Update for 1/24/15!


Let’s Hateo Kaito Rapeo!

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6 Responses to Update for 1/24/15!

  1. cc says:


  2. Alexei says:

    Using references however badly is a step in the right direction. But it gets much worse the next few pages.

    I think my drawings look like KS but thats just scumbag brain talking shit at me.

  3. an says:

    Obviously chick blue’s head is almost completely backwards in the second to last panel, also I thought they switched heads in the second one, also look at those tiny short legs blue has in the last one, also the middle schooler quality penis. I remember drawing them like that when I was a kid, and I’d say it’s amazing to see that lack of skill from an adult who is so into drawing porn, but blue is pretty much a woman afterall.
    This whole page is a mess, but like that’s news when it comes to KS.

  4. laila says:

    Oh crap! What with the broken anatomy and truly hideous oozy sex this is beginning to remind me of that godawful Nazi pedo thing Faps riffed a while back. Kaito is starting to look like the horrible uke from that trainwreck and that is seriously freaking me out because the uke in the godawful Nazi thing is LIKE THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD, JESUS CHRIST.

    Also no points for reminding me that godawful Nazi pedo bullshit was A Thing, AP.

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