The sum of the Axis and Rhys’ pieces.

Ohhh I originally started a riff on the actual summary but I started writing why Axis/Rhys is poorly written speal thanks to an anon…and well one thing lead to another.

As many of you know Teahouse is over and they’ve started posting summaries.  The first being Axis/Rhys…and below is my deconstruction as to why the whole writing of their relationship is baloney.



For Axis:

Axis is a macho homophobic dick bag with an ego of glass.  He starts off with a HUGE amount of homophobia which is supposed to make sense cause he comes from a homophobic society. Yet Axis has no real crisis about it. He just calmly accepts it.  Not only that he accepts it from a man who’s done nothing but treat him like shit.  Axis is a confident person, he does not feel as if he DESERVES to be treated like garbage.  It’d be one thing if Axis was playing a role of the jerk who gets humbled for a wealthy client but he clearly is not.  Is it supposed to be some kind of kink Axis has for being humiliated and he’s just being tsundere about it? I mean I definitely get the authors were going for a secretly gay and submissive but honestly I don’t think the authors thought about the humiliation angel.  Submission and into humiliation are not the same thing.

I think Axis is supposed to start liking Rhys because he really likes his blow-jobs which is the most asinine shit ever.  A couple of good blow jobs is not going to take somebody from openly hating a guy to doting over his clothing like a housewife when he’s supposed to be ragingly macho.  Especially considering he’s a confident man who has tons of sex to begin with.

But Axis realizes that Rhys is into him because he left the shirt behind!  If we’re characterizing him right Axis would either 1.) Not even notice it was deliberate or 2.) Think the guy is being a stupid sap and either grow more resentment or blow it off.

Even if we take it that Axis is into Rhys after all of this it’s also an enormous jump for Axis to want to give up everything about his previous life (that he says he loves) in order to be solely with Rhys.  Was it because Rhys is getting married? Axis KNOWS he has clients who are married and Rhys himself says he doesn’t  plan to stop seeing him.  Even if he DID want to give up everything else for a fuckbag who treats him poorly he wouldn’t want to admit it…and by saying he wants to be his personal sex slave he is admitting to that.

Lastly after having a huge fight with Rhys the next morning he goes running back into his arms? Bull-fucking-shit! Even if Axis accepts that Ash is right about their wub Axis would still be too pissed to chase after Rhys.  The argument wasn’t about either of them accepting how they care for each other, it was about Rhys being a shitlord. He’d definitely need time to settle his anger before he goes marching up there.

I can picture Axis being scared if he hears that Rhys is injured so he goes back to see him and in Rhys’ wounded state his pride melts but no he pleads with a man he can’t stand to drag him to the palace long before any shit goes down.

So like at every stage you need a massive leap against characterization for love to blossom here. Besides please explain to me why Axis likes Rhys?  Sure they could get along or develop feelings for each other but not in the scenarios here.  Perhaps Axis and Rhys go out drinking and fucking a bunch they bond over their hedonistic ways and their similarities. No Rhys just humiliates Axis a bunch and Axis against all reason finds that super charming.  Sure Rhys doesn’t get treated by anybody else like he does with Axis but Axis gets treated like shit from people besides Rhys so it’s nothing new or exciting for him.

For Rhys:

I can get that Rhys likes the fact that Axis doesn’t know he’s king and therefore treats him like any other asshole.  It’s lonely at the top and all that jazz.  One thing that makes it so lonely at the top is that everybody just submits to you.  Nobody will TRY to win a chess match because YOU’RE KING HOW DARE THEY TRY TO OUTDO YOU!  The game isn’t fun to play if there’s no chance you’d lose.  Yet this pattern only continues for Axis.  Axis (after hesitation) submits to Rhys and if Rhys had two brain cells to rub together he might think a whore is trying to manipulate him but still doesn’t have the guts to totally stand their ground.  So realistically Rhys would want somebody to dominate him and that he would think it’s a show until proven otherwise.  So yeah I can get he was charmed at Axis’ attempt to repair his shirt.

Wanting his contract? More nonsensical bs. Here we’re supposed to believe that Rhys mostly likes Axis cause Axis didn’t know he was king.  So instead of seeking easy sexual comfort he wants to ruin the one thing he likes about his favorite sex worker?  He is clearly having a terrible night and if he’s thinking logically he’s dreading that Axis will treat him differently because of his status.  If we remove the fact that Rhys wants to purposefully ruin the thing he liked about Axis why would he want to do that on the shittiest night he’s ever had?  Is he TRYING to make himself feel shittier or is he really banking on Axis not caring?  Those are not very probable in my opinion. Rhys would not want to ruin his dominant persona either by sulking into his room like a pupppy with a a lame leg.  Sure his veneer may come off quickly but it’d make no sense why he’d seek comfort there.  If he wanted false sympathy he could ask any po-dunk servant in the castle to give him a hug and listen to him.  Even in his shittiest moment he cannot delude himself to think that a man he just paid a ton of money to be there is going to be sincere with his sympathies.

So Rhys is terrified that Axis will treat him different and you know Axis does treat him differently.  Axis shows him sympathy and doesn’t get mad when he should that Rhys threw him in the tub.   Those should be big signs to Rhys that his fantasy is over and the fantasy was mostly what he cared about.

So when Axis asks to stay at the palace Rhys should be a bit surprised but turn him down. The fantasy is over, his sexuality needs to be aimed at Gloria, and he has better shit to do.  But nope WHY NOT A 3RD PERSON TO BANG?

Later it is bullshit on multiple levels that Rhys has a tantrum over Axis hanging out with Ash.  Axis is a former sex worker and Rhys is probably under no delusion that Axis isn’t having sex with other people now that he is out in the world. If he’s that scared Axis doesn’t wub him anymore, why not just ask Axis to come back to the palace? He might agree since he didn’t REALLY want to leave in the first place…hell he’s king he could demand he come back if push come to shove.  If he wanted to he could obscure it like, “Evie wants you back or Gloria wants your services or I want a male escort to pleasure my female staff.”  Nope more WAHHHH JEALOUSIESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!


Axis going from hate to love over BJs is dumb and it makes no sense why the glass ego’d man turns humiliation into dokis.

Rhys starts off liking a fantasy and a fantasy that is only half-hearted since he logically should want someone to win over him.  The fantasy dies and he logically would throw it away.

