Update for 11/28/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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8 Responses to Update for 11/28/14!

  1. YonYonYon says:

    Shuno is going to bathroom. What a tragic moment.

  2. wanderingaddict says:

    what is this shit? the dad was even mildly okay with his daughter being alone with this boyfriend? I mean…


    is there even any drama going on?

  3. Lurker says:

    This moment is totally stolen from Hinako Takanaga’s Tyrant where Soichi becomes concerned and follows Morinaga when he goes to the bathroom after an emotional happy moment to cry about his own homophobic family. It’s insulting. Not that that manga is without it’s problems but it’s at least miles and miles better than this fucking pukey shit.

    • I don’t remember that part but I’m sure you’re right. There’s plenty of KS that’s been ripped from Tyrant….and out of all the things to rip off.

      • Lurker says:

        I guess, in a weird way, I don’t mind people ripping off stupid, shitty scenes but this particular scene was actually one of my favorites from Tyrant. For once Morinaga wasn’t acting like a manipulative rapist and I found both his reaction and the comforting to be legit touching and liked that it had to do with real issues gay men face. If you want to refresh you memory: http://mangapark.com/manga/koisuru-boukun/s1/v6/c3/6-4

  4. laila says:

    Wait. This pair of dozy sods are planning on having a child together, but they haven’t figured out if they can actually stand living with one another first? How does Karol here think situations like her parents’ begin, anyway? Given how painfully ill-matched her deadbeat mom and big bad painfully normal dad were, I would lay actual money that she owes her own existence and subsequent stupid childhood wangst to ‘whoops, the rubber broke, might as well get married then, what can go wrong, babies always make unworkable relationships founded on a wing and a prayer totally better, yay for babies’. The only difference I can see is that Kaito’s dad is a functional adult, whereas here both partners are immature idiots with possible substance abuse issues. Might as well call the kid Stu-no Junior and have done with it.

    • Honestly I’m not sure if the two are living together they could be….I just wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t regarding this writing. Though I tell you what I’m perplexed on what AP considers good parenting. She hates all over the father for OPPRESSION but I think comments that Carol would be a great mother because the kid would never be able to get away with anything.

      Though I don’t know if boyfriend here is a decent human being after he grew out of his slacker stoner punk teenagehood. He might be?

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