Update for 1/27/15!


The end of a butterfly’s wet dream

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10 Responses to Update for 1/27/15!

  1. an says:

    what’s with ukee’s hair? Looks like he picked a fight with a lawnmower.

  2. laila says:

    I’m the assassin who can’t kill anyone
    I just stand here and shout at guys
    And if they ask me have I killed anyone
    I just tell them I can’t kill anyone.

  3. Wanda says:

    Where is the trigger on that gun? I’m really confused. Cuz that one thing could be a trigger but why is it so long and why is he holding it with two fingers?

    At least they don’t have gross puffy lips in this one?

  4. Alexei says:

    Do not put your fingers on the trigger unless you are ready to destroy something. Both thumbs should be clear of the slide or hammer. Idiots with guns are bad news.

    That gun looks like a badly designed Chechen firecracker anyway.

  5. Mia says:

    Someone saw Weiss Kreuz and said “i can make this stupider and less fun”

  6. just a passerby says:

    that was the stupidest fucking yaoi manga i’ve read (not that i’ve read many) but i coulnd’t stop reading that trainwreck. lookin forward to the rest of your riffs!

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