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  1. wanderingaddict says:

    why does that graphic exist? haha anywho…

    first, I’m just surprised they didn’t throw in the towel two years ago. holy cow, this ship was a long time burning before it final sank. I am sad you won’t get to riff anymore Teahouse though, Faps. I shed a tear for you.

    secondly, I can’t say I’m really surprised at the discrepancies you pointed out (although I did really enjoy reading them). I mean, it’s really clear that neither author has any idea at all about how Rhys or Axis come across. people have posted here at length about what could/should/needed to happen, and all of those ideas were ones that were internally consistent with what was portrayed and/or far cooler than what actually happened.

    for that matter, one thing that you didn’t mention in the analysis here was that Axis is explicitly bisexual. I mean, even if they say that Axis “secretly realized” he was gay, so gay that he no longer wants vagina at all, ever, at any point in the future, he’s putting himself into a situation where – instead of having at least SOME control over his own life – he’s placing his entire life, livelihood, and circumstance into the hands of his lover (who is ostendibly “buying” his contract, i.e. his slave status, right?). like, holy shit, that is a scary fucking thought! especially for someone who – as we’ve talked about here before – could have at one point been connected to a ton of very powerful and influential women in the court. and now, instead of being an “independent contracter” with, at least, in some ways, “his own place,” he’s going to rely entirely on the goodwill and generosity of his temperamental lover.

    then, with the Rhys piece, hah, I liked your comments because they’re things I don’t really think about. more than that though, why is Rhys beat up about his father? the man is so unimportant to him that we never even see the king’s face aside from a portrait right? but then, also, why would Rhys even fall apart like this? did this not happen before when their mother died? why does he have an attachment to Axis – one that wasn’t even singular enough to prevent him from shunning Axis to bang Claret, or CONTINOUSLY banging Zephyr, the silent guard? there’s a lot of lacking of characterization for Rhys, I feel, because the two authors just… don’t understand power at all. I feel like he’s the “generic seme”, the Christian Grey, the “insert vague stereotypes about husbands and their jobs and things girls don’t understand here”, and nothing else. so yeah, why would he buy Axis’s contract? I mean, *I* could genuinely see him doing that, one day, and them developing one of those “bosom chum with a hefty dose of unspoken romantic feelings” relationships that Rhys has room for – Reed is his platonic drinking buddy, Rhys is his drinking buddy that he fucks. totally room for that in Rhys’s life. but where does Zephyr, a man he’s clearly interested in on some level, fit in? where does his sister, gloria, his relationship with any woman in his life, fit in? I mean he’s on the threshold of a mAJOR life-change here. like holy shit, how different would 50 Shades have been if Anna had started working for Christian, and then in the middle of it he was forced out of his company by the board and left with millions of dollars but no JOB to do anything for?

    that’s neither here nor there, but just indicative of how little thought the authors put into their material. I mean there’s more depth to the tldr you wrote here than they show in the entire summary they put on their site!

    • wanderingaddict says:

      I also like how – even with this final piece about a simple summary – they manage to completely fuck up sexuality. Axis doesn’t just realize that he enjoys cock in addition to liking pussy – no he’s straight up gay now. no more pussy ever, because that’s how sexuality works right? you only partake of the one single thing in the moment. even when it states that he’s slept with Gloria, fucked around as often as Rhys, and gets to live in the god-damned palace… I mean god damn the story is just “everybody fucks but they all hate and are jealous of each other” – like, are you serious? Gloria sleeps with god damn Axis, and then Axis is jealous that Rhys sleeps with her??

      god damn these bitches – not every “woman” is obssessed with babies and fucking jealous because “the wife” can get pregnant. why the fuck wouldn’t a better story have been – since Axis slept with her anyways – that her first kid is clearly Axis’s and not Rhys’s?? god damn I am so mad that they just erase the fact that Rhys and Axis are genuinely bisexual and yet they can’t even talk about that without shitting all over it.

      • Wanda says:

        No one acts like a fucking adult in this comic, which is strange, considering how much older the authors are than most m/m webcomic creators (myself included). And yet comics done by 18-year-olds manage to be more sensitive and mature than this bullshit.

        No one has ANY right to be jealous in this comic. Rhys is married to Gloria and king of a nation. He must create heirs, so he’s gotta put on his big boy pants and do it. Axis is a slave at a whorehouse– he has no choice over who he fucks. So both of these men can shut the hell up.

        • cc says:

          My FAVORITE Axis inconsistency is that he sold himself to a whorehouse with the implication it was because it was the only thing he could do, but then in the end he magically becomes a ZOMG AMAZING blacksmith.

          And that Rhys spontaneously “becomes better”. I mean maybe the revelation of nearly being killed did it (there is precedent in reality) but it’s such BULLSHIT in a “character driven” work like this.

          • wanderingaddict says:

            oh I totally didn’t even think about that piece – Axis, a man who can apparently parley and diplomacy (for whatever reason) his way into any noblewoman’s pants has to sell himself to a brothel for enough money that even being their top earner for X amount of time isn’t enough to call it even. are you serious? what did he even need that money for?? does he have a 1200 dollar a day fabrege egg habit or something? I mean, are you fucking serious? wow it’s like she just gives zero thoughts to this comic. you can check your fucking wiki, god damn, it’s not that hard!

          • Wanda says:

            Yeah, NOW Axis wants a goddamn job. Maybe he should have thought about that before he sold himself into slavery (who the hell DOES that? Am I taking crazy pills? Does slavery not mean what I think it means in Teahouse?)

            I don’t think the authors know what slavery is, guys. The only kind of slavery I can think of anyone WILLINGLY selling themselves into is the BDSM kind. Meanwhile, he’s taking a job away from a person who might actually need the money. How nice.

          • cc says:

            They can barely convey the obligations of royalty and lineage (needing heirs, HELLO), what makes you think they’d recognize the basic job economy of a kingdom?

        • wanderingaddict says:

          what I don’t get is why either of them would care?? they’re both CLEARLY polyamorous. they’ve both been polyamorous the ENTIRE COMIC. why would they care??

          • cc says:

            OTP is PAIRING not POLY, GOD.

            In all seriousness I don’t know why either. I can “get” Reed since he’s a fucking controlling weirdo but is shown thus far to be so concentrated on monogamy he bought exclusivity.

          • Wanda says:

            They’re not polyamorous, they just haven’t fallen in ~*~LURVE~*~ with anyone yet.

            I can understand why you might slut around while you’re young and horny before eventually settling down and being happy with one person, but no person with monogamous inclinations sells himself to a goddamn whorehouse to fuck people all day. That’s just not… no.

