Enjoy this crap? Then let me suggest some other places to enjoy similar crap. There will be more to come…..I think.

My stuff:

Manifesto on Moral Mansex Tumblr

Manifesto on Moral Mansex Twitter

Video reviews and Riffs on Vimeo

Email –

Other Riffing:

Kate - Riffings of furry rape spank material that DELUDES itself into thinking it’s writing about empowered women comic – Jack.

Bad Webcomic stuff:

Bad Comic Wiki - Taking the piss out of bad webcomics with bile and snark filled reviews.

Stugfurtr – Fucks IN SPACE~ Can you guess what this is making fun of?

Fuck Yeah Terrible Webcomics - A self-explanatory tumblr.

Good Stuffs:

Learn from Webcomics - A tumblr taking bad webcomics and making lessons for future better webcomics out of it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    just thought I’d let you know, the Bad Comic Wiki link seems to link to the Learn From Webcomics tumblr.

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