right to say no?

          Axis could seriously never imagine any such situation…? I think he could. I think he could very well imagine he’d been ordered to have sex with someone he doesn’t want to have sex with, or be punished with huge dildos. I think someone with his supposed experience could imagine such things very well. It seriously calls into question how “voluntary” this “choice” was!

          Again, Emirain very clearly SHOWS us one situation, but have to TELL us it’s something else!

          Yeah, even as stupid as the whores-are-consenting principle is from the start, theirs is a really clumsy attempt at it!

          • You’ve really hit the nail on the head here! That because Axis ~chose~ this as his job that rape is impossible yet the hypocrisy is clear when Atros threatens him with spiky dildos.

            I mean do they also think that a boxer could never be physically assaulted? After all isn’t it their job to get punched!

            They honestly just wanted a scenario where Axis had to have sex with Rhys. Since due to his homophobia he wouldn’t willing do so. Yet they scream up and down there’s nothing rapey about anything in their comic when that’s what they open it on. It is impressive how oblivious the writing is.

          • Bastet says:

            They honestly just wanted a scenario where Axis had to have sex with Rhys. Since due to his homophobia he wouldn’t willing do so.

            Yes! And, what’s worse… I get the distinct feeling there is suppose to be some kind of humor in this as well. It’s supposed to be funny somehow how this angry guy is constantly thwarted in his anger! Just look at how Axis actually gets beaten down or put in his place, in one way or the other, every time he acts out in anger! It’s like a running gag.

            I get the feeling Axis actually might not be such an obnoxious asshole, after all. He might just be very stressed and frustrated about being trapped in a situation where he is completely powerless to form his own future, and don’t know how to deal with it, other than lashing out in anger at the people around him, who is in the same situation. Look at how he verbally attacks Rory, for example, when Atros informs him his room will be taken from him and given to Rory instead. He can’t very well attack Atros, can he? He owns him!

            If this would have been real, Axis would have been less of an actual douchebag, and more of an understandingly stressed guy who only acts out (granted, in an immature way) against the fact he lives a life where he can’t even go outside without a person with a sword following him around and treating him like a disobedient dog!

            I can’t say I wouldn’t start lashing out irrationally, at my fellow enslaved housemates either, in the end!

            Besides, I doubt he would even have been particularly homophobic if this had been logic! Having been owned by several brothels for years, in a country where there generally seems to be more male whores than female ones in said establishments – wouldn’t he be used to that since yeeears back, and probably OK with it? With most of his fellow prostitutes already being male, he had seriously never been approached by a male customer before and learned how to be cool with that, even if he didn’t have to do it, but was usually saved for the ladies only?

            No, I think they only made him homophobic, because then it would be so much “funnier” when he was being raped by a man, and also “secretly liking it” -__-

        • cc says:

          I’m fairly certain someone has tried to explain the elusive concept of consent in the comments section and been rebuffed with the usual fallacies list.

          The thing is that most of these fans are probably drowning in the shitty het romance practices. Stolen kisses are sexy! Having your anger or feelings shut up with forceful sexual advances because the other person is just TOO HOT and “she’s just bothered because she can’t handle the feels” run rampant.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if these fans assume that consent can only be given one way or that it has to done in a strange, rigid interview style because what is -familiarity- with someone and understanding the wants needs and boundaries of another person.

          And an equal -communication- relationship is baffling to them and they’re probably under the idea that bodice rippers is the only way to have acceptable roughsex.

          What’s odd to -me- though is that they seem to freely exchange a powerplay kink with a power imbalance. Like with the Axis and Prince thing. They like it when Prince is dominating the flow of things but when Axis is even VAGUELY initiating something it’s OMG SCURRY.

          I honestly don’t know how to interpret it, that the Teacups think change or variation is bad or that on some subconscious level they don’t like the idea of the less privileged person being in control of the flow of sex or what.

          • Bastet says:

            What’s odd to -me- though is that they seem to freely exchange a powerplay kink with a power imbalance.

            Yes, they get it wrong!!!

            Kinks, though, that I get!! The difference is that a powerplay kink can be recreated in real life with consenting adults, a power imbalance kink (where the imbalance is a real one) can only be safely explored in fiction!

            I never would have had a problem with this comic from the start if all involved had just stated clearly that “this is all about kinks, for things which in real life would of course be completely fucked-up and can’t be safely recreated, and we do all know where the limits are in real life, understand real life consent concerns, and are aware of real life inequalities which would make these situations horrible… in real life.”

            But these people… Either they are, as you say, so brainwashed by romance novel conventions, and real life misogyny and patriarchal culture that they don’t even see what’s wrong at all – Or they don’t realize they have kinks, which are best kept on a fantasy level, and so the boundaries between fantasy and real life are blurred for them – Or they try to excuse, or hide, these kinks by trying to twist real life boundaries around them, and keep insisting that the fucked-up situations depicted would really be OK in real life, too, because… reasons!