          • cc says:

            How else do you explain the manbaby jealousies between all of them?

            Then again, accountable adult behavior is a mystery so nevermind.

    • I have no idea why this graphic is a thing…but yeah seemed…oddly appropriate.

      Thank you! For as much as I raged on the original material I had fun and I will hate to see it go.
      Yeah they seem to totally forget that Axis likes ladies. Like he doesn’t got to Evie, or Gloria to make Rhys jealous he goes to the other dude he knows. I also want to know why it’s such a tragedy that Rhys has to sleep with Gloria? He’s had sex with Gloria…why is a 3 way out of the question?

      Yeah being subservient to Rhys’ every whim sounds like a terrible fucking idea cause even if Axis is super into him he’s BEEN VIOLENT WITH YOU AXIS! NOW HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO YOUR PIMP! Sure I get they’re trying to put across the fact that Axis is dumb…but the thing he does for a living is please upper class women and they try express that he can manipulate women if he so desires. Yet he’s never thought about freedom, tons of wealth/power, or what he’s going to do when he’s no longer young enough to attract who he wants? All he cares about is working at that brothel until his true love comes along?

      The authors use the good old writing technique of “love trumps all” it seems.

      It baffles me that the authors want us to feel bad for Rhys over his father’s death since they did NOTHING to establish their relationship, he barely emotes when he hears the news, and every time we do see his father he looks as if he’s shitting an urchin. Why are they shocked we assume it’s a bad relationships that Rhys wants to put out of his head?

      Thought to be honest every character is an empty shell that COULD have been something but nothing is done with them.

  2. Lurker says:

    I kiiiind of get why Rhys would be into Axis. If his deal was that he wanted someone to treat him just like any other guy, that desire might have been realized as the kind of bating/mocking that Rhys did with Axis. Normal people are polite to each other most of the time, it’s only if you’re a total shitbag that people start to really be rude to you. Normal polite interactions wouldn’t have satisfied Rhys’ thirst for being treated like anyone else because everyone is obliging and polite to him all the time because of his station. He wants someone to give him shit. That much I get.

    What I do not get is that, if Rhys wanted someone not to kiss his ass, well, isn’t bathing him, licking his butthole, moving to the castle, following his every whim etc. kind of just that? At some point, Rhys should have at the very least been like “shit, now you’re treating me like everyone else does” and Axis could have either been like “fuck you” or like “I’m being nice because you’re so down, not because you’re royalty” etc. etc. Anyway, I can accept how it would be special to Rhys to have one person treat you like it’s real. I don’t see what free spirit Axis gets out of the deal besides the sex which he was already getting.

    There is nothing likeable about Rhys. Nobody who values themselves would want that shitstain as a partner. It’s not believable in the slightest for someone proud and independent like Axis to throw himself at his mercy. Sometimes, when the comic was still on-going, I did wonder if the whole rape and belittling behavior from Rhys was supposed to be some alpha bullshit that would have supposedly made Axis respect Rhys? Maybe? He did say that Rhys was not a pussy who cries over the passing of the king. But wouldn’t seeing Rhys fall apart have lessened that esteem? Why would he want to stay after that other than for money/power/connections/what have you?

    Who am I kidding? Of course it’s for luuuuuurve! Nevermind that they have no reason to love each other. Lust after each other, maybe, but not love. It’s shit writing.

    As for everybody fucking everybody else, I reckon they just can’t keep it in their pants. That’s fine but it makes little sense for Rhys and Axis to become an exclusive couple. Monogamy doesn’t really suit either if you look at their characterization. It would make more sense for them to have an open relationship.

    But who am I kidding? It’s luuuuuurve! They’ll suddenly only have eyes for each other!

    • Wanda says:

      I would love the idea of a king who wants to fuck someone who has no clue who he is, because he enjoys submission and/or humilation and no one who knows him can provide that. But Rhys just wanted to throw Axis down and shove his dick up Axis’s bunghole anyway, which he could do to anyone.

      Considering that, it’s very disconcerting, since it’s not about the sex. Rhys could fuck anyone, really, and does. With Axis, it was about fucking someone who wouldn’t defer to him, i.e. having power over someone that he enforces through sheer strength and humiliation.

      You know, RAPE.

      It was a fucked up relationship from the get go. Any ending that didn’t involve “and they never saw each other again” would suck ass.

      • Lurker says:

        Yeah, when you mix the forceful sex into it, yes, it gets fucked up super fast.

        What I was referring to was companionship mostly. Like, Rhys wanted a relationship with someone who wanted him just for him and not because of his station. Wanting to experience being rude to someone and getting a real response rather than “yes sir.” Considering that Rhys was at that time under a lot of pressure and thus being generally pissy at everyone only to have people be nice to him because he is the crown price – something he doesn’t want to be – it’s not unthinkable that he’d want to hang around someone who pushes back. That’s what I think the authors were going for, kinda, but they fucked it up with the rape.

        Done right, Rhys wouldn’t have kept pushing, he would have simply enjoyed Axis’ genuine, real, nothing-to-do-with-social-position response and gone with it, maybe letting Axis either top or be a total power bottom who calls the shots. He would have wanted that sass and banter with someone who doesn’t defer to him. If Rhys hadn’t wanted to win over Axis, but just to play, I think it could have been a good story. In short, Emirain failed.

        • Wanda says:

          Yeah, but I feel Reed was that person for him. Reed never seemed to defer to Rhys’s station. I know Reed has no personality whatsoever, but clearly Rhys thinks differently, because he was in love with him. I may have missed why they couldn’t be together. Maybe the authors just didn’t think about it. But if it was about companionship, there are better places to get that than at a whorehouse. :/ Because of the whorehouse thing, I always assumed Rhys wanted the sexual benefits of someone not knowing who he was.

          • cc says:

            I’m sure Reed’s non commitment has to do with his “OCD”. But to be fair I wouldn’t want to fuck Rhys’ horny ass either if we take his constantly banging everyone reputation at face value.

          • Lurker says:

            That’s probably why Rhys was in love with him? As to why they were not together, I’m guessing Reed wouldn’t have willingly gone anywhere near Rhys’ sexy bits because sleeping around makes you unclean in this slut-shaming porn comic and Reed has anxieties about cleanliness. Maybe Rhys fucked around before he realized this would hurt his chances. And I’d assume that Rhys went to a whorehouse because he already fucked everyone at the castle but the way he behaved with Axis that time does support your interpretation because it was so creepy. I don’t even know why I’m giving the authors the benefit of doubt at this point.

