The End of the Butterfly’s Wet Dream Archive

This is a story about a kid living with a guy he’s trying to kill even though the guy knows he’s trying to kill him.  If you think that’s really stupid read the whole comic and be amazed at how deep the stupid well goes!

Trigger Warnings for Violence and Rape.

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2 Responses to The End of the Butterfly’s Wet Dream Archive

  1. Set says:

    Are you taking a break or has criticising all these bullshit manga and webcomic series driven you to madness?

    • I think I may stop doing comic riffs and I doubt I will pick them up again. Though I will occassionally churn out a video riff on my youtube channel.

      However I am still actively criticizing bullshit manga and webcomics. (Mostly manga.) You can find that over at my tumblr.

      You can check out either and see as if I have in fact been driven to madness or not. Thanks for the question!

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