Update for 12/31/14!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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  1. cc says:

    How does a person with an FBI agent or what the fuck ever job manage.

    It looks like Stuke is getting cooking help???

    Seriously how the fuck do they act so hysterically? Even people with raging hormonal boners and full of terrible sex ed behave better than this.

  2. Alexei says:

    I be creepin on APs tumblr. I see some effort in improving on her drawings. Im curious what you guys think of this picture. I dont draw girls very often but I think the butthole is in the wrong place.

    • Annausagi2 says:

      Dat centaur-spine. 8(

      I’d agree that the butthole is in the wrong place (too high up) or at the very least a bit off-center.

    • cc says:

      It’s an anatomical clusterfuck because no one’s body actually works like that and no amount of screaming “BUT STYLZATION” can account for how awful and contorted it looks.

      And while I am being an asshole there is some truth to it when I ask how the hell she’s trying to improve when everyone still has the same incredibly clumsy understanding of how humans work. The only thing that’s been upgraded is she is using outright bad reference or bullshitting other people’s porn stylization without understanding WHY they did what they did.

      For the last trainwreck pages I saw of KS, she was increasing the horrible applying “girl” anatomy to dudes like a male anus where the female vagina should be (BUT THIS PICTURE SHOWS HOW SHE’S NOT SURE HOW THAT WORKS EITHER) or how little she understands how BASIC fat distribution and bone structure works on males.

      If you want a thorough breakdown of something from (according to the posting was posted in May) sure I’m game. Lemme just put on my asshole Jude indoor-shades.

      Everything about the lady’s hips and legs is bonnkers, her pose makes no sense, is she riding that dick? If she is he has no pelvis. Is she just making the most uncomfortable contortion over his legs? MAYBE. Based on the left blob by her spine that is SOMEHOW HER OTHER LEG that bends to face OUTWARD and the leg we can actually see is a subway sandwich with a flat, fleshsock glued on, it lacks all features of a foot except in vague beanshape.

      The details on the butt make no sense since it is somehow flexing near the asscrack despite the bubblebutt “fat” look. (The “upper” muscles of the butt are slightly off so it creates in incorrect image of the actual muscle there.)

      The spine is an Escher Girl’s nightmare, yawn.

      The boob is horrendous because of Perky Nips (TM) which is strange since I’m sure AP possesses a set.

      The arm pose in conjunction with how the chest is drawn looks bad because we have an almost profile of the chest but have a 3/4ths view of her back and arm.

      Even the hair defies physics as it is somehow “held” up by magic and her left hand is just some kind of fleshflower with his glasses glued on. The other hand “being frisky” is confusing since what on earth is she reaching down for? That’s either offcenter attempts to dicktouch or some very strange pelvis tracing since the current post of her arm is some of the most uncomfortable shit ever since she’s already SITTING ON HIM.

      Now onto the guy.

      He is missing his left leg and his “bent” other leg is incredibly disconnected.and atrophied in comparison to his body. Guess he skipped leg day.

      His hand that should be visible is just a STUMP that ends at the bed.

      His arm is incredibly lumpy so it looks he has no bicep to speak of, it’s all shoulder and forearm.

      Holy fuck his sideburn is just GLUED on.

      “She was a minx, I’ve never been so sexually aroused in my life.” -Thought the most STONE FACED AND UNAROUSED LOOKING MAN EVER.

      Well thanks for telling me sameface mcsamefacer because that lame textual excuse for titillating killed MY boner.

      There is probably more but I’m not spending more than the 5ish min I already sunk into looking at that thing and typing up this wall on.

    • cc says:

      Fuck I didn’t even get to talk about the shitty coloring!

    • Wanda says:

      I actually just attempted to do the pose she drew and it’s impossible. Even arching my back as far it goes, I doubt someone from that angle could see my butthole, let alone any part of my vulva. And let’s not get into the waist to butt ratio, which is just ridiculous. I think people really underestimate how thick a woman’s waist is, even if she’s thin. With anyone who’s not wearing a corset, you’ll never achieve anywhere CLOSE to that arch.

    • an says:

      Uh… What Cc said.

      That picture has the exact same creepy awkwardness as the rest of her drawings, nothings really improved except that she polishes it up more (and makes everything look gross and oily), and a polished turd is still a turd when it comes down to it.

      What is it about her porn that just makes me so uncomfortable, like I’m some kind of creeper looking at child pornography or something. Eeeew!That nipple, and misplaced butthole and vagina. -cringe-

      • Annausagi2 says:

        I just realized something.
        She just made an “Escher Girls Triple Crown” (which is when all three: boobs, butt and crotch, are shown at the same time.) 8I
        Like the snake spine wasn’t enough…

    • YonYonYon says:

      I just had to redraw this, since it’s my all favorite kaitoshuno character I named Sheldon Beetle.


      At least someone has to enjoy their sexy times. And this someone have to be Sheldon and Camilla.

  3. Wanda says:

    I like how in the holiday image she drew, Kaito and Stuke still look ultra perturbed, because God forbid they ever be happy for anything, ever.

    • cc says:

      NONE OF THEM LOOK HAPPY. Then again they’re all clones so whatever.

      I really don’t understand the fascination and popularity with one party always looking constipated despite how in their own canon they are supposed to be in a loving fucking relationship or something.

      • Thera says:

        Which is weird, because I have seen rivals/arch enemies/people who don’t like each other smile more in promotional material.

        Doubtlessly, the idea is that the hero and heroine should be happy, but alas, they are not, oh audience, are thou not curioseth as to whenceforth these lovers are suffering so… or something.

        It’s dumb.

    • an says:

      They look like frogs in xmas sweaters… except less entertaining.

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