          • cc says:

            Maybe, but it’s still mind boggling that a talking cardboard cutout is what he crushes on.

            I mean they’re all super shallow characters but Reed is defined by such an absence of everything, how on earth is that interesting?

    • I see where you’re coming from…that Rhys would want to antagonize Axis in order to get more geniue reactions from him…but why would Rhys being a dick to him make Axis get the swoons or why would Rhys expect his rude treatment to eventually cause the other to fall for him?

      I agree, there’s nothing to like in Rhys. I mean I hate atros too and maybe he’ll creep up on my hate list after his story is told but I doubt he’ll top Rhys.

  3. Mia says:

    I just don’t see how they could have a long term relationship all they have keeping them together is “no no YES” sex. Maybe if there was more actual character moments and growth between them but it doesn’t look likely. Instead the writers just say “yeah it’s totally love the end.”

  4. Wanda says:

    Every paragraph of this ending was very WTF for me. None of it made any sense, and some parts were totally opposite of what they showed in the webcomic. I have this feeling that they actually didn’t KNOW what was going to happen, but when they realized they couldn’t do the comic anymore, they came up with some half-assed ending at 2 in the morning while drunk or something.

    Axis finds out that Rhys is getting married. Not a good night for him mentally.

    WHY? Seriously, why does Axis give a shit. He’s a whore, not a future marriage prospect. Most kings definitely had whores on their side because back then, marriage wasn’t about love at all. It was about uniting families and nations.

    has a terrible realization that he wants to stay with Rhys.

    Because Rhys has proven himself to be STELLAR relationship material, like everyone else in this goddamn comic.

    Palace living is a’ight but Axis is bored as fuck.

    Hey Axis, news flash for you– if you stay with Rhys, then you will be living in a palace until you die. Welcome to the rest of your life, moron.

    His name isn’t even really Axis, it’s Aaron. The black sheep of the family who refused to conform to Veronian society, at sixteen Axis cut ties with his family and ran away to Ivoire, dyed his hair red, and sold himself to his first courtesan house. Axis and Rhys are two sides of the same coin.

    What snobby rich kid thinks “Yeah, I’ll sell myself into slavery. THAT sounds like a solid plan!”? He couldn’t, like, drag race a four-in-hand carriage down the streets like other snobby rich kids? Or, like, steal cigarettes? This comic has such abysmal treatment of slavery. I mean, of course he couldn’t have just been POOR. Ew gross, poor people, amirite? Fuck, I might have mustered up some sympathy if he came from a terrible orphanage in the bad part of town, but he grew up with a cushion under his butt and maids? I’m sure other slaves who had ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE in the matter hate his fucking guts as much as I do.

    Also, if Axis was such a prominent member of society, why doesn’t Rhys even know of him initially?

    Rhys on the other hand is struggling. Gloria’s backseat driving every one of his political decisions and even though she hates him, she keeps demanding they have sex every night so that she can get pregnant and pop out an heir

    OH HEY A WOMAN WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO HER FUCKING JOB. Unlike her Fancy Pants husband. But God forbid the queen want any say in the kingdom SHE RULES. Women are too dumb and stupid to do that. She should just fangirl over how hot Rhys and Axis are together like a good yaoi female side character.

    And it’s something Rhys struggles with because Reed is more than just Rhys’ best friend, he’s the man Rhys has been in love with since he was a teenager.

    WHAT. Did anyone else see this, cuz I sure as hell didn’t. i thought Reed was some lackey that Rhys could trust with his debauchery, not a friend and certainly not a lover. UUUUUUUGH, this is not how you do characterization! To be honest though, I prefer RhysXReed to anyone else, because they could be absolutely terrible together and not bother anyone else with their rich people feelings.

    And of course, Axis being Axis, he gets fired up and tells Rhys to go fuck himself, because he’s going to go get a job.

    Maybe you shoulda thought of that before you sold yourself into slavery, dumbass.

    He and Ash get along so well that they start spending more and more time together. Ash even hits it off with Evie and she starts hanging up her dresses to wear pants and hang out with them at pubs incognito. The three become a bit of a trio.

    WHAT. WHY???? Evie? With Ash? I don’t even remember Ash that much, except that he threw a dagger or something at Axis and Axis acted like a huge baby about it. I can see ARGENT maybe since she actually spoke to him for a panel or two, but EVIE? How does that make ANY sense?

    And once Rhys finally SEES Ash, he starts having problems with him because, well, Ash is hot.

    Oh, this is rich. I think they created Ash after their whole fiasco with the black maid, so you would think they would have at least attempted to insert ONE important character of color into this shitfest, but maybe black people aren’t kawaii desu.

    Ash is straight and secretly dating Evie


    The letter tells Axis that Gloria’s pregnant. That Rhys, still dealing with the guilt he felt not being there for his sister or his father when he died, needs to be a better father than he was a son. That he needs to grow up. He wishes Axis he the best and includes Axis’ contract with the letter.

    I really, really, REALLY wish this were the actual ending, right here.

    While he loses an eye (and wears a jewel encrusted eye patch) Rhys lives.


    Evie, Reed, Zephyr and even Gloria all loyally stay by his side until he comes to and once he does, he and Axis finally have that talk you’ve all been waiting for

    God bless that woman, Gloria. She’s dragged through the mud and still “stays by his side”. She has more patience than I.

    Rhys HASN’T failed completely as a king and Axis ends up Ash’s partner in business and they become the kingdom’s premiere blacksmiths.

    I’m sure their business success has NOTHING to do with the fact that Axis is fucking Rhys. Ugh, I hate fucking rich people with their “connections” that get them hired for jobs they are in no way qualified for. And then they go around and tell everyone that they just need to work hard and they’ll succeed. Fuck that noise.

    Rhys and Gloria ended up having two kids, Aaron and Zephyr (Rhys named Aaron without Gloria’s permission and Gloria named Zephyr without Rhys’ permission)


    which of course pissed Axis off because a second kid required Rhys to sleep with Gloria a few more times but hey, Gloria gets what Gloria wants.

    Axis, get the fuck over yourself. The dude is a king, and like it or not, he has to have children and fuck his wife from time to time. Poor you, I know. I’m sure Gloria is less happy about it than you are.

    While they’re not officially married, they’re monogamous (which is really the furthest these two would want to go anyway) and in the end, very happy.

    OF COURSE. WHY WOULDN’T THEY BE? Oh right, because YOU AUTHORS characterized him as a cad. This is not how proper characterization works.