            It’s fiction, so… just be honest with the kinks, and show you still understand what the boundaries are in real life, that’s all I ask. Plenty of kinky people, myself included, have no problems with this!

            The teacups are just scary to me in this aspect.

            The few who have tried to talk some sense into them are brave people!!!!

            I honestly don’t know how to interpret it, that the Teacups think change or variation is bad or that on some subconscious level they don’t like the idea of the less privileged person being in control of the flow of sex or what.

            This is a good example!! That would be a valid story line, either for, for example, a slavekink (openly presented as such with disclaimers and proper warnings), or to present a story that is meant to be tragic, or a mirror of bad things happening in real life to raise awareness, and so on.

            There are many ways such a thing could be made fiction, which wouldn’t be offending or make you wonder what the hell is wrong with the people creating or reading it.

            But yeah, that is exactly what you wonder about many of the Teahouse fans, because you get the feeling they really would resent a real life less privileged person seizing control or taking initiatives… Or, how else are we to interpret the way they express themselves???

            That’s where I want off!!!

          • cc says:

            Speaking of disclaimers, I understand that some people don’t want to bog down the “enter or not” page with what could be wrong, or like if they’re a story and want to “preserve the events” as they come along, but I find that the people that strongly object to calling their kinks their kinks are the ones that insist a “Adults only” is somehow a catchall for “lol you should be able to figure out if I’m writing porn or am a shitty writer that happens to use sex scenes in my narratives”.

            That slave kink you mentioned? I had to deal with an author where I (politely) asked her if I had misinterpreted the intent of her work and if I should keep asking questions about the plot/characters at all or if I should treat it like porn- prior to that she’d responded to my questions, but this time, oh boy what a nonanswer!

            Her fans also got pissy and said I’d insulted the author by daring to ask this.

            The irony is that fans seem so hype about cooing over their porn but oh my god if you call it porn, god help you. Because in some universe porn is icky or something, IDK why people act like it means the work is lesser, porn is porn! I’m just trying to figure out if I’m supposed to be criticizing the romantization of something problematic or if it’s just an intended fantasy!

          • Bastet says:

            Disclaimers and warnings are tricky things! I go by the rule of thumb, better be safe than sorry. I do write rather controversial stuff so my disclaimer is like a mile long!

            I think, as another rule of thumb, you should, as a writer (or comic writer/artist) try not to dismiss people with concerns. It’s one thing if people are really rude and yells and curses at you, but just expressing concerns… It’s better to engage and trying to explain, or get a discussion going if you don’t understand each other.

            I can imagine though that many aren’t really that aware themselves why they write what they do, and what it’s really about. You ask them certain things and they are forced to consider things they haven’t really thought about.

            Yeah, what’s wrong with porn anyway!!!

            With Teahouse, I’m still baffled about that situation way back when someone complained they saved the uncensored cock for the pages you have to buy – and Emirain flipped their lids in such a peculiar way! By decrying how disgusting people are who demand porn from them, and that people could go look for their own fap material! You write such an obvious porn comic, brags about how porn-open you are, makes money out of the extra porny bits… and then totally shame people who… wants the porn O_o ‘Yuck, you disgusting creep, go fap to something else!’ Completely baffling!

            Yeah, as a reader it isn’t always easy to know what the intentions are. Sometimes you think it’s so obvious, but… When it came to Teahouse I thought it must be crystal clear it was just an intended fantasy, and that both creators and fans were totally in on that, and were aware of real life boundaries. I was only a little bit surprised about the lack of proper warnings and disclaimers, but chalked it up to different Internet conventions in different places. I was baffled when I realized I was wrong. It seemed such an open and shut case. Nobody can be that dense, I thought, to try to excuse child slavery and call it cute… Buuuut… It was romanticizing problematic situations all right!

            So, yes, I think you can definitely be excused for asking a writer what their intents are! How is a reader to know!!?

        • I think you’re right that they follow that principle.
          It never ceases to astound me that one of the creators says that non-con squicks them but apparently think non-con is when a creep in an alley kidnaps a defenseless 90lb uke.

      • YonYonYon says:

        Just like KaitoShuno, when “seme” initiates sex, it’s “OMG HOT!”
        when “uke” does it and shows that he wants to have sex, it’s “OMG RUDE MUCH! I didn’t give you MY consent!”

    • FUCKING ANAL SHIT! They should win the hypocritical willful ignorant Olympics for that fucking statement.

  14. wanderingaddict says:

    Supreme Overlord Faps,

    This is the most heartwarming and awesome TH riff yet, simply for the fact that you offer a glimpse of all that could have been. Thank you.

    Hugs and kisses,

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