    BTW, you Zephyr fans, he ends up with Vann. I’ll probably do a small write up for them later on tumblr or something because I am beat.

    EVERYONE MUST BE PAIRED UP WITH SOMEONE, ALWAYS. Also, who wants to bet that Vann is white? I BET YOU A GAJILLION DOLLARS HE’S WHITE. Or slightly tan enough so that they can claim he’s a PoC without doing the work.

    • wanderingaddict says:

      haha wanda I love this! I mean the authors just SHIT on women the entire summary. Gloria finds Axis attractive and CHOOSES to fuck him – but that’s meaningless to Axis and Rhys. who cares who the queen – who is trying to get pregnant – fucks, right? the only person to be jealous of is Rhys, even though this ENTIRE FUCKING SUMMARY would imply that Gloria, Rhys, and Axis would LOGICALLY have a successful and happy polyamorous relationship – right?? she CHOSE TO FUCK AXIS holy god you dumb and terrible author who can’t remember what you typed three lines ago.

      but really, I mean just look at this massive, subversive shit they take on all the “female” characters; Axis can’t do anything well on his own. professional courtesan? nah, court life bores him. Rhys and being a king? well Gloria does all the work – but Rhys “hasn’t failed as a king guys” – what?? you JUST WROTE that Gloria does all the work! Rhys has literally NEVER RULED in his entire playboy life! how does Rhys doing the bare minimum necessary to keep his relationships from falling apart mean that he hasn’t “failed as a king”? that has literally nothing to do with ruling! meanwhile, of course, you’re shoe-horning Gloria, a gorgeous woman who takes control of her sexuality, into being a mean shrewish bitch. who only fucks Rhys because he’s the only thing any of these walking vaginas want, right? and then whoops yeah lets just toss out ReedxRhys there just for the fans because yeah, that totally makes sense why Rhys didn’t lock that shit down ages ago since they’re BOTH INTO FUCKING DUDES OH MY GOD. slapping dicks together for a quickie isn’t exactly fucking rocket science – they fucking toke up in the carriage ride over to a whorehouse, Reed trusts Rhys enough to follow him to a whorehouse, from the moment they both appear in the story there is literally zero sexual tension between them. Rhys even displays a complete lack of curiosity about Reed’s encounter. yeah, he’s really “in love” with Reed there. look, Teahouse author, you can’t just say something happened and that makes it true!

      Oh and Vann is the black-haired secretary to Gloria. yes, he’s white.

      • cc says:

        @who vann is

        lol what the fuck what is this

        • wanderingaddict says:

          the tall dude with glasses that stands behind her when she first appears! zephyr glances at him. they eye each other. in yaoi that means they’ve been married for 5 years so this should be no surprise to anyone!

          • cc says:

            They HAVE to be aware of how ludicrous this is, right? RIGHT?


          • RC says:

            @cc- No, no they don’t. I can make very many snarky comments comparing the ludicrousness of Tea House to organized religion and government but I’m sure suggesting it and letting your mind run wild with the idea would be better than anything I could say. ;)

      • Wanda says:

        I want a comic from Gloria’s POV, and how she fucking hates everyone because they are all incompetent and she has to do everything herself. Then she has hot sex with Lilith. Or something. They make it out to seem like Rhys has to drag himself to her bed and how Axis is like “ew no”, because having sex with women is gross. Especially *shudder* independent women.

        I was so pissed after reading this “ending”, most of all at the massive shit they took on Gloria. Yeah, she’s a bitch. I would be too if I had deal with Rhys’s assholery. Honestly, I prefer bitchy women. Bitches get shit done.

        The ReedXRhys thing is so dumb. Look, I know it’s fun to write fanfics for your own characters in your heads. Hell, half of my characters have fucked the other half of my characters in my mind, but you don’t have to make all that shit canon. In fact, it’s poor form if you do. I love how ReedXRhys is the one thing the fangirls HAVEN’T shipped, and that’s the one that ended up being a thing. DX Sexual chemistry is not a strength of these authors.

  5. Wanda says:

    Also, I wanted to mention that that graphic of the ponies makes no sense either. As I was once an equestrian, I can tell you that horse buttholes are located directly underneath the tail. Hell, it’d be too low even for a female horse. The most they could do in that position is rub dicks.


  6. cc says:

    Here TH I will fix your plot for you in the least strokes possible.

    Ctrl + A and press DEL.

    In all seriousness nothing about this summary makes for good writing in the least.

    “Rhys likes Axis because Axis treats him normal/doesn’t take his shit.”
    Direct contradiction: Gloria doesn’t take Rhys’ shit, so shouldn’t Rhys be MADLY in lust with her?

    “Maybe Rhys IS gay and has to hide it.”
    Direct contradiction: THE KINGDOM IS SO HOMOFRIENDLY there is lit no reason for Rhys to just say outright he isn’t interested in women sexually. This comic is not subtle either so it should not have had a single problem with it.

    Rhys learns to be a better person: DROPPED. Takes being nearly murdered to reflect on his life.
    ??????: As far as I know he has no real other traits aside from spontaneously stop sucking.

    Axis side of the story:
    It’s a load of BS, so much it crumbles trying to keep itself together.

    Axis is somehow self-loathing homosexual but then he isn’t?

    Axis’ character stops having the ability to grow/change after he leaves the TH because they are retconned out.

    -Confusion with sexuality? Evaporates/Retconned out in a way I still can’t wrap my brain around.
    -Contract and doing something to earn freedom? Completely out of his control, it is a plot convenience.
    -Being a major asshole to pretty much everyone in the TH (Claret to an extent, mostly Rory)? DROPPED.

    There’s just so much about this trainwreck of an ending that I’m actually SURPRISED by how south it went.

    Myself, I’m no perfect writer but I’m shaking my head at everything going on and how much SIMPLER this whole thing could have worked out. I wish I could learn from this work’s shitty writing so as not to repeat it in my own but wow there is nothing here that doesn’t seem like OBVIOUS ENOUGH writing mistakes, I got nothing out of it.

    • Lurker says:

      In their defense, the reason why Rhys likes Axis is not totally shitty. Being in lust with Gloria probably didn’t work out because Gloria is a responsible character who expects things from Rhys and Rhys is an irresponsible twat who doesn’t like to be reminded of his responsibilities. Axis, on the other hand, gives Rhys guilt- and pressure-free shit. Other than that, yeah, a total wreck.

      • cc says:

        I’d say that Gloria really is providing him the easy way out IF he simply didn’t want people auto-respecting him. She pretty much says she doesn’t care so long as he’s not hindering her ability to do her job.

        What makes Rhys’ relationship with Axis skeevy, is like wanda said, he wants someone to struggle against him but ultimately be powerless against his ego in the end. Axis is like that since Axis is, for the majority of the story, still a sex slave who will have to submit to the authority of his contract holder when the points are finally tallied.

        Axis ultimately indicates he doesn’t want free shit either (he’s BORED living in the palace) so ?????? In a way it shows just how ornamental Axis is to Rhys in the end. (Could be misunderstanding what you meant though)

        They interact and don’t actually change each other unless you evoke “people are irrational because of emotions lol”. The authors and fans can TRY to attribute the changes they make to each other but they certainly are not the causes of each other’s growth- that’s what makes it extremely unsatisfying.

        Basically I think Rhys is just a giant bully-manbaby and his “low points” are him facing the logical consequences of him doing his shitty stuff.

        • Lurker says:

          What I meant was that Axis gives Rhys a “real” response to his douchebaggery by being rude right back without reminding him of his duties and responsibilities like Gloria does. If Rhys’ goal is to be able to get away from the pressure that comes with being the future king, that would mean wanting to forget who he is, not to be reminded of it (which is what Gloria does.) So far so good.

          This only becomes problematic when Rhys is portrayed like a total creep because of the way the authors handled the sex scenes. Had they done those differently, with Rhys just baiting Axis and then letting him do his thing (instead of forcing him,) it would have been fine. I think this is what the authors were going for but what they ended up with is totally different because they have weird ideas about what constitutes abuse and consent and no self-awareness when it comes to their writing.

          • cc says:

            I “can” see what they were attempting to do but the flipside of that problem is that we always see him being an asshole. We never see what constitutes as stress or if he just flat out throws tantrums for having to do an ounce of work.

            And, this is coming from a personal bias, but I am extra critical of asshole privileged characters who are TOLD are ~super stressed~ but we never see them actually doing anything to warrant the stress.

            So it comes off as a rich person wishing to have a pet poor person instead of someone who wants to have their burdens eased. And that this person only exists by being *ignorant* of who that person is.

            In a smart writer’s hands this would be excellent commentary on the image not representing the person but in THs case Rhys does nothing to earn a single shred of empathy or being person WORTHY or wanting “genuine” companionship.

            It’s like a different subsection of soulmates that a “person can only truly love you if they don’t know who you actually are”. (Which is fucked up as is, but w/e this is TH)

            See the whole trainwreck of intent is that Rhys was running away from responsibilities, problems and even being a good sibling to his devastated sister.

            He doesn’t have to be a prince to have these actions still be seen as the shitty things they are, his duty might be the cause of it but he’s got an awful personality even on the job so it just comes off as him being a brat.

            And the other thing about ~royalty~ characters is that they act like it’s a solo burden when it really isn’t that way- especially if they come from an established line. Networking and understanding the value of people is how to STAY SANE in such a position of power. Even more is that the expectations of Rhys seem SUPER LOW, like just the basic asking of “don’t make an ass of yourself” is too hard.

            This COULD have been a really sympathetic plot but we don’t see any of that and expecting us to fill in the gaps for why Rhys’ shitty personality is redeemable (through no real proactivity of his own) is why I seethe at this kind of writing and refuse to give benefit of the doubt.

            (And because, bitchily enough I’m comparing this to my own writing. Unfair? Maybe. But seriously Rhys is a shit.)

          • Lurker says:

            You are so right, cc. Expecting people to fill in the gaping holes where sympathy inducing characterization should be is exactly what the authors have been doing from the start. I tend to read into things so I often construct a better story of it in my head as a defense stragedy against all this stupidity maybe? But clearly the actual writing here is shit and they killed dead any potential their original idea had by portraying Rhys as an unlikeable, selfish whiner who thinks rape and coersion are okay.

          • cc says:

            It’s cool, I sometimes do that too- and again I’m likely being a bit unfair because of the inevitable comparison with my own stuff (this is admittedly a problem I need to work out).

            This is all fun discussion for me despite my words, hope you’re enjoying it too. :O

          • Lurker says:

            Oh, it definitely is fun! Thanks for the discussion! :)
            Not to mention that it really helps to see where these things go wrong and why certain writing choices do not work or become problematic.

            And I think bringing your own experiences as a writer into the discussion is completely natural and not really a problem at all as long as you let folks know (which you have done.) I’m not a writer myself, just a critic, so I approach this more from the perspective of what the author (constructed in the mind of the reader) is trying to do based on the material and whether that’s a success or a failure. Still, it’s interesting to see, from a writer’s point of view, all the things that could / should have been done (in addition to all the things that should have been done differently) to make it better.

    • Wanda says:

      Yeah, well, I like to think Gloria would kick him in the balls if he pulled the same shit with her as he does with Axis. This is just him knowing who he can rape and who isn’t worth his time.

      Also, this plot is so convoluted, and they never should have gotten in so deep with something they clearly couldn’t have kept up. If you’re a machine pumping out three pages a week, MAYBE you could get all of this done within the decade. They could have made it much more efficient and sensible, but of course not, because it’s Teahouse.

      • cc says:

        A good editor could easily slim it down. But yeah there is no way in fuck they would finish THIS much less the other TWO plots they have going on.

        IMO everyone BUT Rhys, Axis, Gloria and Evie should be axed in Rhys and Axis’ storyline.

        And despite me saying that Axis is the more ornamental character, there does NOT need to be an inclusion of Axis’ ~running from nobility~ since it hardly matches his behavior. Or at least if it has to be included, he should have been the one booted, not him cutting off ties.

        • Lurker says:

          Yeah, had Axis been booted, the sex slavery would have made sense too since prostitution can be something that real disowned, newly homeless people end up doing. Only in TH is prostitution something light and fluffy that people actually aspire to out of a multitude of other great choices. It’s so ass backward, I just can’t…

        • Wanda says:

          They could have easily ended it with Axis moving into the castle. All that shit with the blacksmith and Evie hanging out at the bar with him and blah blah blah– mostly unnecessary. It doesn’t add anything to the plot (what there is of one)

          But of course, they have to cram as many hot dudes having hot dude sex into a comic already too bloated with them. I only accept something like that if it’s a reality TV show, which was their original inspiration. They should have just stuck with that (or not, because I TOOK THAT IDEA AND NOW NO ONE CAN HAVE IT).

  7. Alexei says:

    Teahouse was just some dumb yaoi that I got hooked on in highschool. I really liked the art with all of its flaws. The authors did not know how to write a complex story. They should have just centered the comic around the prostitutes banging random nobles every time. The plot was like a star that gained too much mass and collapsed on itself.

    I have some slash in the works of Gloria and Mercutio. Im busy at the moment but we shall have some lulzy slash soon.

    I want to take precautions so that my comic does not die like so many others. I really liked Ravenwood a few years back but then the author just went dark one day. Same with The Meek. I have had this idea in my head for awhile and its reaching Game of Thrones level of complexity. I would probably outsource some of the illustration or all of it if I get too busy.

    I need to find some better yaoi to read. I think there needs to be another yaoi gallery site. Yg sucks and tumblr is a blogging site used as a gallery site. If I ever get the resources, I want to commission a gallery site with a section for comics sort of like smackjeeves for porn. I would allow f/m and f/f unlike YG.

    • Wanda says:

      It would have been awesome as some kind of porn serial, like “who will they bang this week?” That is, if they weren’t sex slaves and were just, like, willing sex workers. DX That way the porn would kind of be a silly thing instead of something interrupting actual plot lines.

      It does seem strange to me that these things die. What’s even MORE strange to me is that the authors just leave it and don’t even tell anyone what’s up. Sometimes they’ll wander back after a year and say “Oh yeah, hey, I’m not doing this anymore.” I don’t know if artists are flaky people, but I’m starting to think they are. I can understand giving up because something is too time-consuming and crushing your RL activities, or if you lose interest altogether, but goddamn, it takes ten minutes to write a paragraph to let your fans know! That just seems super douchey to me, and I say this as an artist who has a full-time job on top of currently writing two stories. I find the time. :/

      There are a couple of less popular webcomic sites (I think Comic Rocket is one?) but you’re right, there’s not much good out there. Unfortunately, anything targeting m/m stuff is going to be 90% shit. Or f/m. Or f/f (there seems to be less shitty f/f written by women, though).

    • cc says:

      Tips for ensuring the comic finishes:
      -Have a reasonable goal
      -Do the 20 (or 30) page test, if you can produce 20-30 pages without needing “encouragement” you’re good to go. You will also have a nice buffer
      -A schedule and sticking to it is amazing
      -Don’t overload yourself, be it complexity or length
      -Impulse comics can fizzle out, make sure whatever you’re doing is something you don’t mind doing for YEARS

      Everyone needs better relationship comics and I’m dying for one too.

      I started my own “yaoi” comic and I’d be surprised if there are people still reading it waiting for the leads to explicitly fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing my comic but it has a terrible update schedule and due to it’s length and “complexity” it will likely never escape its niche of “ugh this is another yaoi comic” AND “wow, not enough homosex”

      Also I believe the Meek is on indefinite hiatus due to the author’s health/job? I’m not sure myself, but that’s what I gleaned from their tumblr.

      I’m a bit iffy about authors give updates about things, if they do say something they’re liable to get labelled as not being organized enough and if they say nothing then they’re flaky.

      I will agree that if they ignore worried readers’ inquiries is dickish but speaking as someone with either a nonexistent or extremely quiet readerbase, they already know an update is coming when it can be managed or they don’t care enough to ask.

      For most people webcomics aren’t a job (exempting the lucky artists that can bank off patreon), so sometimes that formality isn’t really seen as necessary.

      Anyway, hope that helps and looking forward to your story :)

      Also my friend has juggled the idea of a “SJ site, but porn is allowed” but she’d rather focus on her own projects.

      • Annausagi2 says:

        Awesome tips that also worked as inspiration for me personally. xD (Need to set up a goal when it comes to my own comic…)

      • Alexei says:

        I am kind of slow at drawing at the moment. I erase and redraw repeatedly. cell shade is a more efficient coloring style but I’m still getting the hang of it. I got five pages so far and a shitton of storyline planned out. I’m also making concept art of the characters and weapon designs. Its going to have porn and guro. Since it is a horror comic there is going to be some skeevy stuff in it. Im going to make a version without guro too.

        Its stupid how most of the internet thinks that sex is teh evilz but they are so chill about violence. SJ and Deviantart allow ultraviolence but not porn. I guess since the internet is dominated by American sex negative militaristic culture. If I want to make a site with porn on it Im going to make sure to host it outside of the states cuz of all the laws here.

        I think making a yaoi site and a sj site is an absolute necessity. I quit YG when I went into an art funk. Hentai Foundry and Fur Affinity are great sites but I never liked YG. There are nice people and cool art but the site is so buggy and the admins are very heavy handed and it ruins the fun. The DA admins were jerks a few years back. They banned everyone in the LOLNazis club that I was a part of but I was going into an art funk anyway. LOLNazis was making fun of Nazis and sometimes communists and there was slash and stuff. Now they allow legit Nazi stuff like what Torturedevice posts. I dont know how to set up or run a website at the moment but this is a definite goal after I finish college.

        • cc says:

          That’s great to hear, be sure to share it when you get further along!


          I don’t mind the “no porn” on SJ thing since admin has to run ads to keep it floating and having porn on your site tends to mess with your ad choices. There is also a very forgiving caveat in place so long as you ASK admin or the staff about if your content is acceptable they tend to let it.

          There is such a thing as tastefully explicit sex on SJbut 99% of SJ people wouldn’t know what the fuck that is.

          The porn comics I’ve seen on there tend to violate some other rule or sensibility:
          -pedophilia (lots of people try to argue “but 16 is conseeeentual age in sommmmmmmmmmmme parts of the worrrrrld!” despite how that’s not the same as explicit depiction and what the fuck people)
          -posting stolen art (doujinshi)
          -running mule ads

          -Just drawing shitty sex way too frequently, there is no real defense for it(eg: Kaito Shuno)

          Porn comics I recall that got the boot:
          -Kaito Shuno
          -Shark Teeth

          Most other comics that have porn/explicit sex tend to have placeholder pages that link out to the NSFW.

          • Annausagi2 says:

            Speaking of SJ and the porn rules on it: I’ve been a bit concerned since I’m planning on having explicit (sort of, more info below) sex scenes occuring in my comic.

            It’s probably not gonna happen too often. No “entire chapter for random sex scene”-stuff like in KaitoShuno, and whenever it’s depicted it’s gonna include two consenting adults.
            Also, while I’m not planning to have any “porn POV” (for example: *Closeup of penetration*), I don’t wanna shy away from showing junk, even if it’s not gonna be the main focus of the panels.
            But there’s also my main concern: I plan on using these scenes for showing certain character interaction/development, so I’d rather not have said scenes removed from the comic’s main archive on SJ.

            Of course I’m aiming for the tastefully explicit sex that you mentioned. Dunno if I’m even close, since this is just my own personal view of what phrase signifies. xD

          • Wanda says:

            I love (read: hate) when yaoi fangirls defend shota as not being pedophilic fap-porn. Like “it’s just fantasyyyyyy”. Okay, fine, there aren’t real 10-year-old boys getting sexually molested, but that shit is still creepy as hell and needs to stay off any site that does not explicitly cater to it. Like, you can’t put consensual sex between two adults on SJ but you can put sexually explicit drawings of 10-year-old boys? And then they sit around and say “Oh, they’re totally 18″. YEAH OKAY.

            “Epic Loads” got the boot too. Epic Loads is way more pornographic than Kaito and Shark, but it also manages to be funny and make fun of itself at the same time, so there’s that.

          • cc says:

            I rec talking to Admin and/or some of the forum mods (since they talk with him). I trust you when you say it’s tasteful so it shouldn’t be a problem. The pretty easy litmus is “could you show this in an R-rate movie”?

            Oops, forgot Epic loads because people didn’t throw a dramatic shitfit about it. (Though his not reading the TOS is not at all defendable, humor or not.)

            And tell me about the bullshit shota people- my favorite bullshit response was “well they ARE [age well under 18] but they ACT older than they are :3″

            No! GROSS! GTFO.

          • Alexei says:

            I think shota and loli is fine if it is tagged and no bullshit. I dont dig underage, yiff or dubcon but a lot of people seem to like it. I guess you guys are saying you dont like how people bullshit around and saying their work is something its not. Like saying dubcon is consensual. I read that the appeal of shota/loli is a child with the mind of an adult. I know someone who would imagine himself as the shota getting taken advantage of by an adult woman in his shota drawings. This is just one persons perspective on their kink though.

            Whenever people use the term “tastefully” I think of cannibalism. I guess its that pacific northwest zombie in me.


          • cc says:

            To clarify when they said that they were trying to weasel around the explicit rule of “no depictions of sex with underage characters” by saying since the character was mentally older than 18 then the depiction of a body clearly younger than 18 should magically be allowed.

            Because yeah I’m in that camp too, if you’re into that stuff and label it properly and not posting it in inappropriate places, they’re welcome to do that. But christ so many people act so entitled when using Smackjeeves.

            I’m honestly not sure what the shota/loli appeal is since I’ve seen some that like it for uuuh frankly kind of predatory sounding reasons. So I dunno.

  8. Mia says:

    I think the best part is with the new update it just keeps getting worse. Fingering Remy randomly but you know, monogamy is very important like a month later

    • Annausagi2 says:

      The new update, I just can’t…

      *Also can’t wait for a riff on said update, it’ll be glorious*

    • cc says:

      I think at the end of it we will need a tally of which was/is worse, TH or KS.

      At first Rhys/Axis was just lazy and stupid, but with this ramp up in stupidity with Reed/Rory I don’t know how much more of a disaster Pimp/Pinky will be.

    • Alexei says:

      I am legitimatly pissed about the way they treated Remy. She is one of those characters that I like that get shit on by them.

      • akitotheakita says:

        The way they treated her was horrific. Then they say they wanted to write a unsympathetic psychopath but then why do most of your characters seem like psychopaths or narcissists…

        I don’t think a single woman in this whole series will get a happy ending.

        • SirSeph says:

          oh my god I fucking flew into a rage at how they were trying to defend how they portrayed Remy. someone pointed out that characters that are evil for the sake of evil are usually pretty bland and they were like UH THANKS FOR BEING RUDE BUT WE JUST WANTED TO WRITE A PSYCHOPATH AND THAT’S TOTALLY FINE AND INOFFENSIVE. And…yeah not like the fact that she’s also a woman and enjoys sex has aaanything to do with her being the root of all evil in this route lmfao.

          also I’d put money on Claret and Argent getting a happy ending (probably with lots of babies lmao) because they don’t threaten any of the main pairings in any way and are the token ambiguous lesbian couple (IIRC). they’ll be the go-to example that they authors will use to cover their asses if any of the fans have the brains to bring up how TERRIBLY MISOGYNISTIC this whole thing is (and…I guess Evie technically had a “happy” ending even though it was rushed and fridged as fuck)

          • Annausagi2 says:

            The whole psychopath thing is just ridiculous.
            Sure, use the “evil for the sake of evil” if you want, but as that commenter said: those kinds of characters are usually very bland and make the writer look a bit lazy.
            At the very least make them interesting! Hell, Maleficent, who’s just chillin’ around, being the frikkin’ mistress of evil for no specific reason, still had charisma and wasn’t just a big blob of “Mu-Ha-Ha”.
            Remy is just… there. Ooooh, she stirrs up drama and *gasp* LIKES ICKY ANAL SEX?! WHAT IS THIS?! Truly, only psychopaths (girls, duh) would be into that. (Now that’s not ableist or sexist at all, guys! 8V)

            Just now, I started thinking about what I would’ve prefered they did with Remy’s character. Started thinking about if she had some trauma in her life, some sort of mental illness… while, of course, making her human and giving her an arch.

            Then I remembered that these are the Teahouse-authors we’re talking about. The more they stay away from sensitive issues, the better.

          • cc says:

            *armchair writing*
            What could be done to fix this (besides NEARLY ANYTHING ELSE) is if Remy has to be the antagonist is that Rory left and Remy had to settle things. Things inevitably went south because she’s only one person and their family status fell through because of it.

            She’d be rightfully and persistently angry at Rory and his “success” at the TH. Rory would finally have some actual FLAWS instead of being just a kawaii Uke. Also I’d probably say Remy’s “evil” would scale back to being sweet and doormatty but actually sabotaging things instead of getting fingered by various people.

            (She’s a maid, she could fucking ensure that Rory’s room isn’t clean after she figures out that Reed has “”"”OCD”"”"” or something)

            Then her “I’m a better whore!” thing would make more sense because pride or some shit.

            But seriously any of us could write anything and it would be inevitably better than what TH actually went with because Remy is just TOO SHALLOW OF A CHARACTER.

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